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Posted On February 20th, 2024

One of the most trending topics, “Influencers” are making everyone wonder about their existence. And this blog which is focused on Australian Influencers, will take you on a ride to understand what exactly is Influencer marketing. This digital river is flowing with an interesting detail, then why not dive into it? 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Before getting to know about top 10 Australian Influencers, let’s get into the core of it – Influencer Marketing! These influencers are thriving because of this amazing reason. So, let’s understand this type of marketing with a simple example: 

James opened his instagram account to make friends. But in the process, he started to post about himself. He captured stunning selfies. And many people loved his content. By the time, James noticed the increase in his followers and engagement. Then, he took this chance to go pro. Many brands begin to DM him to promote their products or services to his followers. That’s how James started to influence his followers to buy something and make profits for the brand in his partnership. This is a two way process. The brand got followers and leads and James topped the charts of popularity. Now, he is making money as well as making an impact. 

That’s influencer marketing for you! This win-win scenario is what Australian influencers are leveraging! And this is just one example of this booming Billion industry!

Here are Top 10 Australian Influencers, Listed!

Now, let’s focus on the most famous Australian influencers, who are taking over the digital hearts. Here is the list of Top 10 Australian Influencers:

No.Top 10 Australian InfluencersNiche
1.Tammy HembrowFitness and Body Influencer
2.Kayla ItsinesPersonal Body Trainer & BBG Guide Fame
3.Chris HemsworthHollywood Actor & Marvel Fame
4.WengieSinger, YouTuber & Songwriter
5.Rachael FinchBeauty Pageant Holder & Social media Influencer
6.Nicole WarneBlogger & Businesswoman
7.Pia MuehlenbeckLawyer, Model & Blogger
8.Yan Yan ChanSinger & The Voice Coach
9.Daniel RicciardoFormula 1 Race Car Driver
10.Hugh JackmanHollywood Actor & Wolverine Fame
The List of Top 10 Australian Influencers

1 Tammy Hembrow

Instagram Followers: 17.6 Million

Instagram Account: @tammyhembrow

Age: 29 Years

The fitness model and one of the most popular Australian influencers, Tammy Hembrow is a body enthusiast who loves to share her body fitness journey with her fans. Later, she rose to fame with her post pregnancy workout and body transformation. Tammy Hembrow started her life in a simple rural place among herds and farm settings. Later she caught up in a bad lifestyle of partying and drinking. 

2 Kayla Itsines – Australian Influencers

Instagram Followers: 16 Million

Instagram Account: @kayla_itsines

Age: 32 Years

Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Business woman, Author and what not! Kayla Itsines is the co-founder of the popular fitness app – Sweat. Most importantly, Kayla garnered attention with her BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Workout program. In addition, this program is made to empower women body fitness to help them gain a toned and healthy body.

3 Chris Hemsworth

Instagram Followers: 58.4 Million

Instagram Account: @chrishemsworth

Age: 40 Years

Gained fame with his super perfect role of “Thor” in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth is one of the most favourite superheroes. Besides the movies, Chris Hemsworth is ranked among the top Australian influencers. Likewise, he is a businessman who owns a production house with many commercial collaborations under his belt.

4 Wengie – Australian Influencers

Instagram Followers: 2.1 Million

Instagram Account: @wengie

Age: 38 Years

This famous YouTuber is known for being versatile and creative. Not just a mere content creator, Wengie is also a singer, songwriter, and vlogger. Likewise, she has been actively posting videos on her YouTube channel since 2010. From unique crafts and trendy challenges to music videos, you will get mesmerized with her content. And don’t forget to subscribe to her.

5 Rachael Finch

Instagram Followers: 318K 

Instagram Account: @rachael_finch

Age: 35 Years

The host, beauty pageant holder, and model, Rachael Finch is one of the well-known Australian influencers. She is the third runner up of Miss Universe held in 2009. In addition, she judged Australia’s Next Top Model. Likewise, you can find more about her life via her social media handles. In addition, Rachel Finch has co-founded a brand with her husband – Kissed Earth!

6 Nicole Warne – Australian Influencers

Instagram Followers: 2 Million 

Instagram Account: @nicolewarne

Age: 34 Years

Nicole Warne, also known as @garypeppergirl, has been working on her blog and a selling store where she promotes and offers perfect prices on vintage dresses. The fact that this business got registered in the next six months. Moreover, Nicole Warne leverages social media quite well. You can find her latest fashion collection and blogs there. Another fact is, she made it under the list of Forbes 30 Under 30. 

7 Pia Muehlenbeck

Instagram Followers: 2 Million 

Instagram Account: @piamuehlenbeck

Age: 32 Years

Pia Muehlenbeck used to consider herself a nerd. But her influencing power says otherwise. When she realized the power of social media, her ideas began to float in front of her eyes. She stated how going with the flow is the key. Being a lawyer, model, blogger and one of the top Australian influencers, she also founded a fitness brand named SLINKII

8 Yan Yan Chan

Instagram Followers: 222K

Instagram Account: @_yanyanchan

Age: 29 Years

Let’s move on to the next deserving candidate – Yan Yan Chan. She is a burmese artist, who resides in Australia. In addition, she is a successful singer who once was a coach at The Voice Myanmar. Yan Yan Chan recently made headlines with Harry Styles for being his girlfriend. But later these allegations turned out to be fake. Later on, she revealed about her good friendship with Harry Styles. 

9 Daniel Ricciardo

Instagram Followers: 8.9 Million

Instagram Account: @danielricciardo

Age: 34 Years

Danial Ricciardo is another member of the most popular Australian influencers. He is a famous Formula 1 racing car driver. Ricciardo is the heartthrob of all karting fans. He is 8 times Go karting winner with 32 podiums. His influence is undeniable. Being the top celebrity, Ricciardo got many commercial offers and chances of collaborations.

10 Hugh Jackman

Instagram Followers: 32 Million

Instagram Account: @thehughjackman

Age: 55 Years

“Wolverine”, the iconic X-men series character of which turned out to be the breakthrough role of Hugh Jackman, made him one of the global stars in Hollywood. Most importantly, he is the only actor in the world to play the same characters for more than 17 years. In addition, he is a theatre artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and a dancer. Hugh Jackman is a versatile star who has been influencing his fans since decades. 

And here we reach the end of this flowing river. We hope you’ve got great insights about Australian influencers and influencer marketing.  

Be Curious! Stay Tuned for more amazing blogs.

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