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Posted On August 5th, 2023

Without writing any program code, you can easily create WordPress contact forms as well as other online forms with WPForms’ powerful drag & drop online web form builder!!

Are you looking to develop a WordPress contact page, order form, registration form, or other web form?

With the use of WPForms’ drag-and-drop builder, you may quickly create WordPress variations in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Form fields may be easily added and removed with a single click. Drag & fall makes it easy to rearrange them as you like.

Over 500,000 people have downloaded WPForms so far. Its popularity among bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers, and developers has been rapidly increasing since its creation in 2016.


Simple contact forms, quote requests, contribution forms, and even online order forms that accept payments and provide customized receipts to customers may all be created with WPForms. You may conduct polls and surveys with WPForms.

It has fantastic graphs and charts that show the results you obtained. Undoubtedly, it is also completely responsive, so your forms will function seamlessly and look wonderful on smartphones, tablets, and computers. WPForms is an essential plugin for every website since contact forms are crucial for marketing!

You also receive form templates that substantially speed up your productivity in addition to the drag-and-drop builder. Each and every WPForm is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You can add file upload, make smart conditional logic, construct multi-page forms, and so much more. WPForms generate forms that are embeddable onto any page of your website, responsive and speed-optimized.


With so many useful features and strong tools at your fingertips, WPForms makes it simple and quick to develop outstanding forms.

100% Responsive Forms

Your forms will always look amazing thanks to WPForms’ mobile friendliness, regardless of the device your visitor is using to access them.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Without writing any code, you can quickly and simply construct WordPress contact forms and other web forms with the comprehensive drag & drop form builder.

Form Templates

Save time by using one of 150+ pre-built form templates. Never again begin from scratch.

Protection against Spam

Tired of spam? WPForms uses a Honeypot technique and a clever CAPTCHA to prevent spam from inputs.

Powerful Form Notifications

As soon as a form is submitted, you will immediately receive an email notification. This is crucial if you manage a restaurant with online food ordering and need to be aware of orders right immediately. Additionally, WPForms makes it simple to create alerts for many recipients.

This might entail delivering the form’s information to a different member of your team on a conditional basis or providing the form’s filler with an automated form receipt.

Smart Form Confirmation

When a form is submitted, you can utilize the form confirmation capabilities to display a personalized success message or send the user to a personalized thank you page.

File Uploads

With WPForms’ file uploads feature, it’s simple and secure to gather files and media through your web forms. This may be an excellent approach to include user-produced material, testimonials, or even guest posts on your website.

Multi-Page Forms

You can simply divide lengthy forms into numerous pages with WPForms to enhance user experience. This is especially beneficial for surveys and complicated order forms.

Surveys and Polls

Do you want to understand your audience better or receive client feedback? The best method to do this is via surveys and polls, and WPForms makes it simple to build one for your website. You will no longer require to pay for any third-party services.

Additionally, your WordPress database will securely store all of the information. You may create several charts, including bar charts and pie charts, and you can even export your survey findings so you can share them in a presentation for your business or on your blog.

Easy Integration With Mailing Services

Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, and Drip are simple to connect with your forms.

Payment Integrations

To accept payments, donations, and online orders, you can easily link your forms with PayPal, Stripe, and/or Authorize.Net using WPForms. This makes it simple to develop customized order forms.

Business owners use WPForms to develop unique product purchase forms, t-shirt order forms, online booking forms, and more in addition to standard order forms.

Smart Conditional Logic

Using conditional logic, you may display or conceal specific fields and form parts depending on how the user interacts with them. If you have a feedback form, for instance, you might want to display several alternatives based on the rating the user provides your service.

You might request a review, for instance, if they give you a 4 or 5-star rating. If they give you a 2 or 3-star review, you might ask them to lay out what went wrong so you can work to make it better.

Easy Entry Management

In your WordPress database, WPForms keeps form submissions. This implies that you may handle form submissions directly from your WordPress dashboard. This is an excellent approach for organizing your form submissions. You can label any that you do not require as read or even delete. Additionally, you may export all of your records as a.csv file, making it simple to go through them in Excel.

Conversational Forms

You may develop conversational forms with WPForms. These forms are dynamic and were created just for WordPress. They will definitely increase your total form conversions and form completion rates. They employ a “one question at a time” strategy, simulating a real discussion, rather than displaying a large number of queries at once.


WPForms is a simple yet effective drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. Without needing to engage a developer, you can quickly and easily construct stunning contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your website.

Moreover, the WPForms user interface is quite easy to navigate. In terms of SEO, marketing, and conversions, WPForms’ contact forms are also well-optimized for web and server efficiency. It is without a doubt the market’s most user-friendly WordPress contact form plugin.


Who should make use of WPForms?

Business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and pretty much everyone else will enjoy WPForms. You must utilize WPForms if you want to design a unique WordPress form.

Does using WPForms need coding knowledge?

Without having any coding experience, you may develop and manage forms. The market’s most user-friendly contact form solution is WPForms.

Will WPForms make my website less responsive?

Without a doubt. Performance is carefully considered when building WPForms. To guarantee that everything runs well and quickly, it is created using best practices and contemporary standards.

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