Top 10 Australian Bloggers | What’s The Secret of Their Popularity?

Posted On January 31st, 2024

Let's find out the secret of Australian Bloggers

While searching about Top 10 Australian Bloggers, you might be thinking about becoming one. Then why not “be” the one? Come Here! Let me tell you a secret, a big secret about these popular aussie writers! Move your eyes and scroll down to know everything. Shhhh…..!!! This is a secret between us, Okay? 

How To Be Like Top 10 Australian Bloggers?

Now that you aspire to be a blogger whose blogs might rank in the top search engine result pages, ask yourself some basic questions. Before asking how to become a blogger in Australia, think about what you want to write and how you can execute your idea through your keyboard. It isn’t easy to write either if we think from the perspective of rank. 

The blog you see on the top of the search engine has many secrets behind it. The person who wrote that ranking blog went through a big brainstorming session. And his experience  played a major role here. Let’s discuss each step to ascend you on the right path of blog writing:

1 Can you create an original story?

This is the first step to writing those popular Australia blogs, blog writing requires original and authentic content from you. Likewise, you need to write something unique and something that provides value to the reader. There has to be a plus point in your blog which can’t be plagiarized.

2 Which topic interests you the most?

This is a basic understanding that we humans love to do things which are interesting for us. In the case of blog writing, you should identify your niche like Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Science, Politics, and so on. This way, you can write with creativity.

3 Can you think from others’ POV?

Now comes the most crucial step. Do you understand your audience? What Top 10 Australian bloggers Do? All they do is find their targeted traffic first, and understand their needs, interests and value. If you are able to provide a solution to their problems, the trophy is yours! 

4 What’s the right time to brainstorm?

You must be wondering what the right time to think and generate ideas is, right? Well the answer is, there’s no perfect time to think. Because your brain will always gather data even when you are not seeking it. That “Idea” might come anytime while staring at walls or clubbing with your friends.

5 Do you know about SEO? | Top 10 Australian Writers

As a digital writer, you must know the basics of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You must know about keywords which are searched by netizens such as: “Australian Food Recipes” or “Who is No.1 batsman in Australia?”. Through your blog, you will become a provider to their needs.

6 Are you a Grammar Nazi too?

Well you have to! Your grammar accuracy is important here. Whatever you write. Should make sense to the reader. Try to avoid passive voice while writing. Likewise, make your content engaging, give an example, tell a story, and format your blog with H1, H2 and other SEO elements like Meta title, Meta description, and a relatable image.

7 Ready to fight A.I.?

In this world where any task can be done by machines. Artificial Intelligence or Automated softwares can write your 1000 word blog in just a minute. Then why does Google still demand your content? Human Touch, this is what you have that A.I. lacks.

8 Have an online presence like Top 10 Australian Writers?

To get included in the list of Top 10 Australian Bloggers, build your own blog website and post your blog by optimizing it. In addition, your Instagram ID might work here. In addition, optimize your social media handles like LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, Reddit and others. Post there regularly, build connections, filter your audience, and post trendy content while linking your blogs there.

9 Are you aware of monetization?

Never work for free! Even when you are still learning. Monetize your work and generate value for your words. With time, you will perfect your writing like top Australian bloggers and this will generate you an income. So, make sure that your website, and social media goes through the process of monetization.

Let’s move on to find all about Top 10 Australian Bloggers and what they do.

The Fame Secret of Top 10 Australian Bloggers

This perfectly crafted list of Top 10 Australian Bloggers will give your insight about famous bloggers. So you can also write popular Australia blogs that rank well. Let’s discuss:

1 Australian Writers’ Centre

Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC) sits on the top of SERPs when you search the list of popular Australian bloggers. The secret is the experience they have had since 2005. They not only craft ranking content but also provide training and writing courses to make the career of young writers.

2 Australian Women Writers Challenge Blog

In 2012, a spark of revolution begin with a simple “Read & review* challenge. Australian Women Writers Challenge Blog aimed to empower Aussie women to write. And it worked! By the time, the focus shifted to hearing the unheard. Their team began to write online reviews on 19th and 20th century women writers of Australia who were made silent by the male dominance. Truly an inspiration!

3 Melbourne Writers Festival

Melbourne Writers Festival is a club that talks about most loved literary associations and institutions. Here you can have a deep insight about some great topics based on Australian literature, Old age and new age Aussie writers. In addition, they organize school programs in collaboration with notable writers.

4 Emerging Writers’ Festival

As the name suggests, Emerging Writers’ Festival is all about encouraging young writers and the people who desire to craft stories. Likewise, their blogs rank well with a vision to impart great knowledge to their audience. No wonder they are part of the Top 10 Australian Bloggers list. Lastly, this is a platform to find talents to nurture them with their writing programmes.

5 Writers SA Blog | Top 10 Australian Bloggers

Writers SA Blog is an organization which works for South Australian writers to promote National Literary Culture. On their website, they showcase the work of Australian writers. Likewise, you can take a good look through their works and get an idea about their way to write content and provide value to the audience.

6 Tania McCartney | Top 10 Australian Bloggers

Personal essays and creative writing tips are what Tania McCartney provides through her meticulously crafted blogs. The fact that she is the only person on the list of Top 10 Australian Bloggers who is a single individual compared to other writer organizations on this list. She is a dreamer, a thinker, an author, an illustrator, an editor and even a designer of her magazines for children, places and trends.

7 Author Services Blog

Author Services Blog is all about gathering information for authors on publishing and marketing. Moreover, you will get helpful guides on writing, publishing, and research. And they will consult you in marketing your books both physically and digitally. A perfect place for Aussie writers!

8 The Australian Writers Guild

Advocating for the rights of Australian writers and their professional development, The Australian Writers Guild has only one motive to give what all writers deserve on Screen, on Stage and on Air. Through their blogs, you will open your eyes to new perspectives. 

9 Writing NSW Blog | Top 10 Australian Bloggers

Writing NSW Blog provides resources and support for writers in New South Wales, Australia. This organization aims to build careers of aussie writers sustainably. Most importantly, their blogs are focused on promoting writers and their works with reviews, testimonials and writing course programmes.

10 Writerful Books Blog

The author services company in Australia, Writerful Books Blog has been helping numerous writers to get their books published without any hassle. Similarly, they provide consultation, and guidance to launch their works. Their blogs are focused on topics like Manuscript Assessment, Editorial Assessments, Book Submission Process and so on. 

Let’s have a quick wrap up!

This list of Top 10 Australian Bloggers might change in ranking by the time because digital blog writing majorly depends on SEO and the quality of your writing. So, make sure that you craft your content well.

And we can’t wait to find your name in the Top 10 Australian Bloggers list soon. So, it’s time to start your journey to become a popular Aussie writer!

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