The List most common types of Schema Markup .

Friends, since the beginning of SEO, its sole purpose has been to better explain your content or webpage to the search engine. Webmasters use keywords, meta tags, schema data, and other techniques to accomplish this in their webpage.

Definition of Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a code inside which some information of our webpage is in a language that the crawler understands better.

Who created schema markup

All search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, developed Schema Markup in 2011. The primary goal of developing Schema Markup was to help crawlers better understand the webpage.

Types of Schema Markup

After reading the article till now, it must have become clear to you that what is Schema Markup, now let us also understand the types of schema markup. There are many different types of Schema Markup; you can add relevant schema data to your webpage based on its needs; we’ve discussed some of the

The most common types of schema markup List below.

  • 1-Review Scheme Markup
  • 2 – Article Schema Markup
  • 3 – Recipe Schema Markup
  • 4 – Video Schema Markup
  • 5 – FAQ Schema Markup
  • 6 – How to Schema Markup
  • 7 – Review & Rating Schema Markup
  • 8 – Organization Schema Markup
  • 9 – Person Schema Markup
  • 10 – Local Business Schema Markup
  • 11 – Event Schema Markup
  • 12 – Product Schema Markup

In WordPress, you can use the Rank Math and Yoast SEO plugins to add schema markup. When you install these plugins, you will be asked what type of Schema you want to add, and you will select the Schema Type based on your content. If you have a regular blog, you should choose Article Schema or Blog Post Schema.

How to Implement Schema Markup in Blogger

If your website is hosted on Blogger, you must first generate Schema Data using online tools, and then apply the Schema Data code to a specific post or the entire blog. Create a schema data type based on your content. The following are some of the best tools for creating Schema Data:


What is Schema Markup and how do I add it to my website?

You can include schema data in any section, including the Header, Body, and Footer. Because the crawler searches the entire website.

How many different kinds of schema data can be used on a webpage?

You can use different schema data depending on the content of your webpage. You should always try to make your Schema Data relevant to the content of your webpage.

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