What Is the Ideal Length for A Good Blog Post?

Posted On March 13th, 2023

A blog post is something that you write for your audience on a web page to give information about a particular topic. Blog posts should be written under 1500-2000, but mentioning all the necessary information about your topic is essential. No one likes to read lengthy posts; it gets boor, but sometimes, if your target audience is interested in your blog, they will want to read long articles or blogs. 

You must read the entire blog to understand What is Ideal Length For a Good Blog Post. Blog posts are for multiple purposes: showing your views on something or promoting any brand. By spending time on SEO, you will be familiar with blog posts. The best part of a Blog post is you can showcase your writing skills rather than speaking every time.

What is a Blog post?

In earlier days, if you wanted to know about any product, there was just an image on a webpage, and if you wanted to learn more about the product, you needed to connect with the brand’s customer care directly. Writing skills are the main component of a blog post. If you are reading this post, it also counts in a blog posting.

Writing SEO content is a blog post, and how best you are writing shows on ranking on a webpage. A blog post could be written to include images or videos related to the content. Youtube is not counted as a blog post because there is no written work, just a video that will talk about the content. Similarly, posting pictures on social media like Facebook and Instagram is not blog posting.

Strategy for the writing blog post

There are so many things a blogger needs to keep in their mind before they write a blog or post. Some people think audiences like to read short rather than lengthy blog posts, which is a wrong perception. There could be chances that your audience like to know their answer in one word, but it cannot be possible to give all necessary information in one word. Your audience always looks for the perfect information and all the data they need about your content. Writing could be easy, but writing the right information is essential. 

The best blog writes before research, and the blogger aims to rank their blog on an SEO web page. The audience constantly searches for the best content blog, so they don’t need to know about it from other sites. If you want to rank your content on an SEO webpage, a blog should be organic and convey a proper message to your target audience and doesn’t matter how many words you write.   

Types of Blog posts

Writing has no way; it just depends on what your content is all about. There are various types of blog posts.

  • How-to Blog post

Let’s take the example of food cuisine recipes that are all about cooking food with proper instructions. This kind of content counts as how to blog post, one wrong instruction, and could change your taste in food.

  • Infographic Blog post

Your audience takes interest if they see some images related to your content. Including some pictures in your content is a kind of Infographic blog post; it includes 2 or 3 images, not the image gallery.   

  • Personal Blog post

This blog post doesn’t need any research to write, it’s about your experience, and that could be related to any content. A personal blog post is just discussing or sharing your thought and opinion. Usually, bloggers post these kinds of blogs in their profiles. 

  • Explainer Blog post

An explainer blog post provides an objective explanation of the topic. That could be related to anything historical or economic topics. Explainer blog posts are always lengthy and need more research because you cannot write anything without the right information.

  • New Article

A new article blog post depends on a trending topic; this directly targets the audience because we know how fast social media can pass information to anyone, and in this, people like to know more. These types of blog posts are not kind of reports. It’s about knowing how many people agree or disagree about your thought.

  • Interview blog post

In this post, interviewers write about the person with whom they took the interview with the person’s background information. It helps to know your audience about their ideal or favorite person.

  • B2B Blog post

We know how important to promote brands for business growth. B2b blog posts are written about the brand with all required information and content always written to focus rank on SEO webpage.

3 essential Steps to write an ideal blog

1. Establish your goal

For business growth, it’s crucial to set your blog goal. Your blog should be posted in your business domain. This is one of the main things to understand in What is Ideal Length For a Good Blog Post?

  • Write a blog to rank on the SEO webpage
  • Share your post on social media
  • Generate leads and conversation
  • Before writing the blog, make a design

2. Know your audience

Before writing a blog, you must know your target audience to write according to them. For example, if you write a blog for business purposes, you must write all product information.

3. Readability

Always remember that audience likes to get proper information whether your blog is short or lengthy. Write in proper readable language and short paragraphs, and insert some pictures and research before writing. These are the elements of an ideal blog post.

Bottom Line

Writing a blog and ranking on SEO shows a blogger’s skills; while writing, always remembers that your audience trusts you whether you write any type of blog. Write your blog as need your blog should be.


What should be the ideal length of a blog post?

Between 1500-2450 not more than that.

Do Keywords matters in an ideal blog post?

Yes, it helps the audience know what they will read in a paragraph.

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