Here Are some new IOS 18 features that will take iPhones to the next level.

All New IOS 18         features!

Apple's new on-device AI helps you write sharper, focus on tasks, and relive memories with smarter photos.

1. Apple Intelligence

IOS 18 lets you lock apps with Face ID for privacy, keeping them hidden and inaccessible to others.

2. Locked Apps

 Text friends and family directly from your iPhone 14 (and later) even when there's no cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

3. Satellite Messages

iOS 18 lets you call Siri anything you want, plus it understands context better for more natural conversations.

4. All New Siri

iOS 18 lets you personalize your Control Center with the controls you use most, resizing them and even adding new pages.

5. Customizable Control Center

iOS 18 lets you customize app icons with dark mode, tints, or larger sizes for a more personal home screen.

6. Customizable Icons

iOS 18's Tap to Cash lets you send or receive money with iPhones simply by touching them together, skipping phone numbers.

7. Tap To Cash