How To Monetize Web Stories

Web Stories is an open source visual storytelling format. AdSense can be used to display advertisements in your Web Stories. AdSense currently offers only Google Display ads, with more demand partners on the way.

Login Adsense Account

First Login Your Adsense Account By entering Your Email ID and Password

Create an Ad Unit

Lets Start Create ads Click Ads > Click By ad unit > Click Display ads > Give your ad unit a name > In the "Ad size" section, leave Responsive selected > Click Create

Embed the ad unit in your Web Story

Include the amp-story-auto-ads JavaScript file in your page's

<script async custom-element="amp-story-auto-ads" src=""></script>

Embed the ad unit in your Web Story with the <amp-story-auto-ads> tag

{    "ad-attributes": {     "type": "adsense",     "data-ad-client": "ca-pub-0000000000000000",     "data-ad-slot": "00000000"    }   }

Copy and Replace Code

Copy the data-ad-client and data-ad-slot values from your ad unit’s

Replace the highlighted code

code and replace the highlighted code in the configuration above.  "data-ad-client": "ca-pub-0000000000000000",     "data-ad-slot": "00000000"

Where You Can Find Code?

To find these values in AdSense, click Get code Embed in your Ads > Overview page.