6 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Website

Posted On August 25th, 2023

Are you looking forward to monetizing your WordPress website? Fortunately, there are various ways to monetize your WordPress website and earn revenue out of it these days. You can either show ads or sell products and services to your website traffic.

All these methods of website monetization give your WordPress website the potential to earn a good amount of passive income. I’m sure now you must be eager to know about those website monetization methods.

To help you with monetizing your WordPress website we have brought up the 6 ways to monetize your WordPress website. Read this blog till the end to deep dive into the world of website monetization and start earning through your WordPress website.

6 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Website

There are various ways through which you can monetize your WordPress website. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Using Ad Platforms Like Google AdSense
  • Place Display Ads
  • Do Affiliate Marketing
  • Publish Sponsored Blogs
  • Sell E-course
  • Sell Affiliate Products to your Subscribers

Using Ad Platforms like Google AdSense

Signing up with an Ad platform is one of the best and most preferred ways to monetize a website these days. There are various Ad networks available in the market such as Amazon Ad network and Google AdSense etc.

Google AdSense allow you to generate an income by showing online advertisements on your website. It shows relatable ads to your website traffic that resonate with your site’s content, so they can engage more with those ads.

AdSense pays you on the CPC (cost per click) model, which means every time a website visitor clicks on an ad from your website you will get paid a certain amount. The cost per click is dependent on the type of ad, demographics of your traffic and many other factors.

It’s very easy to get started with Google AdSense, as you only need a Google account to sign up with AdSense. After creating an account, it will verify your website to show ads and once the verification is done then your site will start displaying AdSense ads and help you earn a good amount of passive income.

Place Display Ads

The second way to monetize your WordPress website is by placing display ads on it. Display ads are a combination of text, video, image and a destination link to the marketed product or service. It is an effective type of online advertisement; hence businesses and agencies are always looking for ad spaces to place their display ads and pay you in return.

The ad space on a website is an area specially dedicated to displaying online advertisements. You can add those ad spaces manually on your own or install premium or free WordPress themes that come up with well-optimized ad spaces.

You can place display ads on the ad spaces of your WordPress website and charge a good amount of money based on your website traffic. WordPress offers various plugins that can help you place these custom display ads on your website. AdInserter is one of the best ad placement and management plugins available in the WordPress directory.

Do affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another effective method to monetize your website. To get started with affiliate marketing, first, you have to sign up with an affiliate program such as Amazon affiliate.

The website owners who sign up with an affiliate program are called affiliates.

The affiliates have to place affiliate links on their website and promote a product or service of the affiliate owner. The affiliate gets a good amount of commission when a website visitor makes a purchase from the affiliate link placed on their website.

The amount of commission is decided by the affiliate owner or is also dependent upon the type of product or service that has been purchased through the affiliate link.

Publish Sponsored Blog Posts

Blogs are a great medium to communicate with the audience and spread brand awareness among customers. Many businesses and brands are also aware of the marketing potential a good blog post holds, hence they are always looking for a good website to market their products through a nice blog post and pay in return for the same.

Yes! You heard it right. It is possible to earn money just by publishing a blog post on your WordPress website. Businesses will come to you for crafting and publishing a nice and informative blog post for them to market their product or service on your website.

Sell E-course

If you have good knowledge about a certain topic, then you can pass it on too many people and also earn substantial income by creating an online course. Your website traffic must be willing to learn the skills you have, so why not present those skills and knowledge in the best possible way in the form of a paid course on your website?

The online course industry is rising and the prices of online courses are as well. Hence, it is a great opportunity for you to sell an online course on your website having a great amount of knowledge at a cheaper and more reasonable rate.

Initially, you have to do hard work and put effort into creating the course but once it has been created and listed then your WordPress website will keep generating revenue by selling that online course.

Sell Affiliate Products to your Site Subscribers 

The next way to earn revenue through your website is by selling affiliate products to your site’s subscribers. You can send affiliate products to the subscribers in their mail with some information about how the product will help them and make their life easier.

You can also start an exclusive newsletter for the subscribers and include the affiliate product links in it. On every purchase of a certain product through your affiliate link, you will earn a good amount of commission.

Final Thoughts

Monetizing your website is easy these days, all you need is a well-optimized website, a good amount of traffic and the desire to earn through your WordPress website. You can try out the various ways we discussed in this blog on your website and stick to the ones that fit your needs and look most suitable to you.

So, what are you waiting for buddy? Go and implement the site monetization methods discussed in this blog and start your journey of earning a good amount of passive income through your WordPress website.

Can you earn money off a free WordPress blog?

Can a free website not be made profitable? That’s not possible, no. WordPress.COM prohibits third-party advertising that is introduced by bloggers. WordPress.com accepts affiliate links as long as your blog’s main objective is to produce original content.

How many views are required to make monetized from a blog?

Even while the exact figure may change based on the platform and the advertiser, generally speaking, a blogger must get at least 1,000 views per month before they may start running advertisements.

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