Top 10 Influencers In The UK You Must Follow Right Now!

Posted On February 15th, 2024

Who is an Influencer? Simple! The one who influences. Right? Well this might not be a proper explanation about Top 10 Influencers In The UK. That’s why, we’ve written a whole blog for you to get an idea about these influencers and what they exactly do. Let’s get into the details.

Who are Influencers?

You must’ve heard about these top 10 influencers in the UK on Instagram. But, do you exactly know who they are? How would you describe these people? The word “Influence” means an effect of impact. The ability of an individual to influence the behaviour, mentality and even words of common people is what we can call an “Infleuncer”. 

We all influence a lot of people around us everyday. This is how we learn and grow everyday. Likewise, it all starts with an imitation, then it gets merged into our personality. No wonder, Gen Z is so digitally influenced. This generation is born with mobile phones in their hands unlike us. 

Now, if we focus on digital aspects, then we have:

  • Instagram Photos
  • Reels
  • Blog Posts
  • YouTube Videos
  • Facebook
  • Tweets
  • Podcast Episodes
  • TikToks 
  • Online News
  • Sponsored Ads

And the way they make income is very interesting! Influencer marketing helps them in collaborating with big brands and get paid to promote their launched products and services. Basically, their impact is enough to sell anything on the internet and their followers will get influenced to pay. Thus, resulting in high branding and profits.

Who are Top 10 Influencers In The UK?

This list explores Top 10 Influencers In The UK and their impact:

No.Top 10 Influencers in the UKAbout 
1.Zoe SuggYouTuber & English Media Personality
2.David BeckhamFormer Football Player & Public Figure
3.Lydia MillenBeauty Therapist, Styling Expert & Author
4.Cara DelevingneFashion Model, Hollywood Actress & Advocate for Rights
5.Emma WatsonHollywood Actress & UN Goodwill Ambassador
6.Harry StylesFormer boy band member, Singer, Songwriter & Fashion icon
7.Alfie DeyesGamer, Vlogger & Media Personality
8.HuntersandheelsLifestyle Blogger & YouTuber
9.Joe SuggGaming Vlogger & Internet Personality
10.Victoria MagrathAward-winning Blogger and Fashion icon
Top 10 Influencers In The UK

1 Zoe Sugg

One of the top 10 influencers in the UK, Zoe Sugg is an English media personality and is also an actress. Not many people know that she has played a character in the Harry Potter movie franchise. In addition, she was young back when casted for a small role in these two Harry Potter movies. She is also a YouTuber who started her channel in 2009. Likewise, this is where she garnered attention with her vlogs about fashion, lifestyle and beauty tips. 

2 David Beckham

Who doesn’t know about David Beckham? The Legendary football player! With 87 Million followers on Instagram, David Beckham is already dominating the mainstream. Besides football, he is an active commercial star with many big brand deals under his name. Right now, he serves as the president and co-owner of Salford City and MLS Team Inter Miami. Furthermore, Beckham has been a notable figure in the sports industry for years and continues to inspire the aspiring football players.

3 Lydia Millen – Top 10 Influencers In The UK

Lydia Millen is a fashion influencer who actively posts about styling tips, beauty trends and fashion related vlogs. She is listed among the top 10 influencers in the UK due to her charismatic influence on millions of people. In addition, Lydia calls herself a beauty therapist. You can find her vlogs on fashion and lifestyle with her videos of spending time with her family. You too can get inspired from her to start a YouTube channel. Moreover, she wrote a book – Evergreen.

4 Cara Delevingne

Around 42.1 Million people are following Cara Delevingne on Instagram. She is a former supermodel and a great actress. Working in many commercials, TV shows and movies, Cara has been working for years. She is the face of Burberry for its beauty campaign. Moreover, she actively advocates for LGBTQ rights. 

5 Emma Watson – Top 10 Influencers In The UK

Miss Hermione Granger” Yes! you’ve heard it right. This is Emma Watson, the girl who became the crush of people all over the world with her witty and clever character play in the Harry Potter Movie Franchise. Being an actress, Emma Watson didn’t limit herself to this part only. In addition, she is UN Goodwill Ambassador, who is actively using her influence to spread awareness about critical issues. No wonder, she is truly sitting on the list of top 10 influencers in the UK.

6 Harry Styles

The former member and leader of the influential boy band group – One Direction, Harry Styles is now a solo singer and songwriter. Most importantly, he is a Grammy and BRIT awards winner. His influence is branded as Harry Styles has many commercially successful brand collaborations under his belt. Additionally, he is an fashion icon, popular for his gender-fluid style.He is a leading op icon and loved by fans all over the world.

7 Alfie Deyes – Top 10 Influencers In The UK

In 2011, Alfie Deyes started Pointless Blog to post about gaming and vlogging. Similarly, he has over 4 Millions YouTube subscribers. His niche is vlogging and he has collaborated with many big celebrities like Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan, MirandaSings, His wife Zoee Sugg and many more. Being listed among the top influencers in the UK, Alfie Deyes has been influencing British teenagers with his vlogs. 

8 Huntersandheels

Huntersandheels is the online name of Lauren McDermott. She is a British lifestyle blogger and make-up artist. Likewise, Hunterandheels is her instagram handle from where she is influencing her fans. Her husband came up with this unique username in 2014. Being a blogger, she writes and posts about her life and family. Check her blogs and instagram, you might get inspired by her to start your own account one day. 

9 Joe Sugg – Top 10 Influencers In The UK

Interesting how both siblings are ranked in the top 10 influencers in the UK list! Joe Sugg is the brother of Zoe Sugg. He is popular for his YouTuber channel “ThatcherJoe”, which he started in 2012. He has multiple channels with his name. His fans love his content full of humor, wittiness, and relatable life. You can follow his instagram channel of 7 Millions followers.

10 Victoria Magrath

Millions of people get inspired by this award-winning blogger – Victoria Magrath. She is the sole owner of popular blog –Inthefrow. With a PHD in Fashion, Victoria publishes blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. In addition, she has 935K YouTube subscribers. Being a popular personality, Victoria continues to inspire many people who want to start their journey online.

And this is the ending of this blog about Top 10 Influencers In The UK and how they are impacting millions of people everyday. You must follow them right now. Who knows, you might become one of them?

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