10 Common Social Media Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Posted On August 23rd, 2023

For most brands, social media is a big opportunity to promote their products and services. It demands great and engaging content. Your social media presence can fail if you do not have any proper strategy and budget. If not maintained or handled cautiously, social media can be unsuccessful for brands. Thus, the key is to know how to avoid social media mistakes. This article lists common social media errors to avoid.

There are a number of social media mistakes that people often make. Here are some of the most common:

Mistake 1: Posting too much

No one wants to see your every move, so avoid oversharing on social media. Therefore, focus more on the quality of the posts rather than the quantity, by reducing the number of times you post each day. In fact, posting too much might actually result in a reduction in your reach.

Planning is a crucial element to make your business successful on social media. Always know your audience while posting. Ask yourself before posting -would they be interested in what you are saying? Never use one platform to show both your professional and personal life.

Mistake 2: Using the Wrong Social Platform

There are different social media platforms and each platform is designed to attract a specific audience. Thus, it is important to focus on the correct platform so that your efforts do not get waste and you get maximum profit in return. Invest your time and efforts on the right platform where you get your target audience. 

Make sure you do a proper research before becoming active on a social media channel. Use polls or surveys to find out the social networks your audience uses. Find out on which channel your target audience is active and keep yourself updated about your competitors’ status.

Mistake 3: Responding Frequently On Automation

Replying too much on automation is one of the common mistakes companies make. Social media is used by people who desire to engage with others.f they feel that your posts are automated and not personal, they will not connect with your brand.  And you will lose them. 

You must provide a personal touch to your audience. Post personalised and genuine content that inspires or pleases your audience.

Mistake 4: Posting Plagiarized Content

Another common social media mistake is posting plagiarised or copied content. If you are going to share someone else’s work, make sure you give them credit. Be careful about what you share on social media, as you never know who might be looking.

Mistake 5: Not Networking

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Having several random followers who are not your customers or do not contribute will simply not produce desirable results. Aim to attract and engage with professionals who share the same views and interests.  Focus on building and expanding your network, to gain better access to professionals in the same industry. This will increase your exposure in the market. 

Make sure your interactions are meaningful and personalized. Try to send personalised messages, reply to or compliment on someone else’s post, and engage with people. Networking is about adding value to a relationship.  If you add value to these relationships, others will also attract and engage with your content.

Mistake 6: Posting Irrelevant Content

Nobody wants to see boring or irrelevant content. If you want people to get excited about sharing your content, you need to provide some meaningful or informative content. Usually, the audience on every platform is different and demands different types of content. If you are not adding value to your content, then you are just posting irrelevantly. Before you post something, think and analyse if it is adding value to the audience’s life, if it is providing valuable information, is it worth sharing.

Mistake 7: Not Engaging With Audience

If you are not responding or engaging with your audience, you are making a huge mistake. Your posts should be designed to evoke conversations with your audience. If you are not getting responses or no one is sharing your posts, then you should consider reviewing your content.

Always reply to the audience’s questions or comments. Be friendly and polite; and reply to every comment directly, whether it is positive or negative. After all, social media is all about this. And if you are into a business planning to promote your brand on social media, then involve all departments such as sales, marketing, and production to interact with customers.

People really get annoyed when you don’t respond to them. And not replying can actually tick off a lot of fans. Avoid getting into arguments with any customer but do not ignore genuine complaints or concerns.

Mistake 8: Not Posting Enough Visual Content

Visual content is shared more times on social media than any other type of content. In the era of the digital world, our minds are easily attracted to the content that grabs our attention. With images, people connect more emotionally than with text.

Research has shown that a social media post that includes an image, whether on Facebook or Instagram, draws more attention than a regular text-only post. Make sure to post high-quality images to boost engagement.

Mistake 9: Not Posting Consistently

In order to gain followers and hook up the audience, you need consistent posts to enhance interaction and engagement. Therefore, you should focus more on the quality and consistency of posts. 

Short on content? It is not necessary to always post new content. You can update an older post to re-share on social media. This way, you can compare its performance against the time it was previously shared and see how your audience responds now. In addition, you can share third-party articles from your industry.

Mistake 10: Not Optimizing Your Profile

It is important to optimise your profile in order to increase brand awareness and attract traffic or customers. Make sure to update your profile with your latest and most accurate profile photo or logo. Give a brief and impressive description of yourself.  Also, you can optimise your profile by giving a description of your brand along with a link that redirects the customers to your website.

Set up keyword searches to incorporate your brand name and include words relevant to your industry. Try to immediately resolve the tweets or complaints that indicate issues with your company. This will create your goodwill and good customer satisfaction service in the market.


There are a few common social media marketing mistakes that businesses make. One is not having a clear strategy. Without a strategy, businesses can end up wasting time and resources on social media without seeing any results. Another mistake is not being active enough. Businesses need to be posting regularly and engaging with their audience to ensure that their social media presence is effective. Finally, businesses need to make sure that they are measuring their results so that they can see what is working and what needs to be improved. By avoiding these mistakes, businesses can set themselves up for success with social media marketing.


What mistakes to avoid on social media?

1. Irrelevant posts
2. Overly promotional posts
3. Derogatory content
4. Not engaging
5. Plagiarized content

What are the important social media rules?

1. Be creative.
2. Create valuable content for your audience.
3. Choose the right platform.
4. Be consistent
5. Engage with your audience

What type of content you should never post on social media?

Do not share your personal information like address, card numbers, passport numbers, license, etc. on social media. Also, never share racist or religious posts as people might get hurt.

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