Know About Google’s Helpful Content Update And Its Impact  

Many of us are aware of google’s latest helpful content update that majorly focuses on the quality of the content. The update targets the content only written for SERPs and not for the reader. High-value and original content will take over recycled content. It is a global update covering all languages. Know how this update can impact your website ranking.

What Is Helpful Content Update

December 2022 Helpful Content Update targets low-quality content created primarily for search engine result pages and not for the people. Content having no valid information and sources will not perform well, while content with helpful information written primarily for humans will rank.

How The Update Can Impact Your Website Rankings

The update’s impact was noticeable from 6th December, and it is a global update targeting content in all languages. Worried about how the update can impact your website rankings? You don’t have to worry if your website has helpful content that provides value to the visitor. 

Websites with low-value content that do not help or inform people might need a decrease in their rankings. Google will use a special system to classify the content created for people.

What You Should Do For Better Rankings

The most important thing creators should remember to create helpful content that provides value to their website visitors and not targets search engines. Google classifier understands helpful content and will detect unhelpful content easily. You should load your website with helpful content if you want better rankings.

Select A Niche For Your Website

Your website must have a niche, as one can only have some things for all the people. The website should be clear for the visitor and search engine. You can have different websites if you create content for multiple topics.

Work To Enhance The Reader Experience

The primary focus should be on enhancing the reader experience and not only targeting search engines. The content of your website should be capable of satisfying the needs and requests of the reader.

Provide Specific Answers To The Question

The content on your website should provide specific answers to the user’s questions. The content should stick to the main topic and have relevant sources. Get a better understanding of the needs and demands of the users.

Keep In Mind Google’s Latest Updates And Guidelines

High-value content can increase your website’s ranking, and your website should meet all the guidelines set by Google. Stay updated with all the updates and provide value to your users with helpful content.


The latest update encourages creators to create helpful content for humans and not target search engines only. You can understand helpful content as content that provides value and information and must be helpful to the reader. Create SEO-friendly content while considering all the ranking factors and algorithms.


Does This Update Impact Google Discover Or Other Google Surfaces

As said by Google, the latest helpful content update only impacts Google Search.

Is This Update Only For English Language Or For Others

The latest reports state that the update is rolled out for all languages. Google will use a special classifier to analyze all the unhelpful content.

How Can I Improve Unhelpful Content

You can conduct research and analyze unhelpful content on your website. You can improve the content by adding relevant images, videos, links, and information.

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