10 Reasons To Plan A Trip To Rajasthan

Posted On March 10th, 2023

One of the most well-liked and frequented tourist attractions worldwide is Rajasthan. The state is renowned for displaying a mixture of history and royalty. Rajasthan is a stunning place that perfectly combines appealing nature with outstanding architecture and art. This location is very affordable and appropriate for people. The vibrant and culturally diverse state of Rajasthan is a fantastic choice for vacation destinations. Every activity has its own unique beauty, whether it’s desert camping or discovering the buildings of an old fort. The pleasures of eating “dal-baati” and purchasing “jook” are also fascinating.

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Plan A Trip To Rajasthan

Ancient Forts and Palaces

Rajasthan distinguishes apart from the rest of India due to its magnificent array of forts and palaces from the middle ages. This regal land has been governed by numerous kingdoms. Each kingdom contributed its own special fusion of architectural designs and styles. At the Amer Palace, you can have a royal elephant ride. Also, the Mehrangarh Fort offers a view of the blue city of Jodhpur. You can see the beautiful surroundings of the Jaisalmer Fort. Moreover, the Kumbhalgarh Fort’s 36-kilometer-long fortress wall can leave you in awe. Additionally, you must visit the city palaces at Jaipur and Udaipur as well as Chittorgarh Fort to see its magnificent architecture.

Heritage Hotels

Rajasthan is renowned for its magnificent palaces that have been converted into heritage hotels. These places provide a cozy atmosphere laced with royal amenities and grandeur that the former kings and queens were known to enjoy. Among the most well-known heritage hotels is the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur & Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Moreover, it also includes Rambagh Palace in Jaipur and Samode Palace in Jaipur.


Both wildlife lovers and bird watchers like this amazing state. You can find endangered or rare species throughout the country’s enormous landscape. Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary are just a few of the state’s wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that are a must-see. By going on a jeep safari or a boat trip at these remote locations, you can get a close-up look at Royal Bengal tigers. Moreover, you can also see the endangered river dolphins, the endangered Great Indian bustard, and many other bird and animal species. You can also feel the wilderness at its best.

City of Colors

Rajasthan is definitely one of the world’s most colorful regions. You will find towns in a variety of colors that will excite your senses, from gold to blue and white to pink. The largest state in India has several attractive and distinctive cities, each with a lot to offer. You must see the Golden City of Jaisalmer, the Pink City of Jaipur, & the Blue City of Jodhpur. Moreover, the Holy City of Ajmer, and the City of Lakes, Udaipur, are also a few of the must-see cities in Rajasthan.

Beautiful Lakes

In addition to its palaces and forts, this royal state equips with beautiful lakes. A few of the state’s captivating lakes are Pushkar Lake in Pushkar, Mansagar Lake, and Sambhar Salt Lake in Jaipur. Also, there are Lake Pichola and Jaisamand Lake in Udaipur. You can take a boat ride at sunset to relish their beauty.

Rajasthani Cuisine

Rajasthani food is recognized throughout the world for its extensive vegetarian menu. Rajasthan provides something for every vegetarian foodie, whether it is traditional thali or classic dishes like dal bati churma or gatte ki sabzi. Its vegetarian cuisine is well-known throughout the world. Furthermore, there are also a number of options for meat lovers. The non-vegetarian dishes include bhuna kukda, laal maas (meat curry), and safed maas (meat dish) (chicken dish). Every dish you eat in Rajasthan will leave you wanting more.

Wonderful Festivals and Fairs

Rajasthan is renowned for its vibrant festivals and fairs that take place all year long. This royal land seems to host a dancing, music, historical, adventure, or cultural festival every month. You can enjoy the Teej Festival in Jaipur in August, & the Rajasthan International Folk Festival in Jodhpur in October. Also, you can enjoy the vibrant Pushkar Fair in Pushkar in November, & the Elephant Fair in Jaipur in March. Moreover, you can also see the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer in February, or the vibrant International Kite Festival in Jaipur, and many more. Your royal vacation may have one of these festivals as its focal point, making it enjoyable.

Epic Experiences

The varied environment of Rajasthan makes it the ideal location for a wide variety of unusual experiences and activities. There are countless options, including camel safaris in Jaisalmer, & safaris at wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Also, these include ziplining at Mehrangarh Fort, & dune-bashing in the Thar Desert. Moreover, you can do hot-air ballooning in Pushkar, and boating on Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Furthermore, there are pathways to climb across Mount Abu’s highlands and Alwar’s beautiful vegetation.

Local Traditional Shopping

One of the best places to shop in India is Rajasthan. This is due to the fact that shopping in this region is a great way to discover more about the history and culture of the city. You can find the best collection of magnificent antiques, arts & crafts, and ethnic handicrafts in Jaipur. Make your way to Jodhpur if you’re shopping for everything from accessories to antiques. The two options that are best are Clock Tower Market and Nai Sarak. Another enjoyable place to shop is Pushkar’s Sadar Bazar. Here, you can find everything from textiles to puppets to leather products and more.

Local People

There is something about the people of Rajasthan that makes touring this desert region less overwhelming and more joyful. The cultural ideal of Rajasthan is “Atithi Devo Bhava,” and its residents are frequently friendly and simple. You may always find a warm and friendly home in Rajasthan if you’re curious to learn about Rajasthani culture, customs, or art.


Where in Rajasthan is the great area to go trekking?

Many people believe that the stunning mountain town of Mount Abu is the best location for trekking.

Which time of year is ideal for organizing a trip to Rajasthan?

The summer months bring excessive heat to the regal state of India. Therefore, if you wish to travel to Rajasthan, you must visit between the months of April and June. Also, you can plan a trip to Rajasthan in monsoon weather.

Can I buy anything in Rajasthan at affordable prices?

The street shops in Rajasthan offer various products such as artworks, accessories, jewelry, and more at affordable prices.

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