Managed WordPress Hosting: Benefits, Price, Where to Buy

Posted On February 12th, 2024

Tired of dealing with technical issues while managing your WordPress website? Do security risks and poor loading times take your precious night away? This is true, right? Well, here’s the ultimate solution! Managed WordPress Hosting! In this blog, we will understand the definition, benefits, pricings, and options to manage wp engine WordPress hosting. Likewise, we will answer most asked questions about managed hosting for a website. Get ready to automate the upkeep of your website and improve your online presence. Let’s discover all the answers together.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Let’s compare Managed WordPress Hosting to appointing a personal chef. Your chef will take care of all the things happening in the kitchen. And this is how managed hosting works. No matter if you are a beginner or a pioneer in the world of WordPress Development, it works for both. All you need to do is grab a popcorn and sit comfortably while your website works seamlessly with no more hassle. Managed WordPress Hosting covers every technical aspects of a website. 

All websites running on the Content Management System (CMS) are working perfectly with hosting. From update management to server security and optimization, don’t panic anymore.

Finding The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Consider these Key Features to while looking for managed WordPress hosting service from a leading web hosting provider company:

  • Website Count: How many websites do you manage?
  • Performance: Do you value speed and high traffic handling?
  • Storage: How much content do you intend to store?
  • Backups: Daily backups provide higher security; choose according to your risk tolerance.
  • Security Features: All plans include solid security, but enhanced options provide further protection.
  • WooCommerce Support: Required if you intend to sell online.

6 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are 6 major benefits that your website will enjoy with the magical touch of managed WordPress hosting:

1 Improved Performance

Managed WordPress hosting works like a race car for your website which is custom built. Likewise, the settings of the server have been perfectly adjusted to work seamlessly with WordPress. Thus, giving in faster loading speed and smooth functionality. So, consider your website like a fastest going train which is accelerating along the digital tracks without any kind of delays or obstacles.

2 Automatic Updates & Backups

Managed WordPress hosting is a personal assistant for your website who does all of the nerve-wrecking, tedious, and repetitive work. Here, the updates that occur automatically make sure that your WordPress core is working fast. Similarly, the themes and plugins are updated constantly while you can just sit and watch it working on its own. Now, the question is, What about the backups? Since your data is backed up routinely, you can restore it when something goes wrong. 

3 Expert Assistance

Let’s understand this point with an example. You are stuck in a quicksand, and there is no way to save yourself from sinking. And the fact that the more you struggle, the more you sink. However, with managed web hosting, you are facilitated with a group of expert guides who can effortlessly pull you out of this quicksand nightmare. Getting out of the example, the technical problems you are facing will get solved easily. This tool will assist you in selecting the proper plugins. Likewise, it can recommend the website optimization process to you. Thus, making your website run smoothly.

4 Advanced Security Features

In this vast cyber wilderness, your precious website is standing like a fortress defended with the help of a barrier, a drawbridge, and big strong stone walls. This is a kind of role managed web hosting plays to secure your website from viruses, hackers and scammers. These advanced security features are layered up with perimeter guards to keep all problems away. The viruses, hackers, and digital threats are roaming online to damage your website. Here, regular security audits and scans will protect your well-built online presence as well as data. You will get secure managed WordPress hosting seamlessly.

5 Scalability of a website

Managed WordPress Hosting provides a stronger ground to your website where it can grow taller and wider with each changing season of data. This tool offers benefits like nutrients required for your website to grow beautifully. Likewise, your traffic will increase. Then, it will lead to high resource demands. This is where hosting service will meet all demands. Thus, ensuring the stability, and availability of your website to all types of users.

6 Maintenance of Server 

Another benefit of having managed WordPress hosting works like a team to provide maintenance invisibly. Likewise, these hidden workers work simultaneously to provide the best-of-its-kind support to the website. Be it the process of software upgrades or optimization of a server, the invisible heroes are working constantly to keep your website perfectly fine. And again, you don’t have to do anything.

Managed WordPress Hosting Prices

This table shows the the prices of each plan about managed website hosting service:

PlanOriginal PriceDiscount PriceRenewal Price (per month)
Cloud StartupRs.1,699/-Rs.699/-Rs.1,279/-
Managed WordPress Hosting Prices

Get Managed WordPress Hosting with Best Plans

How about getting everything you need for your WordPress website packed in one place? Like a properly wrapped package. With an inclusive WordPress Hosting plan, you won’t need SSL certificate or email options anymore. Likewise, it is so old-fashioned to buy a range of advanced developer tools. Now, you just need to invest in a whole set at once. Here are affordable managed WordPress hosting plans:

1 Tier Plans

Managed WordPress hosting providers frequently supply tiered pricing plans. These plans are made according to the amount of service and features. All plans can vary from basic packages which are good for simple websites to complex packages designed to target high-traffic and enterprise-level projects.

