What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing Email Marketing?

Posted On June 2nd, 2023


Email marketing has as much advantage as it has disadvantages, here you can grow your business by sending email, but nowadays email has also become like mobile number, which people keep changing everyday, where those who do email marketing do not get much benefit.

For example, you collect people’s email every day and try to grow your business by sending mail to them, there are only 10% people who use your business service, the rest have no meaning with your email.

Here if you send email to one thousand people, then 20% of those people see the email and read it and hardly 5% people take advantage of your service facility, they will also take advantage of the same thing in which they will be benefited.

If you compare a blog or Youtube Channel with Email Marketing, then Email will be a loss deal for you because if someone comes on Blog or Youtube Channel then you will get benefit there but in Email Marketing 80% to 90% people will get your Email doesn’t make any sense.

Because many people do not even see the email that someone’s message has come, many people change their email everyday where your sent email becomes completely useless.

In today’s time, email is read only for which email has some value like a blogger adds an Email ID on his blog, then he checks his email everyday but the person having fun on the internet never gives your email.

I am a blogger myself and thousands of mails come on my email every day, people have collected my emails and do email marketing, but I do not see such emails myself, so how much benefit can you get by sending emails to a common man.

If you see the benefits of Email Marketing here, 10% and 90% are losses, but people do Email Marketing only for this 10%, because no time is spent here, no effort is required, no investment is required, it is a work of a few seconds. That’s why people do.

email marketing

How to earn money from Email Marketing?

There are many ways to earn money from Email Marketing which is as follows.

  1. You can earn money from email marketing by growing your business.
  2. You can earn money from email marketing by selling your products.
  3. You can earn money from email marketing by doing affiliate marketing.
  4. You can earn money from email marketing by referring and earning.
  5. You can earn money by doing email marketing with URL shortener.

There are many other ways through which you can do email marketing and earn money from it, but for this you have to collect some such email, to whom you send such services, then use it only then you can earn money in these ways. Will be able to do

How to do Email Marketing

  • Whatever email you collect, some emails may be of small children, some may be of young people and some may be of elderly people, here you will have to make a list of emails according to age.
  • Now whatever product or service you have that you want to do Email Marketing, you will have to divide it according to age so that you can send all the products and services to the right age people.
  • Here, while sending email, you have to email the product to the same person who is eligible to buy the product, you cannot sell the product by emailing the product to the children, for that, give the children’s service product which is right for them.
  • Here the template is used to send email, this template also comes in different types according to the age, so you should also select the template according to the age, which can be liked by the people reading the email.
  • The most important thing here is that whatever you want to earn money by selling product or service in email, you cannot send it everyday, here you have to give some value to the people so that people are not interested in reading your email, people are not interested in your email. Can unsubscribe.

When you buy Email Marketing Tool and collect Email to people, then from here you can start doing Email Marketing, but here you have some things to keep in mind.


So friends, this was some information about email marketing in which to know what are the advantages and disadvantages, in which how did we earn money from email marketing? How to do Email Marketing

I hope this information about what is email marketing and how to do it has been useful for you, in which you have got to learn a lot, through which you can easily do email marketing and grow your business by selling your products.You can also earn money through Email Marketing. If you like this information about Email Marketing, then share it with your friends and if you have any problem or suggestion, you can ask in the comments, you will get full help from our side.

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