10 Famous Indian Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now!

Posted On February 2nd, 2024

The List of Top 10 Indian Bloggers To Inspire Your Inner Blog Writer!

Passionate about writing? Then write. Don’t know how to start? We can never learn by making mistakes. So, accept failures as part of this journey to become one of the successful Indian bloggers in upcoming times. 

In this time of visuals, digital art, VR, people are still dying to read something awesome. Then why not take this responsibility to get them awestruck with your content? Let’s discuss how! 

The List of Top 10 Indian Bloggers To Inspire Your Inner Blog Writer!

This list contains the names of 10 successful Indian bloggers who never started with perfection. But today, they are ranked on this list of famous Indian Bloggers! It’s high time that you too get inspired from them.

No.Top 10 Famous Indian BloggersAbout 
1.Harsh AgrawalShoutMeLoud – Income Generation by Writing Blogs.
2.Amit AgarwalStarted a Tech Blog – Digital Inspiration 
3.Arun PrabhudesaiFounded Trakin Tech & Armoks Media Pvt. Ltd. – Tech Blogger
4.Ashish SinhaNextBigWhat – Insightful blogs on Start ups on Latest Technology. 
5.Varun KrishnanFonearena.com – Blogs on latest mobile phone trends and guides
6.Amit BhawaniDigital World Solutions – Web Development, SEO, Blogs, How To Host Your Website?
7.Srinivas Tamada9Lessons – Computer engineer turned Blogger
8.Anil AgarwalBloggersPassion -SEO, Blogging, Web hosting, and other internet solutions. 
9.Shradha SharmaYourStory.com – Writing great blogs since 10 years
10.Faisal FarooquiMouthShut – Post review, ratings and articles
10 Famous Indian Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now!

Here are the details!

1 Harsh Agrawal

In this online world of blog writing, Harsh Agrawal is a very famous personality. While on his growth, he founded a company named ShoutMeLoud (SML). Like any newbie writer, he made mistakes but he was determined to make this startup big and bold. With SML, he guided many new bloggers about how to generate income by writing blogs, its management, and WordPress.

2 Amit Agarwal

The next individual among the list of Indian bloggers is Amit Agarwal, an IIT Graduate who picked an usual path during the time when the internet was just the Indian market and not many people were aware about it. It was 2004, when Amit agarwal left his high paying corporate job to start his own company – Digital Inspiration through which he was famed as the first Professional Blogger in India.

3 Arun Prabhudesai

A person who is earning a high amount with an IT consultancy job, left it behind in 2008. Arun Prabhudesai started his new journey of blog writing and Trakin Tech. Likewise, he started his Business and Tech Blog in May of 2007 – Trak.in, a blogging website where he provides valuable insight and information about startups, Businesses Tech trends and more. 

4 Ashish Sinha (4th in Indian Bloggers list)

With the beginning of NextBigWhat (Use to be Pluggd.in) Ashish Sinha never looked back. Likewise, he created one of India’s big platforms where you can have diverse and insightful blogs on Startups on Latest Technology. And he is not limiting himself with just blogging. Moreover, he is one of the Indian bloggers, who is also focused on Product management and Product marketing with Business analysis and proper market research.

5 Varun Krishnan

5th among the Top 10 Bloggers in India is Fonearena.com, a popular publication website founded by Varun Krishnan to give insightful updates on latest mobile phone trends and guide people on how to do a valuable purchase on their mobile phones. Most importantly, he has already educated 500+ million consumers about the impact of mobile technology and how to find their dream phone.

6 Amit Bhawani – Top 10 Indian Bloggers

Amit Bhawani has a blog website in his name where he posts blogs about various topics. He wants to provide valuable information that he gained through years of experience to his readers. In addition, Digital World Solutions was founded by Amit Bhawani while offering services like Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, How To Host Your Website?, and Consultation on Business setup.

7 Top 10 Indian Bloggers – Srinivas Tamada

Starting his career as  computer engineer, Srinivas Tamada took a new turn when he discovered his passion for writing. While still working on his job, he started his own blog website – 9Lessons. At first, it was part-time work which went well with the time. How about you start blog writing today? Why not take some tips from Srinivas?

8 Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is the owner of BloggersPassion, which was started on New Year of 2010. Here you can get interesting information on SEO, Blogging, Web hosting, and other internet solutions. Similarly, you can read blogs written by him to understand the world of SEO and the latest trends about the Internet. You can count on Anil Agarwal to know the basics of Blog writing.

9 Shradha Sharma

YourStory.com made Shradha Sharma the part of Top 10 Indian Bloggers list. She has been writing great blogs on her website for 10 years by providing up-to-date and crisp content which engages her readers quite well. For instance, Celebrities and Technology to Startups and business ventures, Shradha Sharma conquers every industry.

10 Indian Bloggers like Faisal Farooqui

With the blog website of his own name, Faisal Farooqui earned the 10th spot among the popular Indian bloggers who are educating, enlightening, and informing their readers about Internet trends. Additionally, he founded MouthShut to post reviews, ratings and articles about people, technologies, cars, devices, Internet, celebrities and businesses.

Just like any other story, this blog is also coming to an end. But it is also the beginning of your blog writing passion. Don’t you aspire to be one of the greatest Indian bloggers of all time? Today is the day! Let the game begin.

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