How to Get More Clicks with Banner Ad Design

Posted On August 16th, 2023

Display advertising that places more emphasis on the viewer’s requirements than a product’s characteristics is effective in today’s internet world. The most successful banner advertisements include a number of elements. They may have strong visuals, interactive features, perceptive content, and the most recent advertising technologies.

In order to increase brand recognition and produce click-throughs, sales, and leads, banner adverts are put on websites in high-traffic locations. The main goals of banner advertisements are to raise brand recognition. Also, they attract specific web visitors to your platforms.

A better and more effective web banner design is essential for success and maximizing return on investment from online advertising if you want to stand out from the competition. Great banner advertising attracts viewers.

Here Are a Few Tips For Banner Ad Design That Will Increase Clicks

These banner ad design suggestions will assist you in producing compelling banner advertising. Also, these will also enable you to maximize clickthrough rates.

Use Common Banner Dimensions

As banner advertising is third-party advertisements, you will be posting them on the website of another business. Use a typical banner size that the majority of websites use to make this procedure easy.

This will enable you to optimize your design and apply it simultaneously on several websites. The following sizes are the most typical when designing a banner:

  • For a leaderboard: 728×90px
  • For half a page: 300×600px
  • For a medium rectangle: 300×250px
  • For a large rectangle: 336×280px

Make It Simple

Long messages or blocks of text are not necessary for user banners. Instead, use brief sentences to prevent readers from bothering to read. Over-engaging people with messaging, motion, color, and statistics can harm the goals you’re attempting to attain. When it comes to banner advertising, everything—a message, an image, a call to action, and a brand mark—is important.

Utilize the 80/20 Rule

Banner advertisements comprise pieces of visual art, and their primary function is to engage our senses of vision and feeling. 20% of text and 80% of pictures would be the ideal ratio. This will also assist you in maintaining focus and preventing overstimulation. The rule is used in practice by certain platforms, such as Facebook, which only permits you to fill in 20% of the ad area with text.

Consider The Principles of Hierarchy

Your banner ad has to encourage visitors to focus on the most crucial parts of the advertisement first and less crucial ones subsequently. The banner advertising should have your company logo up top as it raises brand recognition. Then, encourage viewers to see your goods or services and any discounts you are providing.

As a result, ads with special offers like 50% off, High Quality, and Free should have a larger space. Following this, the call-to-action buttons, such as “Register Here,” “Learn More,” and “Click Here,” should be brought to the visitors’ notice.

Make Use of Simple In-ad Animation

A great way to grab viewers’ attention for an advertisement is using animation. In light of this, users may think about animated banner ad designs. Be careful, nevertheless, that the motion does not take away from the user’s business message.

Animated online banner advertisements often outperform static banner ads, and web banner designs may be quite powerful. However, you must be careful that they do not take the user’s advertising message out of focus.

A straightforward animation makes sure that the last ball is animated for no more than 15 seconds and no more than three times. Consider creating a clear call to the user animation action’s last frame.

Pick Suitable Photos and Graphics

Simply choose pictures & graphics that provide a useful company message for your user banner ad. Ensure that the user-quality photos represent the user’s company symbolically.

Photos and images that support the user message and closely link to the user product. Buy a license for a stock photo if you are unable to afford professional photography or supermodels. There are countless, high-quality ones available.

Choose designer-made original paintings or graphics. Keep in mind that the usage of graphics in user banner advertisements is not always necessary. Both elegant design and the ability to reproduce an act provide powerful impacts.

Artwork Promotes The Company’s Branding: Be Compatible With User Branding

The landing page for a user banner ad has a link to the user offer. Make sure it matches the user’s branding on the advertisement and landing page to avoid confusing potential buyers. In an ongoing user marketing campaign, banner advertisements expand upon one another.

Additionally, they should be similar. Maintaining visual consistency is crucial as the form and scale might provide design issues. This may necessitate considering banner advertising at the beginning of your user marketing plan.

Use the same colors, fonts, and graphics in all of your marketing pieces to maintain consistency. To make things work, the user might need to think outside the box.

Select The Most Suitable Colors

Colors are a fantastic strategy for quickly grabbing readers’ attention with banner ads. However, since the colors stimulate a range of emotions, they should be used to convey professional signals. The choice of colors in the user’s advertisement must be acceptable in order to develop the user’s brand identity.

Neat & Lovely Ad Frame

The viewers of the ad frame must be able to clearly see the user’s banner. As a result, visual advertising rights have to be expanded. The colors used within the frame’s framework should contrast with the frame. It guarantees that the banner’s topic is clearly seen. The white-gray advertisement often has a 1-pixel border frame.


These are really a few recommendations for designing banner ads; nonetheless, genuinely outstanding, effective advertisements require much more. You must do in-depth market and consumer research, & create your advertisement with design principles in mind. Moreover, you must use a variety of tools and strategies to accurately place it.

Your target audience will be motivated to take action if your web banner design delivers the message. Thus, potential consumers may take action through clickable advertising with an outstanding landing page. Effective web advertising and ad placement must not only grab viewers’ attention but also accomplish certain goals.


What features distinguish a banner as being successful?

Ensure that your pictures and text are straightforward. Your banner should be simple to understand because most people will just give it a quick glance.

Do people actually click on banner ads?

The main goals of banner advertisements are to raise brand recognition and attract relevant web visitors to your platforms. In other words, it serves as a crucial tool for both consumer acquisition and brand growth. The average click-through rate is merely 0.25% despite the abundance of clickable digital banner advertising.

Are banners affordable?

Compared to the majority of traditional types of advertising, banner advertisements are substantially less expensive, simpler to make, and quicker to run.

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