Discover the Next Generation: Top 10 Influencers in India (2024)

Posted On February 5th, 2024

The Rising Top 10 Influencers in India (2024)

Influencers! Who doesn’t know them? On Instagram, you must’ve been confronted with the reels and posts of these influencers while scrolling through your feed. The reason why they always pop-up in this trendy list is because of their content and brand identity. Likewise, you must’ve been confused about how they made it big? If we look through the list of Top 10 influencers in India, we will find many familiar faces which have been creating content for a decade.

Started with being a creator, many top Indian influencers have escalated their brand game by collaborating with big companies. One of the best fashion influencers on Instagram in India, Komal Pandey started her journey in the year of 2012 which is more than decade. And there are many other Gen-Z influencers who are still rising in this era of Instagram. So, dive in to know about all Top 10 Indian Influencers of 2024:

The Rising Top 10 Influencers in India (2024) 

This list is all about the chapters of each influencer who started small and made it big. Here are Top 10 influencers in India (2024) for you to explore. Who knows? You might become the next big sensation for Gen Z.  

No.Top 10 Indian Influencers (2024)Niche
1.Komal PandeyFashion Blogger and Stylist 
2.Bhuvan BamYoutuber, Comedian and Actor
3.KrutikaComedian, Content Creator, Makeup artist, and Cosplayer
4.Dolly Singh Youtuber, Comedian, and Actor
5.Kusha KapilaYoutuber, Comedian, and Actor
6.Aashna Shroff Instagram Content Creator
7.Vishnu Kaushal Actor and Content Creator
8.Tarini ShahFashion Vlogger & Content Creator
9.Mansi UgaleSelf-portrait Photographer, Fashion Vlogger & Content Creator
10.Shrishti GargComedian & Content Creator
Top 10 Indian influencers who have escalated their brand game.

1 Komal Pandey

Insta ID: @komalpandeyofficial

Followers: 1.9 M

Birth Date: 18 June 1994

A cheerful influencer who is bold enough to experiment with new looks on her own, Komal Panday garnered a lot of attention from fashion lovers during her POPxo era. Moreover, she used to script, act and collaborate in the videos of this channel. From fashion and styling to funny college skits and advice for teenagers and college-going students. Her real journey began when she left everything behind to start on her own. “It was a big decision, but I was confident!” said Komal. And the rest is history! Sitting on the throne and ruling the world of fashion influencers. 

2 Bhuvan Bam – Top 10 Influencers in India

Insta ID: @bhuvan.bam22

Followers: 18.6 M

Birth Date: 22 January 1994

Who doesn’t know BB ki Vines? It was the era of vines. Bhuvan started by playing multiple roles in his skit of 11-12 minutes. He made many sarcastic comic videos. Not just a comedian, he is an acknowledged musician and lyricist. Add his 2018 hits “Sang Hoon Tere” and “Safar” in your playlist right now. Being one of the versatile Indian influencers, Bhuvan Bam acted in many films like “Dhindhora” and “Taaza Khabar”. One of the richest millionaires, who started with a humbled middle class background, Bhuvan Bam’s only limit is sky.

3 Krutika

Insta ID: @themermaidscales

Followers: 8 M

Birth Date: 5 December 1998

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl named Krutika. Isn’t it true? One might see a funny cute girl doing what she loves the most. And then suddenly you will find her slay the fashion game with her quirky and unique outfits based on anime cosplays and her next level make up skills. With her identity of “the mermaid scales”, Krutika managed to attract a huge Gen Z crowd. No wonder, she is part of this Top 10 influencers in India list.

4 Dolly Singh 

Insta ID: @dollysingh

Followers: 1.6 M

Birth Date: 23 September 1993

Started as a YouTuber for the blog – Spill The Sass. It was all about affordable fashion. Next step was what gained her the spotlight. Dolly Singh roleplayed a typical South Delhi girl in a funny and sarcastic way while working on her own YouTube channel. Likewise, Raju ki Mummy is one of her most impactful characters which is funny and ironic. People adore this perfectly comical role of Dolly so much.

5 Kusha Kapila – Top 10 Influencers in India

Insta ID: @kushakapila

Followers: 4 M

Birth Date: 19 September 1989

“Billi Maasi” , a funny character created in the mind of Kusha Kapila, garnered a lot of attention online. And little did she know that it was her breakthrough era. However, her journey from being a NIFT Graduate to becoming one of the Top 10 Indian Influencers, was not easy. Kusha worked corporate jobs with different profiles. Infact, she was a Senior content writer at iDiva before switching to roleplay. Similarly, Kusha made cameo appearances in many bollywood movies as well – Ghost Stories, Selfie and Thank You For Coming

6 Aashna Shroff 

Insta ID: @aashnashroff

Followers: 1 M

Birth Date: 4 August 1993

Netizens often confuse her surname with the Shroff Family of Bollywood. But this is not the case. Aashna Shroff is a well-known fashion influencer and stylist. You will find her adorned with beautiful dresses and luxurious aesthetics. Likewise, Aashna Shroff age is 30 and she will tie a knot soon with famous Indian Singer Armaan Malik. So, you can follow her Instagram account to get unique fashion tips. 

7 Vishnu Kaushal – Top 10 Influencers in India

Insta ID: @thevishnukaushal

Followers: 2 M

Birth Date: 27 August 1998

With major appearances in Bollywood films like Family, Feels Like Home and Dunki, Vishnu Kaushal is a rising actor. In addition, you must have seen funny reels where he mimics typical Indian uncles and friends with his brother Govind Kaushal. Likewise, his online presence is no joke. In addition, you can find him working with versatility. So, how about checking his Instagram account and watching some quirky skits? And you will know why he is one of the Top 10 influencers in India.

8 Tarini Shah

Insta ID: @tarini_shah

Followers: 525 K

Birth Date: 15 August 2002

While making conceptual videos at first, Tarini Shah rose to fame with her make up vlogs, lip syncing videos and styling. Moreover, she is a curious, creative and passionate Indian Influencer who is not afraid to experiment with new trends. That’s why, her confident personality is loved by her followers. Similarly, she even has a self proclaimed Youtube channel – Tea with Tarini where she is actively posting new vlogs.

9 Mansi Ugale

Insta ID: @mansiugale

Followers: 1.6 M

Birth Date: 10 September 1997

During lockdown, Mansi Ugale said, “Big Brain Time”. She took her camera and went on to become her own muse. At 16, she came across the concept of self portrait photography which helped her later in this modeling journey. Moreover, her aesthetically pleasing portraits and reels will take you in different eras and time.

10 Shrishti Garg

Insta ID: @dollysingh

Followers: 296 K

Birth Date: 1 February 2002

Got on the trend list of Instagram reels, Shrishti Garg gained popularity with her funny Gen Z series where she would portray the characters like Gen Z Mother-in-law, Gen Z Bahu, Gen Z when they’re old, and many more. Most importantly, this was a breakthrough event for her which made her the center of attention. All because she is relatable and serves what her audience wants to see.

After getting to know all Top 10 Indian Influencers of 2024, you must be speculating about finding your own passion. So, why not dive in the ocean of curiosity and creativity. Now, we are sure that something good will come out of it.

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