5 Top Websites for Freelancers Who Write Content

Posted On August 18th, 2023

Access to talented writers is essential for the success of any online business in a world where content is king. Customers are drawn to your website by content, and engaging content is what keeps them there.
The challenge with freelancing is that there is no consistency in the work getting started is simple only when you have enough work at hand.

Here, I’m compiling a list of the top websites for freelance Content writers, which will enable you to find fresh writing jobs to keep you busy.

Top 5 Websites for Freelance Content Writers

S.NoOnline SitesFeaturesCost of Hiring
1.}FiverrWriters in multiple languages available$2 for jobs less than $40
2.}ProBloggerReceive applications from hundreds of qualified writers$70 to post a job for 30 days
3.}ContentlyOnly pay for the content you likeFree to use
4.}WriterAccessexperienced writers with minimal effortCreating an account and requesting content is free
5.}UpworkAbility to quickly evaluate talentFree to use, but you’re charged a 3% processing fee for all payments made

Top 5 Websites for Freelance Content Writers with Description

Certainly! Freelance content writers have a variety of platforms where they can find gigs, showcase their skills, and connect with potential clients. Here are the top 5 websites for freelance content writers as Below:

  1. Upwork
    • Description: Upwork is one of the largest and most well-known freelance marketplaces. It caters to a broad spectrum of freelancers, including content writers. Clients post jobs, and freelancers bid on them. Profiles can be enriched with portfolios, client reviews, and skills assessments.
    • Pros: Wide variety of job categories and opportunities; chance to build long-term relationships with clients.
    • Cons: Competition is stiff due to the massive user base, and the platform takes a commission from freelancers’ earnings.
  2. Fiverr
    • Description: Fiverr began as a platform where every job (or “gig”) started at $5, but it has since evolved. Writers can offer packaged services, set their prices, and clients order directly.
    • Pros: Allows freelancers to set their terms and pricing; diverse categories and subcategories for specialized writing.
    • Cons: Heavy competition, especially for new writers without reviews; Fiverr takes a percentage of each transaction.
  3. ProBlogger Job Board
    • Description: ProBlogger is a renowned site for blogging tips and resources. Its job board is specifically for writing and blogging gigs, making it a more targeted platform than broader freelance marketplaces.
    • Pros: Tailored for writers and bloggers; often features higher-quality, well-paying jobs.
    • Cons: Fewer listings compared to larger platforms; competitive due to its reputation for quality gigs.
  4. Contently
    • Description: Contently is more than just a job board—it’s a platform for content marketing and portfolio creation. Freelancers can showcase their work, and Contently’s team matches writers with suitable enterprise clients.
    • Pros: High-quality, well-paying gigs with major clients; excellent platform for showcasing a portfolio.
    • Cons: Not suitable for beginners as it targets top-tier writers; getting matched with clients can take time.
  5. WriterAccess
    • Description: WriterAccess connects businesses with US-based writers, editors, content strategists, and translators. Writers take a proficiency test and are rated on a star-level system, which determines their pay rate.
    • Pros: Clear structure for advancement; potential for higher earnings as you move up the ranks.
    • Cons: Restricted to US-based writers; pay is set by the platform based on your star rating.

Remember, while these platforms can be an excellent starting point, many successful freelance content writers also find opportunities through networking, personal branding, and direct outreach to potential clients. It’s advisable to maintain a diverse strategy when looking for freelance gigs.


You’ve been given four distinct sites in this article to look for internet freelance writing jobs. Start with one and work your way up, if possible. When you sell and promote your articles for online money, you will have a strong voice since once you enter one market, you may extend into others.


Q1. Which freelance platform is best for writing content?

Fiverr is best for writing content because Writers in multiple languages available .

Q2. In which places can I sell the content I write?

Fiverr is the best option to sell your content & other option like ProBlogger e.t.c

Q3. Can I make money blogging on the internet?

It can be incredibly satisfying to be able to write and get money online. Work with the clients, websites, or build your own website that most appeal to you.

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