10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 

Posted On May 15th, 2023


Whenever we choose WordPress Platform for blogging, then we have to choose Best Plugins for it. Many beginning bloggers are unsure of which plugins are best for their blogs.

We will discuss the Top Best WordPress Plugins For Blog in this article. Which is crucial for any blogger to use. New bloggers often use WordPress Plugins that are inappropriate for their websites since they are unsure of which ones are best.

The Best WordPress Plugins that we have listed will not only help you rank in Google but will also advance your blogging career.

Let’s begin this article right away and learn more about Important WordPress Plugin For Blogger.

S.NoPluginUsed For
 1.Updraft PlusWebsite Backup
 2.OneSignalPush Notification
 3.Yoast SEO PremiumAnalyzes our article.
 4.AMPLoading speed
 5.WP Rocket (Rocket Cache Plugin)Website super fast
 6.SmushCompress the Image Size
 7.A3 Lazy LoadImage is loaded only when the user scrolls.
 8.Redirection (Redirection Plugin)Fix Broken Link in Website
 9.Akismet Anti Spam (Spam Comment Plugin)Protect your website from Spam Commenting.
 10.Jetpack (Jet Pack Plugin)Daily Backup, post on social media, Many Things

1.Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is used for WordPress Website Backup. With its help, you can make Daily Backup of your website. So that you have a backup of your stuff in case you ever unintentionally delete any of it.


One Signal Plugin is used for Push Notification. One Signal Plugin sends a Push Notification to a user each time they visit our blog. Through this the user can subscribe to our website and receive updates on all new posts as they are made. Due to which traffic also comes good in our website.

3.Yoast SEO Premium

It is crucial to perform SEO on every content we create. One of the greatest and most popular SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast SEO. The complete SEO of our post is examined by the Yoast SEO Plugin. It also reveals any SEO deficiencies if there are any. In the prior post, we explained how to configure the Yoast SEO Plugin.


The AMP Plugin is used to speed up page loading on mobile devices. Google also advises using AMP. The AMP Plugin speeds up a website’s mobile loading time, which increases the likelihood that it will be ranked.

5.WP Rocket (Rocket Cache Plugin)

Your WordPress website will load extremely quickly thanks to the WP Rocket plugin, which is also a top cache plugin. Every time a user views your website, a cache is created in his browser, making it much quicker for that user to access your website..

6.Smush (Smush Image Optimize)

We can reduce the size of the images on our website using the Smush plugin.  Smush compresses the large image size in our website and converts it into small image size, so that the image of our website opens quickly in any browser.

7.A3 Lazy Load

The longest loading time is an image in our content. Only when the user scrolls is an image loaded when using the A3 Lazy Load Plugin. Because of which the website’s speed is likewise good.

8.Redirection (Redirection Plugin)

Broken links on websites are fixed with the Redirection Plugin. You can direct your 404 error page to another website using redirection. We may correct our website’s issue with the aid of redirection, which also improves the website’s SEO.

9.Akismet Anti Spam (Spam Comment Plugin)

Your website can be secured against spam comments with the Akismet Anti Spam Plugin. The most popular Anti-Spam Commenting Plugin for WordPress Websites is this one.

10.Jetpack (Jet Pack Plugin)

The Jetpack plugin has a lot of features that allow us to add a lot of functionality to our website, including:

  • Takes Daily Backup.
  • The post can be shared automatically on social media.
  • Can make a page of Contact Us.
  • Related Post Show can be done.
  • Social Share Buttons are available.
  • You can see the pageview.

Conclusion – Essential Plugin for WordPress Website

So there you have it, friends, the top 10 WordPress plugins for Blogger. All of these plugins will enhance your website and are essential for any WordPress blog website. I genuinely hope you found this essay to be enjoyable.  Please let me know in the comments which WordPress plugins you use. And yeah, please spread the word about this article. Thank you

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