A Beginner Guide to choosing a Blog Niche in 2020

choosing a Blog Niche

Hey, are you starting your first blog and trying to choose a profitable niche? So, in this article, I’m going to help you in choosing a blog niche.

What is Blog Nice?

A niche is a topic in which you make your blog. It can be based on your interest, hobby, and other things. Niche selection is one of the most important steps that you need to take to build a successful blog. So, I would recommend that you do not rush this step and that you take extra time when it comes to finding and evaluating various niches. I know a lot of people want to start their blog right away and get their websites set up and get a logo and all that sort of stuff. But you need to spend some time researching a profitable niche. 

When it comes to finding a niche I always say that there isn’t sort of a special formula that you can just run and that’s gonna spit out a whole bunch of different profitable niches. There isn’t an exact sort of science to finding the perfect niche for a blog and that’s probably why this isn’t the first resource that you’ve come across. If you’re looking for advice on choosing a Blog Niche for your affiliate marketing business or your online business and the reason is it’s hard to give sort of perfect advice.

6 Tips to consider while Choosing a Blog Niche

Picking a niche could be relatively easy and should come naturally. But there is some work to be done. You don’t have to go into a niche and later on you regret it because that niche will not be profitable for you.

1. Pick a Niche you have Good Knowledge about: If a niche is something you have good knowledge about that’ll be beneficial for you to choose that niche. you don’t have to go into a niche where you’re just a beginner because it’s going to be tough for you to write articles around the topic if you know nothing about a niche it is only logical that you start researching it. I don’t know about you but if you want to be a subject expert or at least someone qualified to give advice it takes time to acquire that knowledge and experience. It doesn’t happen overnight so if you’re gonna start a blog in the niche that you’re not familiar with and you expect that your knowledge to grow as your blog you’re gonna hit many roadblocks because you have a hard time doing the research putting them in words. It requires good knowledge and experience to connect and spark intellectual conversations with your readers and your readers can quickly identify if you are someone who knows your stuff and they’re gonna ask questions about stuff that they don’t know. So, if you are a beginner how are you gonna answer them right. S,o I would say that if you want to start a blog you should be at least an intermediate level in terms of knowledge and experience on the niche.

2. You should enjoy your Niche: If you’re choosing your first niche you should enjoy talking about topics in that niche because you’re gonna be spending a lot of time and energy into the blog. If you hate what you do you’re gonna be drained out relatively quickly but don’t just briefly browse through the list of initiatives that you have and go like oh I like this niche and like this need I don’t like this. Honestly you wouldn’t know if you enjoy or dislike a topic in the niche until you start answering some questions related to the niche.

3. Niche Size: Niche size matters too much in choosing a blog niche. If there is a sizable amount of people interested in your niche because if there is little to no one interested in your niche and it’s hard for you or any business for that matter to grow and make money. So, to identify the interest you can leverage a research using some tools like the Google Keyword Planner, Ahref, and semrush.

4. Niche Seasonality: While choosing a blog niche you have to look if a niche is a seasonal niche, a short-term niche or an evergreen niche.

Seasonal Niche E.g: Winter spot as a seasonal niche, or Christmas gift are seasonal niches.

Evergreen Niche E.g: Weight lifting, or home sound system are evergreen niches.

You don’t have to go into a niche that is seasonal or short-term because you want something that is consistent and you can make money throughout the year and throughout a long time. Example of a short-term niche is the iPhone . You don’t want to base your entire blog on a particular product like the iPhone 11, what if the new iPhone suddenly becomes iPhone xxxx or suddenly iPhone is not popular anymore. If you base your entire blog on Facebook marketing what happens if Facebook is not popular anymore, which is kind of happening in the younger generation. Your blog will be phased out relatively quickly. So, you have your bleach. You have to select a niche that is not seasonal and it’s evergreen.

5. Potential for Ads Revenue: The niche should have potential for Ad revenues. So, this is one of the income revenues of the blog where you can reserve advertising space for ad networks to display ads on your website. Whenever an ad is displayed on your site you will get money. But for an ad network to display ads on your site there must be advertisers who are willing to pay for those attachments first. That’s what you have to determine and find out if there is a lot of demand advertising space in your niche.

