Are You Using the Right Colors? 

 for Branding and Marketing !

1 Why Does Color Matter?

The truth is that colors define how we see things. Our brains are hardwired to interpret the world around us through the colors we see.

2 Colors Change Brand Perception

According to data from Kissmetrics, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. That’s huge.

3rd Colors Increase Purchases

It’s no surprise that the smallest change in colors influences not only perception but also reality.

4rt Colors Improve Memory

It’s a fact we see played out in daily life as well.

5th Appeal to the Right Demographic

The most important factors to consider are gender, age, culture, and buying habits. Here’s how to make the best choices for each of those.

6th Improve Your Message With Color Psychology

Having a detailed knowledge of the psychology of color will increase conversions and make your web pages more effective.

Yellow Indicates Warning or Optimism

Red Represents Energy, Anger, and Appetite

Green Is Good for Environmental Causes and Standing Apart

White and Gray Show Space and Openness

Blue Leads to Trust and Dependability

Pink Represents Romance and Femininity

Purple Is Associated With Luxury and Imagination

Orange Means Fun or Impulse

Brown Stands for Dependability and Earthiness

Black Adds Luxury and Value