Useful LinkedIn Tips & Tricks You Might Not Know

Posted On July 22nd, 2024


Would you like to utilize your time on LinkedIn more effectively and efficiently?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and a fantastic tool for business-to-business networking. Despite its helpful features, it can occasionally feel restrictive. To help you get the most out of LinkedIn, here is a compiled list of helpful tools, tricks, and advice.

Here Are Helpful LinkedIn Tips & Techniques You May Not Know

View your updates whenever you want

One of the great bonus benefits of the Google Chrome LinkedIn toolbar is that you can share any article with your LinkedIn network directly from the toolbar. Commenting on other people’s updates is also possible. A major issue with LinkedIn that may be resolved by this.

And that it’s simple to forget about until you receive an offer to connect with someone. This facilitates easy integration with the information you view to enhance the social aspect of the experience. Also, make it more seamless throughout the web.

Use Showcase Pages for dividing your audience

Does your company serve a variety of customer segments? If so, you will enjoy the Showcase Page creation function on LinkedIn. These are the pages that appear beneath your primary company page as “Affiliated Pages.” Every Showcase Page highlights various aspects of your company. This might be a specific product or a particular brand.

Put another way, you may use specialized Showcase Pages to target various audience groups. You can do this according to their hobbies, tastes, occupations, and other factors. This facilitates the creation of highly targeted content and campaigns. And that is appropriate for each audience category.

Create an amazing resume

Your LinkedIn page will frequently include your most recent employment history and experience. But when it comes to job searching, you must turn to the unpleasant word format. And most likely copying and pasting the majority of the material from your LinkedIn profile.

With the help of this wonderful program, you can easily transform your LinkedIn profile into an eye-catching resume in no time. This little-known but excellent tool from LinkedIn Labs is free to use. Also, it has the potential to save users a tonne of time.

Don’t forget to save searches

As part of your lead generation efforts, you could find yourself spending a lot of time looking for individuals on LinkedIn. Maybe you’re trying to find potential leads to engage with or include in your InMail advertising.

LinkedIn allows you to store your searches so you do not have to do them all over again. You may quickly conduct prior searches using this LinkedIn tool without having to fill out the criteria. In addition, you may configure search alerts and receive a weekly email reminder whenever someone finds results matching the parameters you have stored.

Emails with LinkedIn profiles

One of the hardest things to do on LinkedIn is to find new connections. You will frequently forget individuals you have contacted but decided not to add at the time. With the help of this useful Firefox plugin, you may quickly see the LinkedIn profile of the person you are messaging.

Most online mail accounts, including Gmail, are compatible with this. An additional feature of this is that you may invite the recipient of your email to join LinkedIn directly from the email.

Promote interaction in real-time with LinkedIn Live

The use of live video has become essential for social media brand interaction. Consequently, LinkedIn Live was a useful addition to the network. LinkedIn claims that when broadcasters post live videos on the site, they receive seven times as many reactions as when they post native videos. They also get 24 times more comments.

Utilize this tool to your advantage by holding live Q&A sessions and industry expert interviews to promote real-time interaction. It may also be used to broadcast live product launches and events. But remember that not everyone has access to LinkedIn Live. To gain access, you must apply.

Extract connections from LinkedIn

You can download all of your connections into email with ease using this handy little tip that you may find on LinkedIn. Simply visit while signed into your account to import your contacts into almost any email account.

After selecting your connections, press “Export Connections” at the bottom of the screen. Then pick the email account you want to utilize. Now, your mail client will have access to all of your connections, making it simple to connect the two.

Use the search filters in Sales Navigator

There is no other tool that can assist you in identifying ideal prospects like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You may find out who your networking partners and clients are by using this tool. You can then promptly request introductions to potential new clients. Sales Navigator is an outstanding tool & is essential to using the platform successfully.

Use name pronunciation to encourage inclusion

One of LinkedIn’s most underappreciated yet crucial features is perhaps the new “name pronunciation” option. This allows users to record and post to their profile an audio clip that shows how to pronounce their name.

This is in order for other users to learn how to properly pronounce their name. The “audio” icon next to a user’s name allows you to hear how their name is pronounced. Pronouncing words correctly is not only courteous but also essential for creating a positive first impression.

The Bottom Line

It’s essential that you keep up with the most recent changes and features if LinkedIn is a component of your social media marketing strategy. This will assist you in modifying your approach to fully utilize LinkedIn’s greatest features. Try implementing one or two of these suggestions to increase your efficiency and success on LinkedIn.


Q. What makes a strong LinkedIn profile picture?

Your LinkedIn profile photo should be 400 × 400 pixels in size. While 8MB is the maximum file size, larger files are also acceptable; nevertheless, avoid using small, low-resolution photos. You might wish to choose a different photo if the one you uploaded appears a little blurry.

Q. Does LinkedIn show the identity of those who have visited your profile?

The following will be available with the LinkedIn Basic account: Who has seen the features on your profile: When browsing profiles if you have configured your profile viewing settings to show your name and headline, you will see the five most recent readers over the previous ninety days along with a list of recommendations for getting more views on your profile.

Q. Is it possible to hide my LinkedIn profile?

To access your profile, hit the Me symbol at the top of your LinkedIn site. On the right side of the page, select Edit public profile & URL. Toggle the public display of your profile to Off to make it invisible to others.

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