Know How to Optimise Your Video Search for YouTube SEO

Posted On March 4th, 2024

How to Optimise Your Video Search for YouTube SEO

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google and is known as one of the best platforms to earn as well. Yes, creators who know How to Optimise Your Video Search for YouTube SEO earn millions every month. If you’re also on YouTube but don’t know about these techniques, we are here to help you.

How to Optimise Your Video Search for YouTube SEO

Do you know that in just 15-20 minutes, you can optimise your channel through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO helps search engines understand the content of your videos, ensuring you show up in YouTube search results and, ideally, in Google Search. The crucial steps involve keyword research and optimising your YouTube videos to improve their visibility in search engines. This blog post will guide you on how to optimise your YouTube channel for better search results. 

Does SEO Work for YouTube?

People may wonder if traditional SEO applies to YouTube, given its unique combination of being an information hub, search engine, and social media platform. The answer is yes—YouTube SEO does work. Companies have experienced notable boosts in their content rankings by combining classic techniques like keyword research with platform-specific tactics such as creating chapters and using captions.

How YouTube Ranks Videos?

YouTube uses various factors to decide how to rank YouTube videos on first page of Google. It considers how well your videos are doing and how popular your channel is with followers and subscribers. Metrics like click-through rate, average view durations, likes, and dislikes influence video ranking. 

YouTube also personalised recommendations for each user. If someone watches similar videos, your video is more likely to appear on their homepage as a suggested recommendation.

Why is Video Quality on YouTube important?

The quality of your videos on YouTube matters. Understand that if you post a low-quality or grainy video, then it won’t attract viewers. Instead, it will end up as a flop video. And, no matter how much you work, any other factor, but still your SEO will suffer. To avoid disappointing your audience this way, you must ensure to post good quality videos, content and visual quality wise, too. Even the top YouTubers in India must have followed these techniques to stay on top. Let’s know what needs to keep in mind

  • You should always improve from scratch. Leave anything else but first begin with using a high-quality video camera
  • Make sure the camera records in HD or 4K resolution. Your footage should be at least 1080p to be considered high-definition and display well on YouTube. 
  • Also, ensure you’ve selected the same frame rate for your uploads. This attention to video quality will enhance your content and appeal to your audience.

Know How to Optimize Your Video Search for YouTube SEO

Making your YouTube channel easy to find is important for getting more views and building your audience. Follow these 6 Ways to Know How to Optimise Your Video Search for YouTube SEO:

  1. Engage with viewers: Check if people are interested in your topic before filming. Look for questions you can answer and determine what’s missing in the content. This research will guide your SEO plan.
  2. Productive Keyword: Check the Overall Score in Keyword Explorer to understand how well a specific keyword might perform. The Weighted Score considers your channel’s size and average views per video, providing a more tailored prediction. Stick to the same keywords and phrases consistently to build authority on YouTube, Google, and other search engines. Save these in your Tag List using Keyword Explorer.
  3. Use easy to understand title: When optimising for YouTube search, focus on three key metadata elements: title, description, and tags. YouTube prioritises them in that order. Ensure your exact match keyphrase is in the title early on, not just at the end. AI Title Generator can help create search-friendly titles.
  4. Explore single word keywords: Know what your potential viewers are searching for by conducting keyword research. Use Keyword Explorer to find keyword suggestions based on user searches. Be specific in your topics to balance high traffic and low competition. Avoid overly broad, single-word keyphrases.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation: Keyword Explorer simplifies YouTube video SEO. Experiment with different keywords, especially those with a high Weighted score indicating a balance between search volume and competition. Aim to get the gauge into the green for optimal performance.
  6. Keyword Stuffing: Avoid keyword stuffing in titles and descriptions, as YouTube penalises such practices. Reuse tags but introduce new ones for each new topic. Rephrase your title differently within the tags while staying close to the original key phrase. This approach keeps your content discoverable without turning off viewers.


All the famous and top youtubers always focus not only on your videos quality and appearance but also work on channels seo as well. That’s how they always stay on top and continue to grow. 

Ultimately, following tips and tricks will give a great boost to your youtube channel and help you on no. 1. Doing it one needs to understand that Google and YouTube work hand in hand which eventually aims to enhance the users experience. For instance, creating creative titles and subtitles is about making people’s lives easier and adding value to their video-watching experience. By prioritising user experience, your optimization efforts become recognizable to the algorithm. Implementing SEO on different platforms and optimising your content is crucial for success. Ultimately, your YouTube channel will flourish like anything by knowing how to optimise your Video Search for YouTube SEO

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