Author name: Harmeet Kaur

5 Roadblocks To Digital Marketing Transformation

In the time of digitalization, marketing is one of the most crucial elements of the organization’s growth.  Digital transformation ensures the creation of more sustainable solutions with the use of the right technologies. The main goal of digital transformation is to strengthen current systems with the help of the latest technologies. Digital transformation is not an …

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8 Types Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has helped modern businesses reach new heights. Digital marketing helps to boost traffic, attract customers, promote the brand, and interact with the teams, or audience. Hence, it is important to know about each type of Digital Marketing.  To help you, here is the guide that will enable you to choose the correct type …

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing means the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using digital channels such as mobile apps, search engines, email, and social media. It helps brands to engage with customers digitally. As a result, digital marketing makes it easy to build brand awareness, find the target audience, and persuade customers to make a …

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When Internet Started in India?

UpdateThe Internet has become a crucial part of everybody’s lifestyle. It has become a significant element in every field, whether education, research or communications. It has swept across every aspect of professional, cultural, and economic parts of organizations in every part of the world. Throughout the last two decades, India has seen a tremendous increase …

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How Much YouTube Pays Per 100k Views In India

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world with over 2.7 billion monthly users. The video site offers a variety of videos including short clips, comedy videos, documentaries and user-generated content known as ‘Video’. YouTube pays its creators a monthly fee for each video watched. This fee varies depending on how many …

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What Are Google Web Stories?

These days tappable stories are very popular. Many platforms are supporting these tappable stories. Google has its own version, called Google Web Stories. Google Web Stories are rich and interactive videos that creators use to share information with their audiences featuring audio, images, and text. They use a full-screen format that you can host on your …

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