Onam Special Food: Delicious Kerala Dishes You Cannot Miss

Posted On July 19th, 2024


Onam also refers as Thiru-Onam or Thiruvonam, is a celebration of food, color, dance, and fun that celebrates Kerala’s rice harvest. It is distinguished by the lavish celebration known as Onam Sadhya or Onasadhya. Ten days before the celebration, people start their preparations. There are many foods that demonstrate Kerala’s rich culture and heritage.

All flavor components, including sweet, salty, sour, and spicy, are broadly covered by the Onam Sadhya. Additionally, there is a usage of a lot of regional ingredients. The food, which consists of approx 25 dishes, is presented on a banana leaf. These consist of four to five different vegetables, rice, pickles, papad, and the traditional dessert refers to as payasam.

Delicious Kerala Dishes You Cannot Miss on Onam

1. Rasam

This soup, which is based on toor dal, is a great way to start dinner with some sour and spicy flavors. This well-known south Indian meal is made with toor dal and tomatoes and peppers.

2. Sambar

Sambar is a hearty lentil and vegetable stew, a staple dish in South Indian cuisine, and a key component of the Onam Sadhya feast. It’s known for its complex flavor profile that combines tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet. Sambar is typically served hot over rice and can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a larger meal. Its versatility allows it to be customized with different vegetables and spice levels to suit individual preferences.

3. Banana Halwa

As bananas are one of the sweetest and mushiest fruits available, they make a fantastic addition to sweets. Additionally, instead of using flour to make your favorite sweet dessert, halwa, try using bananas this time. Bananas are a terrific addition to halwas. Because they include nutrients and are a great energy booster. Furthermore, for a terrific festive dessert to enjoy this Onam, top it off with nuts and dry fruits.

4. Varutharacha Sambar

Is a festival in Kerala really complete without some delectable Sambar? Your feast would be lacking if it did not include some freshly made, spicily tart Varutharacha Sambar, particularly in the event of Onam Sadhya. This lip-smacking Sambar comprises veggies, lentils, roasted spices, and excessive amounts of roasted coconut.

5. Thoran

An essential aspect of Kerela’s cuisine, the dish of Thoran is frequently prepared and served with daily meals. It’s Kerela’s preferred stir-fry recipe for vegetables, with spices, & mustard seeds. Also, people add coconut for flavor. Moreover, you can pretty much use any finely chopped or grated vegetable in the recipe for thoran. Because it is such a versatile dish.

6. Olan

Another delicious & essential dish for Onam Sadhya is Olan. It is a delicious curry mixture that includes together ash gourd, cowpeas, and coconut milk. It pairs fantastically well with a plate of steamed rice, or Kerala red rice.

7. Erissery

Erissery is a well-known Kerala meal that both locals and visitors adore. Also, you can find this yummy dish in every kitchen in Kerala! People either use sliced plantains or sliced yams to make the curry. Erissery is genuinely quite popular during Onam and other similar celebrations and has religious significance. Moreover, you may also love the amazing enjoyment of God’s own country flavors that it offers.

8. Puttu and kadala curry

You can find dosas and idlis in many different varieties in this South Indian state. A puttu is one of the varieties of flavorful idli. The cylindrical steamed rice cake comes with flavors of coconut that only make for a delightful breakfast meal. You’re in for a flavorful voyage once you add the mouthwatering flavor of kadala curry, a Kerala variation of kala chana!

9. Paal Payasam

One of the most significant components of the traditional Onasadya is payasam, though people serve several versions during the festival. It is essentially a delicious kheer dish that people serve as prasadam at temples and other special occasions. Paal payasam is a creamy, delectable delicacy that you just must try. It comprises rice, cardamom, cashews, and raisins cooked together in milk.

10. Parippu curry

Parippu curry, which better refers to as Dal Dish, is essentially a dal. People make this curry using small grams and ghee. The curry is a flavorful blend of spices and chiles that work well together. Also, this enhances the rice that it is typically served with. This dish is practically ideal for any vegetarians out there who are unable to indulge in the mouthwatering variety of Kerala cuisine’s non-vegetarian specialties.

11. Dosa ghee roast with sambar

Delicious dosas dipped in sambar prepared in the way of Kerala would be a mouth-watering flavor explosion! The dish is extremely well-known in Kerala. Take a bite, and you will understand why it’s such a popular breakfast option in Kerala. As it is a common South Indian cuisine, you may find it in any restaurant in Kerala. Dosa is a common dish in South India and the rest of India as well.

12. Ada Pradhaman

Ada pradhaman, a payasam variant that comprises rice flour with rich ghee and jaggery flavors, is a modification of the traditional payasam. You would not resist because it is so smooth and delectable. Ada pradhaman is a staple dish during Onam. People make this with ada rice, jaggery, and coconut in addition to nuts and dried fruits like cashews and raisins swirled in coconut milk.

13. Vellarikka Pachadi

With its delicious mixture of yogurt, grated coconut, spices, and a vegetable like a cucumber, pineapple, or ash gourd, think of Pachadi as raita in the style of Kerala. The one with cucumber refers to Vellarikka Pachadi. It is a delicious side dish that would go well with any serving of parippu rice or sambar rice.


Q1. What is the Onam-specific dish?

The traditional payasam, a favored south Indian dessert and a variation of kheer is one such food that is a necessity at every Sadhya feast.

Q2. Onam Sadya consists of how many dishes?

Onam Sadhya is a multi-course vegetarian feast served on a massive banana leaf for the occasion and includes over 25 dishes.

Q3. How many curries are there during Onam?

Traditionally eaten on a banana leaf, sadhya is a vegetarian dinner from Kerala.

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