Meet Top 10 American Influencers: Why Are They Famous?

Posted On February 13th, 2024

Most of the time, your social media is filled with people you know but not really! American celebrities like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift can be seen everywhere from music to red carpets. And Kim Kardashian, who doesn’t know about her? I bet you must’ve heard about her name without even having any idea about who she actually is. Perfect Marketing! When we talk about Top 10 American influencers, this list won’t be enough to put all of them on the table. So, we are going to focus on the most influential ones. 

Let’s start by going through this list of popular influencers in USA who are leading the world by storm!

Top 10 American Influencers Feature List

This list features Top 10 American influencers who have a powerful influence on the world. Even the non-fans can tell you about them. But, why are they so famous? Let’s find the secret sauce of their fame? Now, let’s go further:

No.Top 10 American InfluencersAbout
1.Chiara FerragniViral Dance, Instagram Engagement, Fashion Influencer
2.Ariana GrandeMost influential Singer, TV & Movie Actress, Social media Personality
3.James CharlesBeauty Influencer and YouTuber
4.Taylor SwiftAcclaimed Singer and Songwriter, Super big fanbase on Instagram
5.Cristiano RonaldoFootball Player, Commercial Celebrity with a dedicated fanbase
6.Huda KattanBeauty Influencer with Viral Makeup Tutorials
7.Kim KardhasianAmerican Socialite, Media Personality & Reality TV Star
8.PewDiePieMost influential YouTuber and Gamer 
9.Selena GomezPopular Singer, Actress and Media Personality
10.Dwayne JohnsonFormer Wrestler, Actor, and Media Personality
Top 10 American Influencers Feature List

How Top 10 American Influencers Got The Fame?

We need to get into details to know about the secret of these American influencers. While some of them are well known for their talents, others are known for creating controversies. Here, we can figure out each one:

1 Chiara Ferragni 

The personality featured on this list of Top 10 American influencers is a great fashion force named Chiara Ferragni. She is a well-known businesswomen, beauty and fashion influencer followed by over 29.3 Million people on Instagram. Her curation of high-end luxury style videos garnered a lot of attention from netizens. Besides, she performs charity. In addition, Chiara founded a blog – The Blonde Salad. This blog is all about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, people and shopping guides. 

2 Ariana Grande 

The Vocal Powerhouse of America! Who doesn’t know about this “Positions” Singer? With her unique 4-octave vocal range and super perfect signature whistle register, Ariana Grande reveals the secrets of her fame with her music. Likewise, no one can deny the influence Ariana has on her dedicated fanbase. Victorious was her breakthrough among the audience as she is an actress too. 381 Million is the count of her followers on Instagram. Why don’t you listen to her hits on Spotify? Go right now!

3 James Charles 

Let’s move on to our next personality – James Charles, who has over 20 Million Followers. You can find beauty and fashion related content on his Instagram channel. As a member of LGBTQ+ community, James has a diverse fanbase inspired by his makeup tutorials. However, he is also one of the most controversial celebrities out there. His tweets promoted racial discrimination in the past. Another fact is, he is the first male to model for the CoverGirl magazine. 

4 Taylor Swift 

281 Million fans are proof why Taylor Swift is one of the top 10 American influencers. This Storytelling Singer has been giving hits for more than a decade. Known for her break up songs, Taylor Swift has her own troops of sad party girls. Another fact is, her emotional lyrics can drive any heart.  Being a songwriter, Taylor Swift crafts unique poems and stories. Have you heard her “Midnights” album yet? You should, it’s a true masterpiece. 

5 Cristiano Ronaldo – Top 10 American Influencers

The Football Icon and Public figure, Cristiano Ronaldo has 622 Million followers under his Instagram. He is known as one of football’s best forwards. Being one of the best players in the football world, Ronaldo won five Ballon d’Or awards. Likewise, his personal brand name is enough to tell the audience about his impact. One can easily associate Football with his name. No wonder, global football fans respect his football skills. Even opponents have bawled their eyes out while watching him play.

6 Huda Kattan 

This Beauty Tutorial Queen is ranked 6th on the list of top 10 American influencers. Huda Kattan is the founder of globally recognised Make up brand – Huda Beauty. Being an avid lover of makeup, Huda entered the world of beauty with her unique makeup tutorials which were loved by a lot of people. That’s how, she reinvented her brand from time to time. Right now, Huda Kattan has over 54 Million people following her on Instagram. 

7 Kim Kardashian – Top 10 American Influencers

364 Million followers screams the game of her fame! I am talking about the beauty business mogul – Kim Kardashian. Her global reach is astonishing. However, she is part of a controversial gang too. Kim and her family are famous for their scams and fabricated lies. Likewise, no one can deny their marketing stunt success. In addition, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” stars her whole family where they give a glimpse of their life. This show has been airing since 2007, leveraging an undeniable fame to Kim and her family. 

8 PewDiePie 

Let’s Play troope assemble! This was the beginning of PewDiePie, when he started a YouTube Channel just to flaunt his gaming skills. At first, it was his favourite pastime where he would speak in a good humorous way. Also, his audience resonated and followed him. By that time, he got fame and a lot of net worth. With over 21.3 Million fanbase on Instagram,  this Gaming Influencer set a record of first YouTube Channel to gain 111 Million subscribers in 2019. This is how PewDiePie got the spot among top 10 American influencers

9 Selena Gomez – Top 10 American Influencers

The Singer, Actress, Media Personality and Businesswomen, Selena Gomez is followed by 429 Million people on Instagram. Likewise, Selena Gomez has been part of the entertainment industry since a very young age. By the time, she joined Disney to get casted in several shows loved by audiences and then Selena moved to the next step of her life – Music. From an actress to  singer, her journey has been impactful in each way. In addition, Selena Gomez is a successful business woman with the launch of her beauty brand – Rare. 

10 Dwayne Johnson

Known as “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson was a pro wrestler in his initial days. 397 Million Instagram followers are proof of his influence. Most importantly, Dwayne Johnson is a Former Wrestler, Actor, Producer, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur. Being a global figure, he has acted in many box-office hits. From Jumanji to Fast & Furious, He is dominating the charts. That’s why, he is one of the top 10 American influencers.

I hope you’ve explored a good amount of details about your favourite American influencers here. Stay tuned for the next!

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