Top 10 reasons why customers aren't converting on your website

You may connect with more customers by creating a website.

Contact by phone:

‘Contact By Phone’ is a feature on a website that can make it easier for customers to call you from their mobile phone.

WhatsApp  Integration

As a communication channel, WhatsApp has capabilities with significant impact on customer satisfaction.

Errors with Forms

A form with erroneous structure and validation will affect the brand’s credibility and the user’s trust.


Websites use Captcha to protect against attacks by bots. In fact, a Captcha is the first line of defence for websites against malicious programs.

SSL Integration

Its integration increases the credibility of the site and, therefore, has become a basic requirement for any website.

Social media links

The site makes it easier for people to share your content, thereby increasing your brand reach.

Duplicate Content

Content duplication may reek of plagiarism or inconsistency, either of which affects your site’s search rankings.

GMB listing

Google My Business (GMB) listing helps your business to be found across all devices and also stands out on Google Local Searches.

Broken links

Broken links may result in lower visitor landings and higher bounce rates.


Mobile Responsive

If you wish to reach your customers, then your site should be mobile responsive. Period.

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