What is Digital Marketing?

Posted On January 30th, 2023

digital marketing

Digital marketing means the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using digital channels such as mobile apps, search engines, email, and social media. It helps brands to engage with customers digitally. As a result, digital marketing makes it easy to build brand awareness, find the target audience, and persuade customers to make a purchase.

Why Digital Marketing has become so popular?

Previously, the process of marketing products and services was quite a challenging task. With no internet and social media, the only way was either mouth-to-mouth word or through posters, TV, and magazines. However, with the emergence of digital marketing, the process of marketing and advertising has become much easier. One can easily find the target audience by simply posting your content on a website or using social media.

Digital marketing has opened various opportunities for businesses. The promotion of brands and their products have benefitted much. You can simply advertise as much as you want. Also, you can assist customers by providing 24*7 support on the online portal.

Thus, digital marketing platforms are the most productive platforms which have enhanced the communication between customers and brands and businesses, thereby boosting their business growth.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Let’s see why Digital marketing is important.

digital marketing

Easily Accessible to Customers

Earlier, the modes of marketing were through the word of mouth or using magazines and posters, which was quite time-consuming and challenging. With digital marketing, it has become much simpler to access customers. With social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other similar sites, the interaction and direct contact between the brands and their relevant customers have become very encouraging.

Equal and Fair Chance to All Brands

The market is full of various expensive brands with high budgets. They can easily spend hefty amounts to advertise their products and services on bigger platforms. But, it was tough for small businesses that cannot afford many expenses. However, digital marketing has wiped away all these differences by putting all brands at the same level of advertising on social media, thus giving a fair chance to each business regardless of their status.

Better Exposure

Digital marketing has brought greater exposure to all businesses. Earlier, marketing was restricted to a few people and places. But surprisingly, now it has got huge expansion not only in a single place but worldwide. With the help of keyword-based content on websites, brands can get huge exposure and easy access to their customers.

Immediate Feedback

Digital marketing platforms allow customers to give their feedback instantly. The customers can rate the services they had availed, as per their experience. Most people consider reviews and ratings of the products or services before making any purchase decision.  The positive feedback and ratings given by a customer on a digital platform bring more customers.

Build-up of Trust in Brands

Communication between brands and customers has become so much easier nowadays that
any issue or problem can be resolved within minutes. This gains the trust of the customers for
brands and further leads to more conversions.

Progressive Analytics

Digital marketing enables us to find real customers, their needs and more insights with the help of analytics software such as Google Analytics. Suppose you run an AC ad and now want to track its performance.

Digital marketing enables us to find much more insight into the ad and users. For example, if the user saw and liked the ad, if the user has taken any action, which category of users are interested in an ad, what these users search online, what are they willing to spend, etc. 

More Specific Target Customers

In traditional advertising, the ads kept running numerous times, thereby, interfering with ongoing programs that really annoyed the people. Moreover, it was difficult to track the specific percentage of users who were interested in the ads.

With digital marketing, one can focus more on target customers and can create ads that are relevant to the target market. This will help brands to connect with their specific users, which can further influence their decision. Search advertising which includes Adwords helps to narrow the target audience with specific searches on the browser. It allows targeting people based on search factors such as profession, education, aim, etc.

Digital marketing has benefitted various Companies and brands in a huge way. With less investment and greater engagement and interaction with customers, one can offer the best products thereby saving money and time.

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are various types of digital marketing.

  • Content Marketing – Creating content that provides value to customers like text, pictures, and multimedia.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- It is the practice of increasing online traffic with the help of search engines to improve the ranking of websites.
  • Mobile Marketing – It involves all aspects of digital marketing but on mobile, like in-app advertising, text messages, and using social messaging apps.
  • Social media Marketing – Unlike TV and newspaper, social media allows you to connect with your audience. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are social media platforms.
  • E-mail Marketing – It involves push promotions and discounts mail, and email newsletters to customers beyond products and services.
  • Affiliate Marketing – It means promoting products on others’ websites in return for a commission.
  • Video Marketing – It involves making short or long clips which can be educational or entertaining for digital channels.

Digital marketing helps reach target customers without spending much effort and money. It also helps to retain existing customers. It also enables direct communication with a wider audience and builds better relations with them. Hence, this leads to an increase in conversions.


What do you mean by Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the method of promoting brands to the target audience using digital means of communication.

What is the future of Digital marketing?

According to statistics, digital marketing is rapidly trending and positively impacting the lives of businessmen and other people.

Is Digital marketing in demand?

Nowadays, every business needs digital marketing to promote its brands and attract customers. Therefore, digital marketing is very much in demand.

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