Some Hands of  Digital Marketing

“You have to play the game if you want to win it,” So, in order for your website to be successful online, it must adhere to the same rules.

First hand 

Use Long Tail Keywords

Search engines then research keywords and give relevant data to the target audience

Second Hand

Focus On Good User Experience

– Ensure that the content meets the search intent for every keyword used.

Third Hand

Include Various Media Forms

Using several media types definitely enhances ranking.

Fourth Hand

Use Keywords In Headlines

Using keywords in headlines attracts search engines and targets users to your content.

Fifth Hand

Use Internal Links

Another key ingredient in Google’s ranking is the time user spends on the entire website.

Sixth hand

Focus On Great and Updated Content

It is important to keep your content engaging and updated because search engines extract the most recent and relevant content.

Seventh hand

Voice search has recently replaced traditional search.

Manage Content For Voice Search