The Best Evergreen Replacement for Google My Business

Posted On July 28th, 2023


The Google My Business app is no longer accessible. Nevertheless, Google previously made the announcement in April 2022. The Google My Business app is no longer available for download or usage by anyone.

You can no longer change your company profile, contact with clients, or view insights using the Google My Business mobile app for iOS and Android. . due to the removal of Google My Business app.

People are thinking what to do now? How to manage Google Business Profile?

“Google Business Profile Growth Manager” is the new Google My Business successor.

Give us additional information about this fantastic free tool for managing Google Business Profile.

What is Google Business Profile Growth Manager

A FREE tool to manage your Google Business Profile (also known as Google My Business) is Google Business Profile Growth Manager. All OS systems, online, mobile, and desktop versions are compatible with this utility. There are much more capabilities in this programme than in Google My Business App, which is FREE. This tool makes it more simpler than Google’s own app for you to create, maintain, and manage your Google Business Profile.

This application contains a tonne of options you may use if you want to improve your Google Business Profile. Additionally, it will raise your local SEO, increase leads, and boost revenues.

What can you accomplish using Google Business Profile Growth Manager?

  • Everything that the Google My Business app can achieve is done by Google Business Profile Growth Manager. In addition to this, it provides a lot of other benefits. Let’s examine them in the following points:
  • Create a new Google Business Profile account. You can add or claim your company for Google to display.
  • Manage your existing Google business account. You can attach details about your company, such as your address, business hours, services, or photographs.
  • You can see the insights of your business.
  • While it was not available with the Google My Business app, you can schedule posts and media.
  • With the help of this programme, you may set up notifications for your mobile phone and reply to messages or calls from prospective or current clients.

Benefits of Google Business Profile Growth Manager

You can use this tool to manage your Google Business Profile, often known as your Google Maps listing. Being one step ahead of your competitors thanks to this. You’ll improve your local SEO and see an increase in leads and traffic.

You may keep up your regularly on GBP by automating tasks like post and media scheduling, citation management, review auto review, and others.

Consistency and regularity helps you to rank better in SERP and you can easily make it in Google 3-pack quickly.

Automating the repetitious tasks of submitting photographs and photos and responding to reviews can save you men hours.Citation management and post-scheduling are time consuming tasks and you can provide access Allow your staff members to control pertinent places with simple Google authorisation by giving them access and a login. You may save a tonne of time and work in this way.

Using this feature, you can post to numerous locations of a single business at once and group them together to form a new Google Business Profile. Your time spent publishing images and videos for several locations of the same company will be reduced as a result.


The Google My Business App is no longer available, and all company owners and organisations were notified by email. People were really concerned about this because they were all accustomed to managing their Google Business Profiles through the Google My Business app.

The good news is that Google Business Profile Growth Manager has all the features that the Google app did. Its email notification has a lot to offer to expand your Google Business Profile and provide you a competitive advantage over your rivals, and it is completely free to use.

Friends, I hope you enjoy reading this blog post of mine, which is titled “Best Evergreen Alternative of Google My Business in 2023 | The Best Alternative to Google My Business.” You can ask any question by posting in the comment box below if you have one.

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