10 Most Popular American YouTubers You Should Subscribe To!

Posted On February 24th, 2024


Which are the 10 top American YouTubers right now? You must’ve come across their trendy videos on YouTube. So, let’s know why they are so popular and how much they earn from this video creating platform.

The List of 10 Popular American YouTubers

From subscribers to income, let’s know about each of these top 10 American YouTubers through this list:

No.Popular American YouTubersSubscribersChannelIncome
1.Mr. Beast240 MillionMrBeast$82 Million
2.PewDiePie111 MillionPewDiePie$7 Million
3.Markiplier36.5 MillionMarkiplier$30 Million
4.Good Mythical Morning18.7 MillionGood Mythical Morning$15 Million
5.Like Nastya113.5 MillionLike Nastya$3 Million
6.Ryan Kaji34.3 MillionRyan’s World$36 Million
7.Vlad and Niki111.4 MillionVlad and Niki$140 Million
8.Logan Paul23 MillionTheOfficialLoganPaul$38 Million
9.Ninja23.9 MillionNinja$40 Million
10.Jake Paul20.4 MillionJake Paul$45 Million
10 Popular American YouTubers

1 Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast is one of the most popular American YouTubers who gained fame with his creative YouTube videos and became the richest YouTuber in the USA. His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. In his videos, you will find him doing social experiments and donating money to the needy people. Likewise, his positive content garnered a lot of attention. Followed by millions of people, he is already sitting in the throne of popularity.

2 PewDiePie

PewDiePie is another name in the world of YouTube. Not only rich but humble as well, his name is Felix. PewDiePie started with gaming content where he would come live and talk about in a humorous way. He garnered a lot of attention with these videos like the one where he shared about his funny experience of scamming people while he was playing an online game – Tibia.

3 Markiplier – Third in Top 10 American YouTubers

Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier, is third among the top 10 American YouTubers. Despite being a YouTuber, an actor and a filmmaker, he plays games. You will find a lot of interesting gaming videos on his channel. He often posts videos on Let’s Plays. One of the highlights made by Markiplier is him crashing the OnlyFans app by sharing about it to his fans .

4 Good Mythical Morning

Good Morning Morning is a comedy show and you can find its videos on this YouTube channel. This talk show has a team of several actors and comedians. Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln. In addition, this show is known for inviting numerous popular guests like Kobe Bryant, Larry King, Jack Black, and many more names. 

5 Like Nastya

Anastasia is the cutest girl behind the famous YouTube channel named Like Nastya. In 2018, she started to post videos based on Toy reviews, Challenges, and personal vlogs. Anastasia suffers from Cerebral Palsy which was worrisome for her parents whether she would be able to move again. And she made it. By following her passion of uploading YouTube videos, she is able to garner the attention of over 100 Million people. 

6 Ryan Kaji – Top 10 American YouTubers

Ryan Kaji, who has a famous YouTube channel named Ryan’s World, is a one of the leading American YouTubers. The fact that he is just a 12 Years old kid who already has millions of followers. He often posts videos of playing skits, doing challenges, DIYs, music videos, crafts, and more. Ryan Kaji started this channel at  just 4. In his videos you can see him act by himself as well as with his twin sisters, Emma and Kate. 

7 Vlad and Niki

The seventh on this list of Top 10 American YouTubers is Vlad and Niki, which is a YouTube channel based on vlogging, advertising and roleplays. Vlad and Niki are siblings who used to post videos of pretend play and interact with each other. Likewise, there are numerous videos to watch on their channel like 100 Mystery Buttons Challenge, Funny Stories With Baby Alice, Vlad and Niki shows little Chris how to behave and so on.

8 Logan Paul

Former WWE Wrestler, Logan Paul started his YouTube journey in 2013 after the closing of Vine App where he used to post vine videos. On his YouTube channel, you will find world tour vlogs where he would visit a new country and its culture. Likewise, there are videos on his  own music as well behind the scenes of movies he acted in before. You can find his wrestling match clips as well.

9 One of the top American YouTubers: Ninja

Ninja is a YouTube channel run by Richard Tyler Blavins. He is an online streamer and famous name in esports. His fame skyrocketed when he showed his esports skills in Fortnite. In addition, his earnings come from Twitch and YouTube live streams. Ninja is also known for charities. You can also find him playing Valorant and Warzone. 

10 Jake Paul

An American crossover boxer and one of the popular American Youtubers, Jake Paul is walking on the same path just like his brother who is also featured in this list. From intense physical training routines to vlogs, you can find any kind of interesting content in his YouTube videos. In addition, he has played the role of Dirk Mann in Bizaardvark for two seasons. 

You must’ve got every information regarding The top 10 American YouTubers. Now, it’s time to end this blog. Stay Curious for our next blog. 

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