What is the new “E” in EEAT & How it affects your Marketing Campaign

What would be your preference if you were in an authoritative position at Google, controlling the quality of content uploaded? Ranking the content provided by professionals first or the content stuffed with SEO tricks? How would you identify what’s right and what’s not? Isn’t it confusing you? Let’s make it simpler with this blog and make you an SEO master!


The key to identifying such quality content published by trusted and professional sources is EEAT. Before the EEAT algorithm, we had EAT algorithm of Google. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust; it is the algorithm that governs the content ranking on google and the rate of SEO boost they get based on their authenticity and professional association rather than the SEO stuffing.

If you think that the google algorithm will measure your website based on your activeness and amount of content, then you should think twice because it will not. It would be best if you had more than a pile of content and a scheduling system. It would be best if you had expertise in marketing content, held the authority, and built trust to get the best out of Google.

You might be wondering if the rumour about technology pirating devices and doing privacy breaches is true; otherwise, how in the world is google aware of who’s who and what are they doing? This is why SEO is typical, and keeping yourself updated about it is essential.

Build your niche according to your expertise and create a bond between google and your brand to get a ranking advantage. Google has established EAT algorithm to ensure that whatever content is ranking on the search engine must be authentic and not harm humanity.

The Extra E

In 2023 a massive addition to the EAT algorithm has been made, affecting how content is ranked and boosted. Now you know it is essential and must not be ignored. The upgradation in EAT has converted it to EEAT, with an extra E now it stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

  • Experience: It identifies whether you have enough experience regarding the subject you post content about or even when writing a review. Having experience in a field or with a particular situation is essential for deciding whether you have the right to talk about the subject or are just writing fiction based on others’ experiences.
  • Expertise: It identifies whether you have worked in the field you are talking about or have much experience in the same. If you do, you have expertise over the same and could be called an expert. Expertise also comes formally by gaining training and certificates in a particular field. People trust those with the expertise, and the EEAT algorithm will verify your content quickly and boost your content.
  • Authority: It requires more than just a few years of experience for a person or brand to be titled as an authority. Something more than expertise will be given to you when you have an excellent reputation in the market for being in a field for a long time and contributing your best to upgrade and develop it for good. By doing so, people will automatically look for you and your content to seek advice and ideas regarding the field. It is a stage where the trust bond is created, and content gets a boost through it.
  • Trust: is also regarded as a significant parameter to predict the performance of your content on google ranking. Having an excellent trust bond by keeping everything authentic for viewers and google will automatically boost you.

EEAT; Reinforcing New Trends

The EEAT algorithm might have been updated today, but it has been there for a very long time since 2014. It has been an essential part of SEO since its establishment but has been overshadowed. Even the field experts don’t have a complete hold over the concept, which makes it necessary to be discussed and understood.

For the past few years, every change in google’s algorithm has been done for a single reason: enhancing the user experience. An excellent user experience enhances the value of Google as a platform that connects the world and addresses every field. Also, Google has been paying great attention to improving uploaded content quality.

It is so because google is being used to search the solution for small and big queries of people, which makes it an essential platform in people’s life. It has the power to influence people and change the way they perceive this world. It is the responsibility of google to serve justice to every viewer and serve them with the correct information. This upgradation of EEAT has enhanced the SEO and made it stricter for those who opt for shortcuts in content development.

More about SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a crucial thing every digital marketer must take care of. To highlight your product and market, it had a great search ranking essential. Being listed will help you boost your website reach and optimize. It is why many people want to comprehend how SEO works so that they can rank their websites and content to get more people engaged with whatever they are dealing with.

This engagement leads to enhanced sales and faster growth. Every digital marketer needs to understand that building your content according to the EEAT algorithm as a method to get a hold of SEO is better than using careless tricks that might harm the community in general.


EEAT algorithm is not just a guideline that enhances the quality of content being posted online but also a safety shield which is helping people to identify and avoid unauthentic content they may find on the web. Having EEAT ensures that those who deserve a platform to be heard are being seen, and those who are just there to manipulate people’s thoughts for their benefit are restricted from taking advantage of people. It makes google a safer and a better way to gain knowledge and serve your views.

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