Dumb Mistakes That'll Take Your Digital Marketing Business.

7 stupid errors that will ruin your digital marketing business.

Ignorance of your brand's principles.

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This is the most terrible mistake and makes sure you totally avoid this one

1 Stupid

Not defining your target audience

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The second most stupid blunder is being ignorant of your target group.

2nd Stupid

No social media presence at all.

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So not having any presence shows you are losing a lot of your potential business.

3rd Stupid

Having presence on too many platforms.

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Don’t waste time on increasing followers on a site where there’s no business possible for you.

4rth Stupid

Irregular and irrelevant posting.

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You won’t get engagement if you post at odd hours or post irrelevant content like random selfies, troll images on your business page

5th Stupid

Weak or lack of a content strategy.

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It doesn’t matter if you create or curate content.

6th  Stupid

Talking too much about yourself

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You just don’t throw information to your audience, you converse with them.

7th  Stupid

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