Best Ways of Tracking Facebook Page Statistics and Analytics

Posted On November 15th, 2023

Facebook analytics is the information you may gather on the effectiveness of your posts over time. Also, this provides you with useful insights. Facebook analytics provides you with tools and data to track your achievements. This enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your business.

Building a brighter future for your brand is facilitated by having a clear understanding of how to monitor Facebook statistics. Monitoring your Facebook statistics is the best approach to ensure that your business is growing and attracting new clients through an active Facebook presence.

Brands can follow the consumer journey and find more efficient methods to contact their customers by utilizing Facebook analytics data. This enables brands to make more informed decisions that promote the expansion of their businesses.

Here Are The Top Techniques for Monitoring Facebook Page Analytics and Statistics

Engagement Rate

Facebook engagement rate is the average number of people who liked, shared, or commented on your post, among other interactions. The total of all interactions, comments, and shares divided by the number of posts. All of which are then divided by the number of followers. And finally multiplied by 100 is the average engagement rate per post by followers.


Reach is the total number of distinct users that have viewed your advertisement or piece of content. This important Facebook analytics data can help you understand how your audience responds to the product. You can use the information to refine your marketing approach.


The number of times your advertisement or content was shown on a user’s screen is represented by Facebook impressions metrics. You may use Facebook insights or a third-party analytics tool to monitor this Facebook measure. Also, this finds out how many people watched your post.

Page Views

Checking page views is another important Facebook measure. The entire number of views on your brand’s Facebook page is known as page views. There are several methods for people to arrive at your page. After hearing about your business from their friends, some people could use the Facebook search box to look it up.

Others can select one of your advertisements to go straight to the Facebook page of the business you represent. When examining the Facebook page views KPI, make sure you are reaching the appropriate audience group for your brand. And the one that is likely to become a potential customer.

Followers Growth

An expanding page indicates that more users like and engage with its content. It’s critical to track the number of new followers you get and the number of followers you lose over a given time frame. Remember that you may only use a social media analytics tool to track the increase of your Facebook followers.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

To calculate the Click-Through Rate (CTR), divide the number of link clicks by the total number of impressions. CTR is simply the proportion of users that click on a social post. Marketers are eager to spend large sums of money on Facebook advertising.

This is because of the platform’s strong click-through rate performance. In fact, statistics show that when it comes to both organic and paid postings, Facebook is the social media network with the greatest CTR.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you run Facebook advertisements, you should pay close attention to the cost per click, or CPC, measure.  Given that many organizations spend enormous sums of money on Facebook advertisements.

Thus, a thorough analysis of your ad campaign data is essential to producing a comprehensive report that is inaccessible. Additionally, the CPC for Facebook video feeds is smaller than that of Facebook feeds or Facebook right columns.

Best Time to Post

When it comes to publishing on any social media site, you have to make sure that your friends and followers are there. Also, they have already started browsing through their feeds when your post appears.

The ideal time to post is a crucial Facebook analytics finding. You must ascertain the ideal time to publish on Facebook for your business, specialty, and sector. This is essential if you want to ensure that your fans will like, remark on, and share your content.

Post Formats

Determining the most popular post type is a crucial step in analyzing your Facebook metrics. Analyze the reach and interaction of your posts to see what connects most with your audience. Then modify your material accordingly.

Alternatively, you might utilize a third-party analytics platform to get more post information. If you need to get a report with plenty of data that is suitable for a presentation and check several metrics on a single dashboard, you need to check a perfect option.

Video Engagement

The quantity of audience interactions with your video content is measured by Facebook analytics using the video engagement metric. It is far more likely that your followers will gradually become brand ambassadors when the information is both visually appealing and really valuable.

Facebook videos rank third among the most engaging content types on this social media platform across the majority of sectors, according to the assessments on the social media business. For this reason, you should spend more time and money creating and enhancing this kind of content.

Followers’ Demographics

Knowing your audience’s origins enables you to craft a message, adopt an appropriate tone of voice, and adapt the material to the needs of your followers. Examining the follower demographics will help you achieve this. Also, it includes gender, geography (country or even city), and education.

If the majority of your audience is over 25, or even over 30, then you should design the majority of your content for that age range. But you should also include some pieces that are targeted at the younger audience.


Developing your social media marketing plan starts with understanding your target demographic. This, however, is not enough. Regular tracking is also necessary for producing high-quality content. Facebook analytics aids in the long-term understanding, reporting, and comparison of your performance. You get knowledge about how customers interact with your company and how to increase conversion rates.


Q 1 In what way may I obtain data for my Facebook page?

In Facebook, tap the upper right corner. By swiping down, select Pages. Select More from the top right menu on your page. Then select Insights.

Q 2 Facebook Insights Tool: What is it?

Using Facebook Insights, an analytics dashboard, you can monitor post-performance on your Facebook business page and user behavior. Apart from generating crucial data like page views and post reach for both paid and organic posts, the platform also suggests rival sites to monitor and follow.

Q 3 Facebook uses analytics in what ways?

Facebook Analytics collects behavioral data at the micro-level from your Facebook Page and Facebook Pixel to display user behavior on your page and website over time.
For example, you may observe the number of visitors who saw your landing page, left comments on your Facebook post, and eventually completed a purchase.

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