10 sites you can use for free blog promotion

Posted On August 2nd, 2023

Promoting and attracting visitors to your website as a marketer is difficult. Sometimes it might feel like you’re speaking into something like a vacuum. Meanwhile, there are about 4.5 billion active internet users worldwide. Acquiring site visitors is all about getting your material in front of the right individuals at the correct time and place.

To begin, you’ll need to vary your blog marketing plan so that you may receive visitors from a variety of sources. Content generators, social media postings, social bookmarking, and reciprocal sharing services may all help you create traffic.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most effective blog marketing platforms for driving traffic and conversions-

1. Medium

Medium is a blogging site that allows you to highlight your content. Since this site receives nearly 100 million visitors each month, it is among the most common website platforms. Medium is usually used for thought leadership articles. In contrast, many freelance writers have been using this service to promote their blogs. If you wish to publish your blogs, you may do so on this site without impacting the SEO. 

Your blog must satisfy Medium’s criteria in order to be curated and featured on the Medium front page. Make certain that you pay attention to the labels on your posts when you submit a blog on Medium. Because people may select to follow categories, your article will be more likely to be noticed. On the platform, information may also be rated and shared. Readers will hopefully begin to interact with your material, bringing in further readers.     

2. Pinterest

As we all know, social networking is among the best locations to promote your blog entries, and Pinterest is a fantastic place to start. You may use Pinterest to showcase your blogs, establish a community, and generate visitors to your website. It’s an excellent location to put your articles since users may click them through live links.

To make your content highly visible, utilize hashtags and keywords. Then, you may interact with the other profiles online to grow your fan base.

3. YouTube

When promoting your blog entries, you may need to adapt your material for the blog-sharing site of your choice. For instance, you can turn written blog entries into YouTube videos. Modifying your content across several channels increases your website’s traffic and increases brand equity.

Daily, 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed globally. According to Omnicore, the typical YouTube session lasts about 40 minutes, up 50% over the previous year. That is why YouTube is an amazing way to advertise your blog content.

4. Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform you may use to advertise your blog, with over a billion monthly visitors. When promoting a blog on Insta, you might think about leveraging the Stories feature. You may incorporate a swipe-up link to your articles on your Instagram Stories when you have more than 10,000 followers.

Instagram is unique in that it has more interaction than other social media sites, including Facebook. An Instagram post is more likely to generate a response. When employing Instagram to promote your blog, be sure to pick the greatest photographs you might find and create compelling captions that catch people’s attention. There are also several techniques for leveraging hashtags and Instagram Feed to increase the number of views and interactions on your photos.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram captions cannot include links, so your only choice here is to add your blog’s URL to your profile. It’s fine if you do not even have that many followers. You may still include links to your blog entries in your profile and promote them in your feed or Stories.

5. Facebook

When everybody recognizes that they ought to be on Facebook, did you even know that one of the best methods to contact clients is through Facebook Groups? In reality, 1.4 billion individuals use Facebook Groups, and there are over 10 million Facebook Groups.

If you’ve created a strong community and fan following, you should think about starting a Facebook Group for clients. You may promote and analyze your most current blog entries in your group. If you do not yet have a Facebook Group, then you can form a group in your specialty. When appropriate, you can advertise your blogs in those communities.

6. Triberr

Triberr is a marketplace where authors and influencers may promote their work. The idea is to form clubs that correspond to your interests, advertise your blogs, and increase your shares, revenue, and visibility.

In addition to joining groups and interacting with individuals online, you can pay to promote postings in a style analogous to Quuu Promote. You’ll choose a Link, and Triberr will show your post to actual individuals who are likely to share it with their audience.

7. AllTop

Another resource aggregator that allows users to browse material from a wide range of sources is AllTop. Businesses can nominate their site for inclusion by contacting us via the Contact page. If your blogs are accepted, they will be published on the site.

You may enhance your backlink chances, create traffic, improve organic ranks, develop authority, and reach more people by employing blog promotion sites.

8. Reddit

Reddit is a predominantly text-based social sharing site where visitors can upvote or downvote information. The platform boasts around 330 million active users each month. The typical Reddit user spends 16 minutes each session, making it one of the most interesting social networks to date.

Check the guidelines before publishing your material on Reddit, and follow them precisely, or you may be blacklisted. Reddit is divided into hundreds of categories known as subreddits, and you must share your blog’s content in the relevant subreddit.

9. Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is a website promotion tool for increasing traffic and interaction with your blog content. It can also assist in obtaining social mentions, which can increase organic SEO. When you first start using Quuu Promote, you may promote a specific blog article by simply copying and pasting the Website. The service will indeed spread your material across social media with genuine individuals in your industry.

While you must pay for each campaign, this service can help you save money on social media advertising in general. It works by encouraging actual users to share their content with actual people. When you advertise a blog, you select the targeted group so that the site promotes it to the appropriate individuals.

10. Pocket

Pocket is a social bookmarking service that permits users to bookmark blogs, videos, or articles from every publisher or website. Whenever a user receives your blog, they can save it to their collection by clicking the Pocket icon. This is an excellent technique to get consistent visitors to your blogs.

Assume that a visitor to your blog appreciates the content and wishes to return to it later. Maybe your site is about YouTube SEO, and they’d like to use it as a guideline every time they post a video. They can do it with Pocket. This also encourages them to share their material with others. That is why you should think about including a Pocket button on your site.


In this blog, we’ve looked at 10 top websites where you may advertise your blog for nothing and expand its audience. You can connect with a larger audience and increase the visibility of your blog by utilising these sites without spending any money.

Social Media Platforms: Share your blog entries with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to interact with potential readers.

Blogging Communities: To network with other bloggers and receive exposure in the blogging world, join blogging communities like Bloglovin, Blogengage, and IndiBlogger.

Reddit: Post your blog entries on pertinent subreddits to draw in people who share your interests and who could find your content useful.

Establish your authority on Quora by responding to queries about the subject matter of your site and quietly mentioning it when appropriate.

Why do we need to perform Blog Promotion activities?

Without promotion, it’s possible that you’ll have trouble attracting readers or expanding the one you already have. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend the many strategies for promoting your blog.

Why do we need Blogs?

There should be a blog on every website. A blog enables you to demonstrate your business’ openness, inform prospective clients, appear naturally in search results, and fill your sales funnel with leads. You might be thinking about donating as the Christmas season draws near. Use a blog to incorporate that giving mindset into your marketing efforts. Giving on your blog will help you win the trust and patronage of readers.

What Is Blog Promotion?

Although the execution can be challenging, the principle is rather straightforward. Promoting a blog basically just means doing various things to increase traffic. These techniques might include everything from email marketing to posting your material on social media. Actually, everything that increases the number of visitors to your website qualifies as blog marketing. However, some tried-and-true strategies work well.

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