Who Are The Top 10 Bloggers in UK?

Posted On January 29th, 2024

Let's know who are the top 10 bloggers in UK.

Who Are The Top 10 Bloggers in UK in 2024?

You must’ve heard about blogs and blogging websites where you can catch yourself ready to click on an eye-catchy headline and relatable description. But, if i tell you that you too can be a blogger too? How about finding it yourself? So, let’s go through this list of Top 10 Bloggers in UK and adapt the technique of their blogs. Who knows, you might get ranked in this list too!

A Perfect List of Top 10 Bloggers in UK (2024)

First, get a quick view on this list of Top 10 Bloggers in UK which are trending in 2024.

RankWebsite Blogger NameGenre / Niche
1stMarie Claire UKFashion, Beauty Trends, Celebrity Opinions & Gossips
2ndInthefrowLifestyle, Travel and Beauty Blog
3rdThe LondonerAll Things, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and Food Related
4thA Luxury Travel BlogTravel Tips & Step-by step Guides
5thThe Anna EditStyle, Beauty, Travel & Way of Life
6thLove My DressReal Weddings, Fashion, Honeymoon, Venue Spotlight
7thNew Statesman MagazineFrom Politics & New Ideas to Trends & Cultures
8thCancer Research UKAll About Cancer Treatments & Experiments
9thGuido FawkesBritish Government Politics, Conspiracies & All Gossips
10thLondon Review of BooksBook reviews, Essays, Politics, Public Opinion, Arts, Technology.  
This list shows the ranking of Top 10 Bloggers in UK.

It was a quick intro. Let’s get into the details about all Top 10 Bloggers in UK in 2024:

1 Marie Claire UK – Top 10 Bloggers in UK

Known for its wonderfully written blogs on trending topics like Beauty, Fashion, Gossips about Global celebrities and even movies. You can find a wide array of content on their website. When it comes to the UK, you will find Marie Claire UK touching the pulse of all celebrities in the United Kingdom.

Not only does it inform about the latest mainstream trends, but also advocates for global causes like sustainable fashion and health tips.

2 Inthefrow | Lifestyle, Travel and Beauty Blog

This multi-award winner blog is all about fashion, beauty and travel. And the person behind the creation of Inthefrow is Victoria.

While keeping the achievement of her highly appreciated book “The New Fashion Rules”, Victoria started Inthefrow with the vision of sharing meticulously crafted blogs, which were not limited to just one kind of genre.

3 The Londoner – Top 10 Bloggers in UK

Rosie Londoner began to write blogs to share about her adventures and life journey. Moreover, she feels lucky enough to call London her home.

The Londoner is the one of the top blogger websites you can rely on to get the latest updates about Travel, Style, Traditional & Experimented Food Recipes, Lifestyle and more.

4 A Luxury Travel Blog

In 2005, “A Luxury Travel Blog” came into existence with a simple purpose but a grand vision. As the name suggests, the focus is always on Travelling. From India, South Africa, and Japan to the UK and USA, This blogger website covers everything. From travelling tips to finding Top 5 best resorts, you can get insights on everything.

If this is your first time traveling abroad, A Luxury Travel blog is highly recommended for you!

5 The Anna Edit

Popular as an online content Creator, Anna started this blogger website with her name to share her brainstormed information which is simple to understand and relate to.

Based in the UK, The Anna Edit shares blogs on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and Way of Life. Likewise, she started her YouTube Channel in 2010 with the same name where she got appreciation. “I’m Back | The New Parent Gift Guide”, “The Beauty Pie Beginner’s Guide”, “A Super Easy S’mores Cookie Recipe” and so much more. So, tune in to her website and have a great insightful tour.

6 Love My Dress – Top 10 Bloggers in UK

Real Weddings, Fashion & Beauty, Honeymoon, Venue Spotlight, and what’s not? Annabel Fielding came up with a perfect idea of sharing real wedding stories through her blogs in 2004. But, what makes “Love My Dress” so special?

The answer is Sustainability, Authenticity and Inclusivity. As a full-of-dreams Brie, you can take wedding inspo from here. With its insights about Wedding planning, Venue spotlight and supplier spotlight, Brides and their family can easily know about wedding vendors in the UK.

7 New Statesman Magazine

Ranked on 7th place among the Top 10 Bloggers in UK, New Statesman Magazine is also one of the oldest magazine sellers in the UK since 1913. Likewise, standing here for a century, New Statesman Magazine witnessed many big events.

From Politics and New Ideas to Trends and Cultures, this blogger is ready to research and provide any kind of surprising information. In addition, you will find news on Science and Technology.

8 Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is an organization solely dedicated to personalized Cancer treatments. Similarly, these experiments aims to save Cancer patients.

On their blogger site, you will get educated with all the information about any Cancer type and its treatment which include Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and many more.

9 Guido Fawkes

When it comes to British Government Politics, Conspiracies and All Gossips, only one name echoes in the mind of UK citizens – Guido Fawkes, one of the most influential figures in UK Parliament History.

The Guido Fawkes blogging website was made to honour his power and intentions. Likewise, the author of blogs released on this site, wants to share anti-politics views with his readers. That’s why, you too should try this website.

10 London Review of Books

In 1979, a magazine was launched in Britain. It was a bimonthly launch. All about Reviews, one could find deeply articulated essays, summaries and reviews on both Fiction and non-fiction books.

Coming to 2024, London Review of Books is becoming a great force in the online blogger world with its interestingly crafted blog topics on books, history, politics, philosophy, current affairs, technology, science, culture and arts.

How To Start Blogging?

While reading about Top 10 Bloggers in UK this year, you must’ve learned about each genre as well. So, have you decided your genre? While one can write in different genres and niches, it is recommended to focus on a specific type to master that part. Let’s go through these steps to know it in a simple way:

  1. The First step to find what you like. Travel? Food? Beauty? This is what we call a niche.
  2. Choose a platform to make your website like WordPress, Blogger or Wix.
  3. Then, brainstorm a perfect domain name and buy it.
  4. It’s time to perfect your content and writing skills. Practice as much as you. Don’t ignore Grammar part.
  5. Then, make a social media account and promote your website on it. You can use multiple platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and more.
  6. Likewise, connect with other bloggers and learn from them.
  7. Optimize your website and social media.
  8. Last but not least, analyze your performance and traffic.

And, you’re ready to conquer the world of blogging!

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