6. Competition: Now almost every new blogger will go through this emotional hurdle that they should avoid niches. Because there is too much competition, it is kind of true. But, if you look at it from another angle if there is no competition in the niche at this point where search engines are very refined don’t you think that maybe the niche is not profitable. So, what I want to get across is that you shouldn’t avoid competitive niches, you should join a competition but you just have to be smart and research. So that you are targeting keywords, content ideas or topics that are not that competitive to start with because if you go into a competitive niche and you stop targeting very competitive topics you’re gonna get burned right up front there are some strategies.

5 Profitable Broad Blogging Niches​

1. Health: A lot of people are always looking for ways to live healthier. If you blog in that niche and create an online brand around you can grow big.

For E.g: Exercise for moms, Exercise for that exercise for people that don’t have time, Exercise for petite people, and Exercise for tall people.

Any exercise that you can create for a certain group of people that is always such a great niche and even under exercise you could niche down further and say okay I’m gonna talk primarily about CrossFit. I’m primarily going to talk about running or particularly talk about abs and glutes and all that and specific muscle groups. So under exercise you could even go down further and break that down again under health you could be talking about specific conditions.

So for instance maybe your whole block is a pregnancy blog. And all you’re talking about is wellness and health during pregnancy or perhaps you have a blog that talks specifically to people that have children with special needs that holes are also under health. So you can choose a particular condition, a particular situation, a particular health topic and create a blog around that dieting is also really big when it comes to the health space. If you’re able to talk authoritatively about the keto diet about the Paleo diet and even – early authoritative list but share your own experiences about how these diets are helping you with your goals then that is a way for you to start building a blog.

I have niche down some of the profitable niches. You can do proper research if you want to start your blog in a healthy niche.   


2. Wealth Niche: People are always looking for ways to save and make more money and make sure their money stretches right. So under this area you can do personal finance blog and so maybe you talk about paying off your student loans or something like I’m saving up for your first home or paying off your credit cards. There are a lot of people that I know personally that had built massive brands around personal finance and all the subtopics that you find under personal finance. Such as real estate investing mortgages and all that kind of stuff under the wealthy area. You can also talk about ways to make money and so this is where you can talk about side hustles. This is where you can talk about something that I’m doing which is talking about how you use freelancing and blogging to make an income. 

If you’re interested in starting your blog in a wealth niche then you can check out some niches mentioned below.       

                                                               Wealth Niches                                                       

3. Relationships: This niche could be one of the broad niche and low competitive but only if you do research well. Everyone wants to make their relationship better with people and even pets. So, there are a lot of searches on google regarding relationships. Relationships not only could happen with peoples, it happens with even pets that how you treat them, groom them.

Below in the list I have niche down some great Relationship niches in the pets category.                                                                                                                                    Relationships Niches  

4. Hobbies & Interest: Everyone has hobbies and some interest in their life in different field. Some people have good skills in Brain Training, fashion designing etc.They can make their blog on their skills niche. Hobbies and Interest is a broad niche there are lots of different niches that can be easily niche down like travelling, activities.

  I’m not going on in depth in this niche you can see the different niches mentioned below.   

Hobbies and Interest Niche

5. Personal Development: Personal Development includes spirituality, self Improvement and Skills. In this era everyone wants to be good in some field and even self improvement like they want to do goal setting. You can help those people via your blog. Spirituality includes meditation that could help many people because of their stress.

Below I’ve niche down some good niches in personal development.

Personal Development Niches

Conclusion: Choosing a blog niche is one of the most annoying things in blogging. Actually when you are getting started in blogging. If you will make choosing a blog niche complicated at last your mind will stuck at giving up. But, If you follow those tips to choose a blog niche you will probably find your niche without any hurdle. I hope this article will help you in choosing a blog niche.

Wrapping up & this is the end of the article. In other words, I hope this article a Beginner Guide to choosing a Blog Niche in 2020 has been helpful to you!

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