Top YouTubers in India, their Fame & Income

Posted On February 23rd, 2024


Do you know how Top YouTubers in India earn their income? Are you curious too? This blog will tell you about each factor. Let’s go through this guide about 10 leading YouTubers and how much they are actually making with their popularity and content. 

5 Ways Top YouTubers in India Earn Their Income

Do you know how much YouTubers earn in India? Well, the question is quite complex. Let us make it easy for you. How about going through their way of earning first? So, let’s discuss!

1 Youtube Ads

In YouTube, Ads are the primary revenue stream for Video creators. Those skippable and unskippable ads are sponsored by brands that want to promote their products or services. These paid ads appear before, during, and after these videos. And the YouTuber gets a good amount of money in exchange for letting them display their ads.

2 CPM 

CPM (Cost per Mille) differs based on the subject, audience demographics, and the type of ad. Likewise, niche markets such as technology, finance, and lifestyle are interesting and specific enough to command higher CPMs.

3 Sponsorships

It’s all about the number of subscribers and brand reach Top YouTubers in India actually have. This is how they earn. Brands always collaborate with a person with millions of subscribers to promote their products or services.

4 Merchandise

This is another way to earn income by a lot of influencers and YouTubers. They sell their own merchandise like clothes, accessories, Selling branded clothes, accessories, or gadgets by putting the official logo and name of their channel. or other goods featuring the channel’s logo or theme.  

4 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate advertising helps YouTubers earn a good amount of commission via unique affiliate links. It depends on the purchasing pattern of their audience.

5 Fan Funding

You must’ve seen many YouTubers promoting Patreon which enable their fans to support them financially with monthly memberships. On this platform, YouTubers create exclusive content which is not available on their regular YouTube channel. Likewise, they get a loyal audience in this way ready to pay for their products.

Now, let’s move forward to know about Top YouTubers in India and how their bank balance looks like.

Top YouTubers in India & Their Income, Listed!

To know about Top YouTubers in India, get through this list of ranks, subscriber count, niche and income of 10 most influential Indian YouTubers:

No.Top YouTubers in IndiaSubscribersNicheIncome
1.CarryMinati41.2 MillionComedy & Gaming42 Crore Rupees
2.Total Gaming38.8 MillionGaming 4 Crore Rupees
3.Techno Gamerz37.8 MillionTechnology & Gaming3 Crore Rupees
4.Mr. Indian Hacker34.4 MillionScience & Technology50 Lakh Rupees
5.Round2Hell32.4 MillionComedy25 Lakh Rupees
6.Ashish Chanchlani Vines30.1 MillionComedy & Vines30 Lakh Rupees
7.Sandeep Maheshwari28.5 MillionLife Motivation40 Crore Rupees
8.Technical Guruji23.4 MillionTechnology40 Lakh Rupees
9.Khan GS Research Centre 22.4 MillionEducation25 Lakh Rupees
10.Emiway Bantai21 MillionMusic35 Lakh Rupees
Top YouTubers in India & Their Income

1 CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar, who is popular as CarryMinati, is one of the top Youtubers in India. In 2015, Ajey came up with an idea to start his own YouTube channel where he started to share gaming videos. He would talk humorously during his live. And by the time, it made him popular among his fans. He is also famous for mimicking Sunny Deol. Moving forward, he started a trend of Tiktokers v/s YouTubers where he would roast TikTok video creators. This was made famous in the lockdown of 2020.

2 Total Gaming – Top YouTubers in India

Our next candidate is Total Gaming, the YouTube channel by “Ajju Bhai”. The fact that no one knows who Ajju Bhai actually is. His real name is Ajay. Likewise, he started with his voice and faceless identity to garner attention with his Free Fire videos. There he would do Hindi commentary in a funny way. But after 5 years on the demands of his fans, he actually showed his face for the first time. And that “AJJU BHAI FACE REVEAL” video went straight to the YouTube Trends. 

3 Techno Gamerz

Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of the top Youtubers in India with his channel Techno Gamerz. At just 21, he is already earning lakhs per month. In addition, he launched his own book “How To Success Like Techno Gamerz” in which he shares tips and tricks to make more income than a government job employee. Moving forward, he started this gaming YouTube channel by posting videos of playing PUBG, GTA, and Minecraft. Then he got his specific crowd of game lovers. 

4 Mr. Indian Hacker – Top YouTubers in India

Dilraj Singh Rawat, who is a popular YouTuber with the name – Mr. Indian Hacker. He is a self-made person who started with a video on “How to Open a Lock Without Key?”. This video garnered much attention for its simple and informative content. With this popularity, he officially started to post numerous videos on daily life problems and their solutions.

5 Round2Hell

There are three people behind this famous YouTube Channel – Nazim Ahmed, Waseem Ahmed, and Zian Saifi. This group of youth started by posting comedy content in their videos. From children to adults, both relate to their humorous videos. Similarly, you can watch their videos like Aladdin, Zombie, Sholay, PUBG, and Parallel World. These are their most trendy videos. That’s why, they are ranked among this list of top Youtubers in India.

6 Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Who doesn’t Ashish Chanchlani? Remember his dubbed videos and vines of 2010s YouTube Era. He used to dub his voice and add comic touch on several shows, Hollywood and bollywood movie scenes which includes parts of Twilight, Harry Potter, Koi Mil Gaya, Doraemon and more. These funny videos garnered a lot of attention. Then, he started to post comic videos by acting in them with his group. This way, he got immensely popular.

7 Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a motivator and one of the top YouTubers in India who runs a non-monetized channel. In addition, his main motive is to help millions of people who are struggling and need some motivation to get successful. You will find him giving speeches and interacting with his audience about life motivation where he shares his own stories. In addition, he is a founder of ImagesBazaar. 

8 Technical Guruji – – Top YouTubers in India

Gaurav Chaudhary also known as Technical Guruji, runs a quite popular YouTube channel of Technology genre. Likewise, he is one of the Top YouTubers in India. Here, Technical Guruji shares videos on comparison of gadgets like newly launched IPhone or any device that just stepped into the market. In addition, he is a Nano-Science Researcher. You will find many helpful videos to clear your confusion about buying a brand new phone or watch. 

9 Khan GS Research Centre 

Khan Sir is an angel for many UPSC aspirants who dedicatedly watches his videos about the latest news and all topics which come in the civil services exam from, science and technology to law and environment. In addition, Khan GS Research Centre is run by Khan sir who uses very simple language to make his students grasp the complex subjects. He is the founder of this coaching channel and facility based in Patna, Bihar.

10 Emiway Bantai – – Top YouTubers in India

The leading Hip Hop artist, Rapper, Singer and Songwriter, Emiway Bantai is a quite trendy name in India. His real name is Bilal Shaikh, who lives in Karnataka. ‘Machanyenge’ and ‘Bantai’ are his top songs which attracted a lot of attention from people. Starting his journey as a rapper, he wanted to explore the whole Hip Hop world. Furthermore, Emiway collaborated with many big names such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jass Manak, Snoop Dogg, Lexz Pryde and more.

We’ve covered each candidate on this list of Top YouTubers in India. Subscribe to them and watch their video to know them deeply. And stay tuned for more blogs.

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