Google Algorithm Emphasizes “Helpful” content in 2023


  • Past google content trends and more about the algorithm
  • Problem faced by google and people who are taking information through google

New Update 2022

  • What changed last year which will impact content creation considerably this year
  • What is “Helpful” content, and why is Google focusing on it

Methods to Adopt New Content Scheme

  • Different methods you can adopt to make your content according to the new content scheme
  • Why it is essential to change your approach for a better reach

Future of “Helpful” content

  • What would be the future of the google algorithm in the upcoming ten years?
  • How you can build a website today that can get a better reach tomorrow


  • The significant change in the content-generating style of people, which is affecting the growth of business
  • The main reason behind the strictness of the algorithm

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