AI-Generated Content: Is It Helpful Or Spam? Know Everything

Posted On July 19th, 2024


Do you also need clarification about whether AI-generated content will rank on Google or not? You may have heard about many AI tools that help create content for your website. Is the content really helpful, or is it more like spam? Read this blog about AI-generated content and its ranking on search engines.

Do you know that Google can easily detect low-quality and high-quality content? It also doesn’t matter whether a robot or a human writes the content. Undoubtedly, high-quality, unique, helpful content will rank high on search engines.

Know Everything About AI-Generated Content

What Is AI-Generated Content? 

AI-generated content is text, audio, or video created by artificial intelligence. It’s basically machine-made content, following instructions and using its knowledge to produce different creative formats.

Here are some of its applications:

  • Content creation: AI can help writers with things like overcoming writer’s block, suggesting content ideas, or even generating drafts
  • Marketing: AI can be used to create product descriptions, social media posts, or even personalized marketing campaigns
  • SEO optimization: AI can analyze data to help improve the search ranking of content

The content created or written using NLP algorithms is called AI-generated content. With numerous AI writing tools available online, you can easily create content for social media posts and ad copies, write emails, blogs, articles, and even love letters. The AI works smartly by analyzing the text and producing content with similar meanings. 

AI can help generate any content, which is why every marketer uses AI Tools for content creation. There are both pros and cons to using content written by AI. Does google take action against this type of content? Yes, according to experts, AI-generated content is spam.

Is AI-Content SEO Friendly?

Many of us need clarification about the quality of the content; some say it is better than human-written content, while others go against it. AI tools are indeed the future and are here to stay, so how AI content affects SEO? It totally depends on the type of content you need for your platform. 

Bot-written content is not optimized for search engines, and many AI tools don’t add keywords. Doing proper keyword research and creating high-value content to rank on SERPs.

Here are some tips for using AI content in an SEO-friendly way:

  • Use AI as a starting point: Let AI generate drafts or outlines, but always edit and rewrite to ensure quality and originality.
  • Focus on user value: Don’t just stuff keywords; create content that provides genuine value and information to your target audience.
  • Maintain human oversight: AI can be a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t replace human expertise in content strategy and SEO best practices.

Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content

Yes, with the help of machine learning tools, Google can easily detect content written by Artificial Intelligence. Google also takes action against spam content, affecting the website’s ranking. Experts say that the content written by bots is considered auto-generated, which is a bad practice for SEO. 

According to the latest google helpful content update, the content primarily written to rank on search engines and not for humans will be penalized. The content should be useful and informational and provide value to the reader. 

Pros Of Using Auto-Generated Content

Easy And Quick

The benefit of using AI tools to generate content is that it is effortless and quick. You can have a blog written by AI quickly compared to the time it will take to write by yourself. These tools are easy to use and can generate any type of content. 

Cost Effective 

Another reason marketers use AI tools to create content is that they are cost-effective compared to human writers. Professional writers cost more than AI tools these days. Getting a good AI tool for content creation will help you save money. 

Cons Of Using Auto-Generated Content

Content Are Not 100% Accurate

The major drawback of using AI content is that it is not 100% accurate and requires proofreading. The tools can make mistakes and not provide accurate content for your keyword. It is advised to check the content carefully before publishing.

Quality Concerns And Possible Plagiarism

The next disadvantage of using machine-generated content is quality concerns, and there are possibilities that the content may be plagiarised. You may not get high-quality content every time with AI tools. To rank on SERPs, you should always post high-value, informative content.

How Auto-Generated Content Can Affect Website Ranking

According to the latest Google update, the algorithm tackles low-quality content and penalizes websites with spammy content. The website’s ranking will drop and also affect its organic search. It also hurts SEO, as search engines only prefer high-quality, valuable, informative content. 

Content is always the top factor that helps a website rank on search engines. AI content is not 100% original, relevant, or useful, affecting the website’s ranking and can even lead to a ban. 


We all know that AI tools are the future and helpful in many ways, but Google has some strict guidelines regarding content policy. Its web crawlers can easily identify low-value content and also manipulate search rankings. You should always post and publish high-value, original and informative content on your website for better rankings.


Why Is AI Content Harmful To SEO? 

Auto-generated content is not original, relevant, and useful; even humans are not interested in reading useless content. Search Engines have strict guidelines for auto-generated content.

What Are The Benefits Of Auto-Generated Content?

AI tools not only help to reduce the need for human writers but also have many benefits.
Cost Effective
Increase Production Output
24×7 Availability

Will AI Writing Tools Going To Replace Human Writers? 

AI writing tools are the future but won’t replace humans. AI helps improve writing, but you can not depend on it for content creation.

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