What are the benefits of Google web stories

Posted On April 24th, 2023

Friends Google Web Story can get you in Google Discover feature and lots of traffic can come to your website. Let us know the complete information about Google Web Stories in this article.

What is Google Web Stories? And its benefits?

What are Google Web Stories?

Google announced Google AMP Story in February 2018, Google created this feature by looking at social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

After this Google changed Google AMP Story to Web Story after May 2020 in its new update. In this pillar, you can be featured in Google’s app if you create and put Google Web Stories in your website success at once

Through Google Web Stories, you can easily give information about any content in 5-6 pages and easily earn some money from Google Adsense.

How does Web Stories increase traffic on the website?

Create Web Stories if you want to receive Direct Organic Traffic from Google. The reach of web stories is still huge.

From here you can get thousands and lakhs of traffic per day. By creating only one or two Web Stories in your Google Search Console, you will see how fast Organic Traffic is increasing.

Web Stories-3

Benefits of creating Google Web Stories?

Whenever Google launches a new featured. Then he himself promotes those features to make them successful. This is happening nowadays with Web Stories, so there are many benefits of making Web Stories now.

1. Your Web Stories belong to YOU!

You have no restrictions on your creativity when using Google Web Stories. The goal is to tailor content and design to the ideal consumer profiles. It’s crucial to employ interactive typefaces, graphics, movies, and pictures. This aids in giving your consumer an engaging experience. Even custom Call-To-Action buttons can be used to increase conversions.

2. Facebook and Instagram posts that are not time-bound

Are only accessible for 24 hours. Web tales are permanent as long as your website is up. The time frame is up to you. The manual scrollability of Web Stories is another straightforward feature. When a user is ready to move on, they can tap the next card; but, as the developer, you can also schedule an automated time for it.

3. Has greater reach than social media

In today’s highly competitive world of content development, having a wide audience is one of the main goals. When it comes to reach, social media and the web cannot be compared. The internet, as opposed to social media, may help you create billions of brand awareness. Inbound marketing initiatives are aided by Google Web Stories. Users who are looking for your unique product or service are shown Web Stories by Google.

4. Quicker page loads

Quality content and website load speed are two crucial criteria that keep your user interested. Web stories use AMP technology, which speeds up page loading. This makes it possible for your material to get to the customer more quickly, increasing conversions. Google’s algorithm takes into account faster website page loads. Your page will rank higher as a result in search engine results.

5. Improve Your SEO using simple indexing

On MakeStories, Google Web Stories provide SEO advantages. If properly integrated into your SEO strategy, it can improve your brand’s online presence. You may easily index your content with no effort. This may help your story appear at the top of Google searches. Every Web Story has a distinct URL that targets particular keywords to improve its Google ranking. Where Web Stories appear on Google can be found here.

6. Make Web Stories Money

An interesting method to engage with your users is by developing stories for the web. It is also a fantastic way to generate income. By putting advertisements on web stories, you can obtain the entire advertising revenue. Via AdSense and Ad Manager, Google has unveiled a programmatic advertising solution. This facilitates tracking of your story adverts.

7. Use Google Analytics for tracking

Utilising Google Analytics is a requirement while developing your marketing strategy. Every web page should be linked to Google Analytics in order to monitor its performance. Google Web Stories and Google Analytics may easily be integrated with only one click. A dedicated web page for Web Stories can be used to monitor their effectiveness. Businesses without websites might benefit from a safe solution from MakeStories. They are able to host Web Stories on their platform. Integrating Google Analytics with your Make Stories account is easy.

8. Real-Time User Notification

A Web Story has a ‘live story’ characteristic. Users receive instantaneous notifications when a new page is added. This tool is very helpful for businesses announcing breaking news and new developments.

Web story1


There are many advantages to using Google Web Stories for your company. You, as a brand, are solely responsible for the ideas and content. There aren’t any constraints imposed by outside parties. Compared to tales on social media, web stories last longer. They also assist you in expanding your online audience.

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