Forget Basic Websites! Upgrade With Advanced Custom Fields (WP Engine) 

Posted On February 9th, 2024

Discover how Advanced Custom Fields revolutionizes WordPress development.

Elliott Capper is the visionary behind the creation of this WordPress PluginAdvanced Custom Fields, who opened this door for all web developers to edit their content in a smarter, faster, easier, and better way. 

So, how did he get there? Well, he found the problem and offered a solution just like any inventor would do. Before launching Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for web developers in 2008, he was building a website for his client but it felt limited to work with pre-existing fields. This is where he felt the need to create his own plugin where only sky’s the limit. So, let’s discuss everything about one of the powerful Plugin by WP EngineAdvanced Custom Fields for WordPress Developers

How Advanced Custom Fields work?

Let me explain about this WordPress Plugin in a simple way:

As a web developer, you are developing a website for a restaurant. Now, adding only Texts and Images will make your website look too bland and limited to certain sections where your creativity might go down to the graveyard. So, how about spicing things up? You should add a section for different Menus, the appetizers, and list all ingredients for each dish. This is where Advanced Custom Fields enters in the hallway as your savior. You get to use all those customized templates without any rigidity. 

Instead of being restricted to basic graphics and text, Advanced Custom Fields enables you to build additional fields for any kind of data:

1. For restaurant websites, you can make personalized menus followed by describing all ingredients used in it. Likewise, you can put star ratings, and highlight other options.

2.Likewise, you can add product details, manage the inventory,  and build customer profiles for the development of an e-commerce website with Woo-commerce.️

3. And when it comes to building a website for blog posts, how about creating personalized author bios? Why limit to just blog content when you can do so much more? You can classify all blogs by genre. Similarly, put interactive quizzes at the end of blog pages.

Note: No coding is required here! All you need to do is Drag and Drop. And then choose the type of field, and ACF will take care of the rest.

5 Benefits of Advanced Custom Fields

Here are main benefits that any web developer will get if he would invest in this WordPress Plugin by WP Engine:

1 Create A Website Like You are A Pro

Boring is out of trend! Add a creative twist to your websites! Leverage ACF to create custom fields for Banner, product details, categories for each product. So, add Pop-ups in between for better UX. Following these steps will make your website experience memorable for your users.

2 No more Coding Challenge

Coding isn’t your thing and how to avoid it? ACF is your code-friendly partner. Drag & drop your way out. Select any sort of data (text, image, date, etc.), and bam! Your customized field is ready to get-set-go!\

3 A Big Time Saver With Less Efforts

When it comes to executing your creative idea, it demands a lot of effort and time. And the most worrisome is writing codes. But Advanced Custom Fields got you covered here! Because it enables you to put your focus on interesting aspects of website designing and content development.

4 Happy Clients means Happy You! 

Your clients want results not the process. So, think about doing anything to please them. Similarly, tailor their website just like they visioned for with unlimited custom fields provided to you by this WP Engine plugin.  No more rigid layouts! Create your own anytime and edit the website whenever you client want you to.

5 Future-Proof Your Web Developer Skills

Reputed as an effective tool in the world of WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields is revolutionizing the way website development  has been happening all these years. It’s time to think from an advanced perspective. Learn about the core of ACF and the future is yours. Likewise, take on this challenge of creating unique projects to impress your future clients. So, challenge yourself everyday with a new kind of project no matter how difficult it is.

How To Access With Advanced Custom Fields?

This is a simple guide for web developers on how to access Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) easily:

1. First step is the installation of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin:

  • Do WP Engine Login. Log in required details to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Next, Click on “Plugins” > “Add New”.
  • Write “Advanced Custom Fields” in the search bar.
  • Then, Install and activate the ACF plugin.

2. Exploration of the Menu:

  • In this step, you will see a new menu item named “Custom Fields” appearing in the dashboard.
  • So, Click on that option and access the ACF.

3. Create a Field Group:

  • Select the button “Add New” that you will find under “Field Groups”.
  • Add a name to your field group according to your project plan like ‘Food Menu’.
  • Likewise, select every space where you want your fields to get added like Posts, Services, Pages, or Products.

4. Add Custom Fields:

  • Click “Add Field”.
  • Choose the type of data you want to capture (e.g., Text, Image, Checkbox, Select).
  • Give your field a label and set any necessary options.
  • Select “Add Field” for each additional piece of information you want.

5. Save and then, Activate:

  • After being satisfied with your fields, click on the “Publish” button.
  • From now on, whenever you will edit a post, a product, or a page, your advanced custom fields will appear in the sidebar, located on the right-hand side.

6. Use Your Fields:

  • Put the required information or data in those custom fields with your data.
  • Coming to the front-end of your website, you can use the shortcodes of Advanced Custom Fields to control the appearing range, position or time of your custom field data .

In conclusion, Advanced Custom Fields is one of the most powerful and creative WordPress plugins that lets you cross the limit of fields to your WordPress edit screens. Furthermore, these additional fields, also known as Custom Fields by WP Engine, can help you construct websites and engage your clients more quickly.   

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