How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score Quickly

Posted On August 16th, 2023

A Google quality score is a composite of elements that describes how relevant your advertisements are to customers. Better ad rankings are available to marketers with good quality ratings. Paid advertising appears in a ranking similar to that of organic search traffic on a results page.

Also, it reveals how your ad quality matches up against that of other marketers. With a higher quality score, you can see that your landing page and ads are better for visitors’ search queries. There are three primary factors that determine your score:

  • Expected Clickthrough Rate: The likelihood that a customer will see and click on your advertising campaign.
  • Landing Page Experience: How user-friendly and well-organized your site’s layout and sitemap are, as well as how relevant it is to visitors as a whole.
  • Ad Relevance: How closely your advertisement corresponds to a user’s search query and intended purpose.

Effective Techniques for Increasing Quality Score in Google Ads

Structure of the Campaign, Ad Group, and Keywords

Utilise as many ad groups as necessary to organize campaigns and ad groups in a comprehensive way. Include only highly connected keywords in each ad group.

As a result, advertisements inside a certain ad group may be more precisely specific to keywords. In terms of optimization, a granular setup offers various advantages. But it’s also crucial for quality score.

Less granular structures make it more difficult to personalize the advertising to many different keywords inside one ad group. This will instantly reduce ad relevancy and click-through rates (CTR).

Organise Advertisements for Relevance

Ads are more relevant when they are grouped according to their target market, keywords, and other criteria. Google claims that the extent to which advertising corresponds to the searcher’s query determines its relevancy. Your adverts are more likely to be viewed as relevant by Google when they are grouped by subject matter.

Boost Landing Page Loading

Some people may be claiming, “This is Google Ad quality score ranking, not webpage ranking.” Unfortunately, one rank has an impact on the other since one of the components is related to your landing page.

Your QS strongly depends on the website user experience. Google needs to make sure that users easily navigate the site and that the information loads quickly enough to keep their interest.

Add as Many Appropriate Ad Extensions as You Can

Ad extensions have been shown to enhance CTR even though they have no direct influence on Quality Score. You may make your ad longer by using ad extensions.

They provide visitors more details about your company and your service while taking up more space in your ad in the search engine. As many applicable ad extensions as you can use will therefore increase your CTR and forecast click-through rate.

Site links, callouts, and structured snippet extensions are generally applicable to all organizations and need to be included. In addition, extra ad extensions that are important to you are also welcome regardless of the cost, the offer, the location, etc.

Reorganise Landing Pages to Comply with Ad Groups

It may seem like a lot of work but the results are worthwhile. Relevance to the searcher and the ad they arrived from is once again one of the key elements Google searches for on your landing page.

All of the queries are significant such as Was the advertisement authentic? Did it give a clear impression of your landing page? Thus, the keywords must be exactly as per the showing content.

Speed Up the Webpage

Site speed is a crucial factor to take into account. Sites that take too long to load have an adverse effect on user experience. This might lower Quality Score. Quickly loading websites offer better user experiences & cause less disruption.

Also, these improve performance overall. Use Google’s free site speed tool as a starting point to evaluate your site speed and gather insightful data. You receive a score out of 100 for it.

Also, it provides chances and recommendations that can speed up the loading of your page. Spending time on a website can determine whether a visitor bounces or converts. As a result, it’s crucial for Quality Score as well as performance improvement in general.

Incorporate Negative Keywords, and Constantly Evaluate Campaigns

Make sure you are utilizing a comprehensive list of negative keywords when phrase and wide keyword match types are in use. This is a best practice that will automatically eliminate search terms that you are aware are unrelated to your company’s operations.

Your ad relevancy and CTR would not suffer if non-relevant searches are immediately excluded. Reviewing search phrases in Google Ads should be a regular aspect of maintenance.

Review your weekly search queries to stay on top of them. As new irrelevant search terms appear, keep rejecting them by adding them as negative keywords.

Analyze Data Reports for the Impression Share

The impression share is the percentage of actual views that your advertisements receive compared to potential views. It reveals if your adverts are being delivered as effectively as possible. Your impression share is crucial information. Because invisible advertisements are not clickable.

Google Ads allows you to track the effectiveness of each quality score component. Expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevancy may all be added as columns in your keyword view by altering your existing ones. This enables you to compare each component’s performance to that of other marketers.

Keep Your Quality Score High

The methods mentioned above for raising Quality Score will have an immediate influence on final outcomes. Ad Rank should rise as a result of increasing ad relevancy, the landing page experience, and CTR. This may result in a lower average CPC and overall cheaper expenses. Also, they provide you the opportunity to be more competitive.

You may improve your chances of remaining on top of things by keeping an eye on your keywords, rankings, and Google’s algorithm adjustments. To consistently increase quality score and overall campaign performance, it is a good idea to check your campaigns frequently and analyze data. Also, make vital modifications to keywords, advertising, and landing pages.


What factors affect the Google Quality Score?

As your keyword’s Quality Score is determined by previous impressions for precise searches, altering your keyword match type will have no effect. If a “—” appears in the Quality Score column, there are insufficient searches that precisely meet your criteria to determine a keyword’s Quality Score.

I have a low-Quality Score. What should I do?

Put your keywords into powerful groupings. High relevance between the search query and your ad is one of the keys to getting high-Quality Scores. An ad group’s keywords should all be very meaningful. Establishing smaller, more focused ad groups can raise your Quality Score; avoid using too many wide ad groups.

Does CTR contribute to a higher Quality Score?

Despite the fact that a quality score might vary significantly during the course of a day, it’s crucial to understand that having an effective CTR can aid in both reducing fluctuations and raising your total score. For a certain term, it is likely that the CTR will rise, and correspondingly, the quality score.

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