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Posted On March 12th, 2023


In recent years, artificial intelligence has drawn a lot of interest. But in 2022, we witnessed one of the most discussed applications: the capacity to produce graphics from straightforward text descriptions. Tools like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney became well-liked as a result.

At The Web Blogger, we present you with more tools for using these AIs to create and modify photographs, including teaching the AI to create our own images. But, Playground AI’s developers included a very helpful function in their image creation programme. We can now alter any image by asking the AI to add or delete some aspects from an image. Playground’s new AI feature has been tested, and we’ve demonstrated how to utilise it for nothing.

How to use it?

If you haven’t already, simply visit the Playground AI website and register. You need a Gmail account to access the tool because Google is their only registration option.

  • Once you are, you can utilise the tool without paying a dime. Playground AI offers a user interface via which we can produce images using different iterations of Stable Diffusion or DALL-E.
  • Yet, its most recent function enables us to modify images for free by requesting (although with limitations). 
  • You will get a notification encouraging you to test this feature if it’s your first time participating. Clicking “Try now” is all that is required.
  • If you went to Playground AI, you were already in their picture builder; to try the image editing feature, click “Import Image” in the top left corner.
  • You can choose any image you want to modify using the tool. The simplicity surprises me the most; you only have to tell the AI what you want to add or subtract from the image.

How should we request homework?

Simply type the information you wish to change from the image into the text box on the left. For instance, you might request that you can alter the image’s background shown to you in the attached image.

You can also ask him to alter your features, such as your age, your smile, your clothing, and a variety of other things. As we often say, the only thing stopping you while working with these AIs is your imagination!

The tool does some things effectively, but getting the right outcome could take a few tries. This tool will be more helpful if we want to alter environment photographs or items because Playground AI would deform a genuine human face if not a pre-AI-created face.

Necessary Instructions You Should Follow

  • We can instruct the AI to remove aspects from the image and add new ones. This will enable you to edit the photo’s backdrop, remove objects from it, remove people from it who you don’t want to be there, etc.
  • To accomplish this, turn on the “Remove from the picture” checkbox, and then type the items in the text box below that you do not want to appear in the image. ai6 playground. 
  • Although the tool excels at a few tasks, it may take several attempts to achieve the desired outcome, particularly when eliminating objects from the image. It’s still incredible that you can alter your images just as easily by asking the AI.
  • We can adjust factors that make the effect more or less similar to the original image, or we can edit the effect from the directions we offer to make the version look more or less original, in addition to the text boxes to add and delete items. Less than what was said.

Five places where you can now use artificial intelligence to create artwork

We can also increase the number of steps to improve the image’s detail. Unfortunately, increased processing times are the effect of this. Usually, it takes a few seconds for the outcome to appear in the image. Finally, we can modify the seed, so the output resembles the image we previously modified using this programme.

After the image is finished, all you have to do to save it is right-click on it and save it to your computer.

AI for playground enables us to edit up to 1,000 photographs for free daily. Naturally, we must check out if we go over this restriction or wish to employ Stable Diffusion or DALL-E without a resolution or photo limit. We have access to its Pro edition for 15 euros a month, and they let us utilise the tool with DALL-E for 10 euros a month.

Is it cost-free?

Indeed, it is totally cost-free but not endless. The Steady Diffusion model is used in the free tier to provide up to 1,000 photos daily. You can purchase the Pro tier if you want more photographs, better quality, and faster creation.

A Few Hints

  • There are a couple of different approaches to getting the desired outcome. Still, the text prompt is crucial for the image’s design and content.
  • Filters offer a look and a feeling.
  • The color filters we are familiar with from photo software are not either.
  • You can also insert your own image to inspire the algorithms.
  • Provide detailed, descriptive descriptions that are meaningful to the scene you are working with.

The Final Thoughts!

Overall, PlaygroundAI is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to rapidly and for free edit photographs. And because of its simple controls, graphic designers and photographers will love it.

Though it’s not flawless, we anticipate the developers will work to eliminate errors and add new capabilities, such as a masking option that lets you define exactly where you want to change an image.

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