Image SEO Revitalized

Posted On August 18th, 2023

Do you want to make your brand highlighted on every related search? Having great potential, are you looking to launch your business in the digital world? Are you scared of losing out to marketing masters with incredible skills? Do you want to learn the art of marketing and grow organically for a strong future?

If all these questions are flooding your mind, you need to know this one-term SEO and understand how to avoid the mistakes that others are making to get yourself a chance to outshine all. Through this blog, we will understand what SEO is better and the significance of images you attach to your content affecting your growth.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is a combination or book of processes and tricks to enhance your website’s visibility. Using it correctly leads to more organic growth, which ensures your brand’s perpetual succession while using it in the wrong way leads to inorganic growth and later decline. SEO might seem easy and helpful to you for now, but it could get trickier if taken lightly.

If your brand is not considering SEO while uploading and building content for your website, you are also missing a lot and losing. It works for you, ensures that Google becomes more user-friendly, and enhances its experience with every search. It provides that the platform displays relevant and helpful information.

SEO also ensures that websites showcasing wrong, misleading, and violent information are blocked so that it does not create any problems for society. Now the question is, why does google need to develop a set of processes like this? It’s simple! The Big Data that google and other search engines are creating is because of the increase in website traffic.

It is essential to manage that the data being produced is worthful; SEO is a filter that automatically helps websites that follow the guidelines rank first. The SEO methods are both off-site and on-site. There are many ways to get an SEO boost, but let all the processes wait; we will discuss each in the upcoming blogs.

In this blog, we will talk about one of the most taken-for-granted processes or guidelines of SEO that many businesses need to pay attention to and are causing them to lose the attention they could quickly get. We will talk about images which are a big part of the content you upload on your websites, can affect the SEO boost you get, and how you can improve it with minimal effort.

Neglecting Past

What? Did I hear it right? Do the specifications of images hurt my SEO ranking? Yes, it does! This might be unbelievable for you, and for many past years, it has been ignored, but things are different and need your attention this time. Image SEO is a great way to build your SEO ranking in 2023.

Google supports visual content, enhancing the user experience and making the data more presentable and easily comprehended. With the features like google image search, the role of images has become even more significant. You will be surprised to know that image search alone covers 22.6% of all searchers.

As we already discussed, SEO is driven by the on-site and off-site processes; image SEO comes in the on-site or on-page SEO.  Now you must be wondering how to google tap on the images you upload; it is through the Alt text, which is nothing but the description of the image you add.

Optimized Alt text can help you gain a better boost and enhance your SEO ranking. Also, a good image breaks down the long text, which might need to be clarified for readers. Pictures add to the experience of the reader and hence increase traffic. With image SEO, you can highlight your website visually and improve the search ranking on top.

Future of Images in SEO

The future of image SEO is significant; seeing the approach of google algorithm in 2023, which is more user-centric, it is easy to say that you need to do your 100% best, not only in creating the best and most reliable content but also to add all such things that can enhance the user experience. Some tricks which you can apply to get an image SEO boost are;

  1. Add personalized images containing short content or keywords to attract people and highlight your brand.
  2. Develop your attractive graphics for organic growth. By doing so, you will not have to go through copyright issues and can create a brand image for better visibility.
  3. It will enhance the organic traffic on your website, and people can better relate to it, so for better reach, add valid alt text, which people mostly search for your images.
  4. Take care of the color theme of the images you upload, which can attract more people.
  5. Do not fill your images with overwriting; make them easily understandable for people.

Through these tips, you can enhance the image SEO for your website. Getting ranked on the search list of people will make your click-through rate 10x faster than it was earlier, making it essential to take care of this thing. In 2023 getting an SEO boost will be challenging for you because of increased competition and stricter guidelines of google, but following such tricks can make your way through it.


Image SEO is one such thing that many businesses ignore, especially adding reliable Alt text and focusing on the graphics or content added in the images. Such minor things can make a huge difference and gain you a significant SEO boost which must not be ignored. Today many businesses are focusing on shortcut tricks like keywords to boost their content online. Still, one crucial factor needs much attention: posting content worth reading enhances user experience, and that’s what google SEO is all about. If you have this one key in your hand, no person in the world can get you out of the SEO ranking list.

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