Exploring Common Challenges With WordPress CMS

Posted On February 20th, 2024

WordPress CMS, A powerful Content Management System, has opened a door for millions of web developers to create stunning websites, online stores and blogs. Technology is getting advanced, right? But challenges are getting advanced too! While leveraging this CMS, you must overcome each challenge with a perfect strategy and patience. And this blog is all about guiding you through the difficulties. Let’s start this WP Engine and go for a ride.

What is WordPress CMS?

What is WordPress CMS? Let’s go through a simple example: WordPress CMS is like a big Lego set where you can build websites. Not only bricks, you will find all materials required to build a website from themes and plugins to content spaces. And there is no code requirement! Your website will still look and feel professional. So, don’t worry!

The Powerful Advantages of Using WordPress CMS

How much power does WordPress CMS hold? Let’s find out:

1 Beginner-Friendly

No more coding hassle! The user-friendly feature has an effortless interface. Likewise, its drag-and-drop potential makes it easily functional and accessible to anyone even with zero technical expertise. For an experienced entrepreneur to a rookie blogger, website development is easy-peasy! 

2 Unlimited Customization

You get to choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates for your website based on its content or planning. From portfolios to vibrant online shops, you can personalize any kind of website. Likewise, there are many plugins that include Contact forms, SEO optimization, and memberships. And here, No coding is required!

3 Mobile-First, Always

Having a website that adapts smoothly to any kind of operating device is vital. This mobile-first world demands flawless websites. The reason is, the majority of people are mobile users. And they will visit your website in those handy screens. So, make that the user interface and user experience is mobile-friendly with WordPress CMS. Thus, conversion is highly possible. 

4 The power of SEO

Optimizing your website is as important as building it. The process of optimization after WordPress CMS helps in building your online presence. And here are built-in SEO optimization tools with countless SEO-friendly plugins to help you rank better in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This, leading to more visitors and better conversion rate. 

5 Open Source Nature

There is no need to worry about restrictions. WordPress CMS is popular for its open-source nature. You will get updated about the latest changes. Likewise, there is a dynamic community full of web developers and users to guide you with countless options to customize your website. In addition, you’re not confined by a fixed structure. Freedom is yours to explore and personalize your website and its requirements. 

10 WordPress Challenges and Overcoming them

Here are 10 main challenges faced by developers in WordPress CMS. Let’s discuss how to overcome each one:

Challenge 1: Security flaws – WordPress CMS

Solution: Make sure that you update everything regularly WordPress, Themes, and Plugins. Then, use strong and secure passwords with two-factor authentication to login. 

Then, install security plugins. Sucuri and Wordfence are best in this case.

Challenge 2: Slow website performance

Solution: A slow website is a problem for both website owner and website visitor. But how to solve this issue? Start by optimizing the images. Then, select a simple and light theme. Next you need to minimize the amount of plugins. So, use a cached plugin. 

Last step is to save the static data of your website content. Let CDN (Content Delivery Network) do the rest. It will serve the file from the nearest link to reduce loading time.

Challenge 3: Overloaded Plugins – WordPress CMS

Solution: Get rid of plugin overload by using the right tools. You need to research and read reviews before starting the process. So, conduct a thorough research. 

Find the best web developers for WordPress CMS. Double test everything. Only then, you can activate and update the plugins.

Challenge 4: Content Management

Solution: First, you must create a content strategy. So, use categories and tags. Build a content calendar. Then, use editorial workflows and explore all content management plugins. Likewise, assign roles and responsibilities. 

Then, set deadlines to track the progress of each content from its creation to progress.

Challenge 5: Identifying SEO Mystery with WordPress CMS

Solution: Optimizing your content is the most vital part. So, put relevant keywords into it. Then, apply SEO plugins and establish links from other websites. 

Lastly, track all the results of your analytics. And adjust your plan based on the data.

Challenge 6: Taming the Responsive Beast

Solution: Select a responsive WordPress CMS. It has to be automatically adjustable to its layout and design. All this to fit a variety of screen sizes and different resolutions. 

Think about mobile based plugins while making your website. Test your website on different devices to ensure versatile responsive design. 

Challenge 7: E-commerce Complexity – WordPress CMS

Solution: Find the right e-commerce plugin which is feature rich and crucial for your online WordPress CMS success. Make sure, it is robust in security and seamless in integration. Then, you can simplify the checkout process. 

Most importantly, work on CTA to guide the customers smoothly. In addition, manage your inventory and monitor the stocks. Offer exclusive customer support with email, live chat, and call.

Challenge 8: Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Solution: Make it regular to get the backup of your website. Always be ready to work on a disaster recovery strategy. You can set up an automated system to get the back up of your data. And that too without any manual intervention! Likewise, utilize reliable backup plugins tailored for WordPress websites. Schedule your data back up time.  

After the recovery, check if there is any missing part. Make sure that nothing is eliminated.  

Challenge 9: Limited Design Flexibility

Solution: Use child themes for customization as it enables you to change the appearance of your website without altering its originality. There won’t be any change in the theme file. Likewise, you can modify CSS stylesheets and template files.

Consider working with pre-built themes with the help of a web developer.  Then, leverage page builders for drag-and-drop functionality. You can find numerous WordPress CMS page builder plugins such as Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder. 

Challenge 10: Spam and Comment Moderation

Solution: Start with the installation of anti-spam plugins. Activate Akismet or any other plugins to filter out the spam comments automatically. This advanced plugin lessens the manual effort that is required for moderation of comments.

Then, utilize tools like CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) This system requires users to complete a challenge. It includes a distorted text or selecting required images of an object mentioned in the system.

The best part about WordPress CMS is that it’s totally free to make basic websites. However, you can always choose premium themes and plugins to work with more preciseness. This will become an affordable option for both developers and web development companies. So, start your web development process today!

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