Avoid These 5 Pitfalls In Your 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers may face the following disadvantages when people have limited internet connection or the internet itself reaches a limited number of people.

01. Limited Internet Users

Algorithm updates of the world's big Ads Platform or Search Engine, Social Media Platform reduce those flaws, errors, glitches, after which the experience of that platform is seen or used better than before.

02. Affected by algorithm update.

Digital marketing runs on 90% ads, big platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube can benefit millions of traders and marketers' brand or company by showing Image Ads, Video Ads on their platform, but what if your Browser,

03. Ad Blockers | Ad blockers

Technical Error: Technical problems may arise from time to time, such as website server down, software not working properly, lack of internet, due to many such technical problems, it takes us a lot of time to promote a product or brand. Is.

04. Technical fault. Technical Difficulties

Compared to traditional promotion, the promotion and dissemination of digital marketing takes a lot of time, digital marketing is done by Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, the world's largest advertising platform, where attracting customers is quite challenging and time-consuming.

05. Time consuming. Time Consuming

Any kind of negative feedback received from your brand or company or criticism of your brand, company due to such things that are not in the interest of the customer or society, to your audience through social media and review websites can be seen from

06. Facing Negative Feedback

In this digital era of the year 2023, any kind of information is available in our few moments on one click, earlier we used to take this information only from Search Engines like Google, now we get a kind of information from YouTube, Email, Quora platform. Can also take

07. Information overload

Due to increasing modern technology, increasing internet usage and social media influence, businesses have started adopting digital marketing. As a result, the number of resources available on the Internet has increased and new and new problems have arisen for traders.

08. High Competition | high competition

In the modern world, the use of Digital Marketing is increasing for the promotion and dissemination of a brand, company or business.

09. Cyber ​​Security and Privacy Issues | Cyber ​​Security & Privacy Issues

In ad fraud, the scammer looks for fake or unverified activities in hopes of showing, clicking, or interacting with any brand or product ad.

10. Advertisement Fraud.

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