The 7 Kinds of Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence(AI):

 AI built to do highly specific tasks; unable to learn on its own.

General Artificial Intelligence(AI):

 AI designed to learn, think, and perform at human levels.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

 AI capable of surpassing human knowledge and capabilities.

Machines that react (AI) :

 AI that can respond to external inputs in real time but is unable to make memories or retain information for the future.

Limited Memory (AI)

AI with a limited memory can store knowledge and utilise it to learn and train for future jobs.

Mental Model(AI):

 AI that can detect and respond to human emotions, as well as do jobs often performed by robots with little memory.


The final stage of AI is AI that can recognise the emotions of others, as well as having a sense of self and human-level intelligence.

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