5 Best Softwares for Remote Access

A user can easily connect to and communicate with a computer located in another location via internal network or the internet with the help of remote desktop software, also referred to as remote access software. With the aid of remote desktop software, a user may view and manage a connected PC or laptop as if they were seated in front of it. Solutions for remote access are useful for demonstrations, technical support, and group projects.

Local connections are referred to as “remote” connections. Simply put, remote access software enables users to connect to any other user’s computer on their local network for any business purpose issue, such as desktop sharing, remote control, file transfer, etc.

S.NoSoftwareSpecial featuresData TransferCompatibilityDays
1SplashtopMulti-level password security, Two-step verification/two-factor authenticationYesWindows, Mac, iOS, Android7-day free trial (No credit card required) Learn More
2TeamViewerMinimum latencyYesWindows, macOS14-Day Free Trial
3UltraVNCAllows Easy File TransferYesWindows, Linux, Mac OSFree Version (No credit card required)
4Microsoft Remote DesktopMulti-Session HandlingNoAndroid, iOS, WindowsPlans start at $49 a month.
5AnyDeskFlexibility & CustomizationYesAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI14-day free trial (No Credit Card Required) Learn More


Everyone’s jobs are made easier by remote access. It allows consumers to take their work home with them. Along with many other advantages of remote access, it provides managed service providers with the ability to support users remotely, just as if they were sitting at a PC with the end-user.


Which free remote access is the best?

TeamViewer is the best one.

What varieties of remote access are there?

Virtual private networks, SaaS remote desktop solutions, and standard remote service ports are examples of remote access types.

Without a VPN, is remote access possible?

Without utilising a VPN, it is possible to connect remotely to a PC or server from off-campus. The actions are listed below. Start up Remote Desktop Connection.

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