2 Monthly / Annual Pricing

There are many web hosting businesses which give customizable pricing options. Thus, enabling you to select either monthly or annual payment plans. Likewise, Annual billing often involves savings or additional benefits. That’s why, it’s the most affordable option for all long-term hosting requirements.

3 Add-on Services

Some managed WordPress hosting companies give additional add-on services or features which include Premium themes, SSL certificates, and enabling domain name registration. Likewise, while deciding on all add-on services, keep individual benefits and budget in consideration. 

Where To Buy Managed WordPress Hosting?

So, where should you buy managed WordPress hosting? So, let’s discuss:

1 Leading Hosting Providers

Open your laptop and research well-known hosting companies which are experts in managed WordPress hosting. First is WP Engine WordPress Hosting, one of the most reputable hosting providers online. Then, we have Bluehost, Kinsta, and SiteGround. Likewise, while picking the best supplier of hosting services, put your requirements first. Then, compare all their features. Move to pricing. And lastly, read client reviews. 

2 Online market sites

Browse about all major online market platforms. is the main example here. You can explore a carefully picked group of managed WordPress hosting sellers here. So, focus on comparison of all pricings and features. Then, read all reviews written by the users to make a perfect decision.  

3 Team up with Web Development Agencies

Working with a web development agency or a digital marketing company as a partner or as an employee. The choice is yours. Because your main focus should be about learning the managed WordPress hosting. Likewise, all these companies often provide tailored solutions based on the goals and requirements for your website. 

4 Promotional Deals and Coupons

Research a lot and always keep yourself updated about the promotional offers, discounts, and coupons provided by all leading managed hosting providers. There are many providers who can offer you with exclusive starter pricing or seasonal discounts. Thus, helping you in saving a lot of money.  

FAQs About Managed WordPress Hosting

The web users and web developers often asks a lot of questions about managed WordPress hosting:

1 What is managed WordPress hosting?

Ans. Managed website hosting handles all of the technical parts of your website. It includes server configurations, upgrades, security, and website optimization. You feel free with this automatic process. Now, you can focus more on quality content creation while leaving all hassles behind. 

2 How will Managed site Hosting boost website performance?

Ans. Managed hosting companies often customize the tailor server configurations for WordPress sites. Thus, resulting in quicker loading times and enhanced functionality. Likewise, this enhanced efficiency provides an additional smooth experience for users and improved search engine rankings. 

3 What are the advantages of automatic updates and backups?

Ans. Automatic upgrades with the help of managed web hosting service can keep the core, theme, and plugin of your website up-to-date. Thus, eliminating the risk of security holes and incompatibility. Additionally, the automated backups bring you peace of mind by enabling you to restore your site to its initial condition in the unlikely scenario of an emergency. 

4 How can expert aid help website owners?

Ans. Managed WordPress hosting allows you to access a team of WordPress specialists to get assistance from them. This fixes both technical issues and plugin recommendation. Likewise, you can ask for optimization strategies to enhance your website. Thus, saving you a lot of time to focus on other aspects. And you can be stress free about your website’s efficiency.

5 What kind of security features come with Managed WordPress Hosting?

Ans. Managed hosting solutions offer robust security features. It includes Malware scanning, Firewalls, and Regular security audits. All these come together to safeguard your website from frequent attacks and loopholes. In addition, these security measures defend your website and its valuable data from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. 

6 How does Managed web hosting handle site scalability?

Ans. Managed hosting services give scalable solutions that can handle increasing traffic and needs for resources as your website grows. This scalability makes sure that your website is well-responsive and readily available to users, regardless of peak traffic times. 

7 What server maintenance tasks does web Hosting handle?

Ans. Managed hosting handles the responsibilities of server maintenance which includes software updates and server optimization. Thus, ensuring optimum reliability and performance. This releases up your time and resources. Thus, enabling you to focus on creating content and growing the reach of your online presence.

I hope this guide must’ve helped you enough to know all the major details about Managed WordPress Hosting services by WP Engine. And my last piece of advice is, be updated about the latest industry trends and work on quality rather than quantity. 

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