What Is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?

Posted On June 16th, 2023

Hi friends, welcome to all of you in this blog of ours. Today we are going to talk about domain. We will know what is Domain Name and how it works, as well as we will talk about some of its types.

Friends, if you are also thinking of blogging, then you must know about the domain name. Because the domain has a very big role in blogging. Without this you can never make a website. Friends, the name of our blog website is known as the domain name. We’ll go through this in further detail later. Through this we can access any web page. You may have a little knowledge about the domain, it may also happen that you do not know about it. So no problem friends, today in this post I am going to give you complete information about domain name, So come on friends, now without delay let us know what is domain name, how many types of domain name are there, how domain name works etc.

What is domain name ?

Domain Name is the address of the website and with the help of this users reach your site. For example, you can see our own website. The name of our website ie domain name is https://thewebblogger.com/. Similarly there are many domains. You have typed something in google or any other search engine and as soon as you click on one of the posts coming in the search results, you reach It has a website. Following that, if you enjoy the material in it, you either bookmark it or memorise its site name (Domain Name).

After this, whenever you need that information, you will search that domain in google and directly reach its site. You can also use Google to search for our website’s name. After that you have to click on the first result that will appear.After that you will reach our site. Similarly, friends, a domain name plays a big role in blogging. For your knowledge, there are situations when you will encounter two websites with the same domain name. But their extension name will be different like our site name is google.com and google.in here website name is same but their extension is different.

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How Domain Name Works?

Whatever the domain name of your site is, it is completely connected with your site and all the data of your site is stored in a server. Domain is associated with the “IP Address” of that server. Whenever you type any domain or your own domain directly in the search bar, then the IP of your server points to your data. Due to which all the files of that domain ie that site opens in front of you. This is how domain names work.

How many types of Domain Name are there?

Whenever you see a domain, you will see two names, I mean that the domain name is made up of two words. For example, once again take my own website.

thewebblogger.com There are two words here, one is thewebblogger and the other is .com, now you must have understood that what is the domain name? The part that has thewebblogger you can make up your mind but the word after that you can’t make up your mind you can only choose.

It is also known as the domain name extension. When you buy domain name or hosting, you are given a chance to choose the extension according to your own and domain names are not of only one type, they are of many types like-

1. Top Level Domains

Top Level Domain (TLD) This is the domain extension that is most used all over the world. This domain is not related to any one country. These are as follows-

S.NoDomainSite Uses
1..com –Commercial Site
3..org –Organization Site
4..edu –Education Site
5..gov –Government Site
6..info –Information

This is a list of some top level domains. Apart from these, there are many more domain extentions, but this one is more popular and popular.

2. Country Code Top Level Domains

I mentioned some domains above that anyone from any nation can use. But now it is the turn of country code top level domain. These domains are according to the country. It is selected keeping an entire country in mind.

For example, if you are in India and publish its posts etc. for India only, then you can choose .in. Similarly there are some other domains extension like-

S.NoDomainSite Uses
1..in –India
2..uc –United States (America)
3..ch –Switzerland
4..cn –China
5..br –Brazil
6..tu –Russia etc.

In the same way friends, there are domains with country codes of all countries.

Conclusion (What is Domain Name)

So friends this was what is Domain Name, I have told you all the things about domain name in this post. But still if you have any question in your mind then you can ask us by commenting.

FAQ’s –

Q. Why is Domain Name important?

Ans – If you want to earn money by creating an online website or blog, then domain name is very important for this. Domain is also very much needed to spread online business.

Q. Can’t create a blog or website without buying a domain name?

Ans – Can create but with sub domain, like you create free blog on blogger where you get free sub domain of Blogger.com.

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