Top 9 PLM Software Programs For Managing Your Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management is the term used to describe the method used to oversee a product’s whole lifecycle, from conception to disposal. PLM software is a tool that is used to combine and manage the data that is connected to this entire lifetime. Product data management software is available. The data can be combined with ERP, MES, CAD, and other systems.

A list of the most well-known PLM providers and tools, both free and paid, is provided below.

S.NoPLM SoftwareResourceCharges
1JiraOnline knowledge bases, technical support, and ticketing.Initially $7.75 per month. For just 10 users, free forever. Also offered is a 7-day free trial.
2ArenaWebinars and white papers.Professional: paid annually at $79 per month and $99 per month Commercial: $249 per month Monthly payment of $199, due yearly Enterprise: Contact Arena for pricing details.
3Teamcenter SiemensTrainingAdvanced Designer is priced at $559 per month.
4Autodesk Fusion LifecycleDirect assistance by phone, web, and remote desktop support. Online Resources: Tutorials, Support Webinars, and Training VideosSubscription of $70 is due every month. subscription fee of $545 paid annually. $1,555 for a 3-year subscription paid every 3-years.
5WindchillCAD Data Management, BOM Management,For start-ups and small businesses, there is a “Quick Start” programme that costs less than $14 per US dollar per month.


To sum up what we’ve learned from the above list, Vault is the best PLM for engineers and designers, and Oracle Agile PLM is a cost-effective tool that offers good features and functionalities as well. While only Aras free PLM Software offers a few functions for free, almost all software is made up of paid components.


Why do people use PLM software?

A PLM software system is used in manufacturing to manage a product and the data associated with it during the entire product lifetime. A PLM system can provide visibility into the product design process to all business stakeholders, even though it is primarily utilized by design and engineering teams using CAD data.

What are the five PLM phases?

PLM five phases are : 1} Introduction,2} Development, 3} Maturity, 4} Growth and 5} Decline.

In PLM, what is the lifecycle?

The process of managing a product’s lifecycle from conception to sales, servicing, and eventually retirement is known as product lifecycle management (PLM).

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